10 activities to entertain children at home

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One of the great challenges of weathering a quarantined pandemic is keeping children busy indoors. For many parents, especially those who are used to going out to work every day, combining the activities of the home office with caring for their children is a difficult task to achieve.

Many children continue with virtual classes or thematic guides so as not to lose learning time. However, when they finish their academic work they will surely ask you: “now what do I do?”

You can try these cool ideas at home. Remember that the Covid-19 quarantine is to avoid contact with other people than those who are at home with us. And also you can’t just let them watch all-day Netflix, kissanime, and play games on ps5. So, if you decide to include any outdoor activity, it should be brief and keeping a distance of at least two meters from other people.

Plan an agenda
Organizing the days may seem like a simple task, but even astronauts do it. According to those who have stayed in capsules or space stations, the most important thing to avoid boredom is to have busy time, what better if parents help their children to organize an agenda from Monday to Friday at well-established times in a fun way. It is important that the schedules are adjusted and not the tasks since, being at home, it may be that the duties are completed earlier than established. Put the organizer in a visible place, where everyone can see the tasks that correspond to them.

Help with chores
The days at home can be educational in the housework without ceasing to be playful. Dads and moms can organize a couple of days a week to do a deep cleaning of their home. To get the little ones to cooperate, it is important to assign them activities that they can do like shaking the furniture in their room or putting things in their place. Don’t forget to put on music that everyone likes to liven up the work.

Didactic books
An excellent activity for toddlers of preschool and early elementary age is to do activities in booklets. On the internet, there is a huge amount of materials that you can download. There are math, writing and letters, learning, concentration, and motor skills. The little ones will surely need you to accompany them in the activity, which is worth it because later on, they will enjoy doing it alone. In virtual bookstores, you can also find many books that you can order at your door.


kid reading book
And since we are in the world of books, how about organizing a read-aloud where the little ones, dad or mom, be the one who starts reading a book of short stories for the little ones and longer stories for the little ones. big. If your child is not reading yet, try to be theatrical, make sounds that attract their attention, character voices, or have him or her finish the sentence by looking at the pictures in the illustrations. It is advisable to use books that have reading comprehension questions so that you can chat about what you have read together.

Let’s cook!

girl cocking
It would be difficult to decipher why the best household memories are stored in the kitchen. Possibly it is because it is the most intimate place in the house or because it is where a good part of the day is spent. Cooking with children is a wonderful activity that helps you learn teamwork as a family.


We were saying that the authorities recommend staying home during the quarantine. However, in some countries such as Germany or Belgium, they have recommended to their population to carry out some brief activity outdoors such as taking a walk, cycling, or running for a few minutes.

The surprise of the quarantine may make it a bit difficult for us to follow this recommendation as many stores are closed. Even so, we can always find at home some pasta soup, beans, glue, paper, pieces of wood, or some other material that helps children to start their imagination. On YouTube channels, you can find a huge number of options to make from decoration items to costumes.

Not everything on mom’s tablets or phone is a video on demand. There are several applications such as Lightbot: Code Hour with which you can learn how video games are made by knowing programming principles. Another is Castle Blocks that is designed to develop children’s creativity and imagination through construction, painting, and drawing. Tangram, a popular square puzzle that in the application can be turned into any figure imagined by whoever plays it. Numbers and Math is an app that allows children to develop math skills in a fun way.

Table games
The idea that never, never, fails. Board games are fun, educational, and promote coexistence among the family as well as allowing time to fly by. Surely in a closet, you will find a good option that will make any night a very special one. You can also get something new in a virtual store that you can order so you don’t leave home.

Video game
We recommend them, but under the supervision and always controlling the time and type of game. There are very simple platforms like those that Nintendo recently launched with its Switch console, there are games like Joshi’s Craft World that is dedicated to the most for the little ones. You can also order your console and games online.


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