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In contrast to traditional offline teaching, online teaching has many advantages, and in this post, we will cover 10 key benefits! Read more –Question Paper generator software

It is useful to first describe the two different types of online training. Because there is a clear difference between a teacher or an online training instructor.

Two types of online teaching

Real-time teaching (synchronous teaching)

Web conferencing services such as Zoom, MS Teams, and Skype make it very easy to teach classes online. Classes are taught in real time, just like in a classroom, but online using equipment such as computers/laptops, webcams, and microphones.

So, when talking about online education, this synchronous (real-time) style is what most people tend to think of, and while it is a great way to teach, it is time-limited in that students must be online at exactly the same time. Teacher like you.

But the advantage is that you can interact with your students in real time.

Asynchronous online teaching

Another type of online training is asynchronous training. This means that by registering for a course online on a platform like Teachable, students can take the course at any time, 24/7.

So, with online asynchronous training, you can learn anywhere, anytime of the day, without the worry or hassle of setting up a webcam for online learning, so there are no practical limits on who can teach. They can log in and start courses.

1. Geographic and border less reach as an online teacher

Without a doubt, one of the amazing benefits of online freelance trainers is that you can literally reach and teach people all over the world.

OK, you will have to speak their language. Otherwise they will have to speak your language, but your potential audience is simply vast.

One thing to research and understand is how to market yourself as an online teacher or online trainer to reach this global audience. How do you actually approach these people to study with you online?

2. Time flexibility and 24/7 tutorials

Online teaching also offers the opportunity to offer classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with online teaching software People can do workshops while you sleep or read a book while lying on the beach.

If you plan to offer a course online on a platform like Teachable (just like a trainer training course), you don’t have to attend when that person is studying the course.

You design these types of courses, typically using videos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and anything else you want to embed, and upload your lectures to the Teachable platform.

A person can register at any time to purchase a course, study the course immediately whenever they want, and typically log in from anywhere in the world.

You can also include drip-feed content in your course. What this means is that for parts of a course, you can make some lessons accessible on a specific date (eg one week after start) if you wish. process.

3. You can train as a teacher or trainer at a lower cost

Renting a place isn’t always cheap, especially if you’re working as a freelance trainer, as many people know. If you are a freelance trainer who has to bear the cost of hiring a place out of the benefit of the training you provide, working online means you save a ton of money.

Of course, there are additional costs that online training actually incurs, which come from the cost of the equipment and you can read about these costs in our recent post on equipment needed for online training here.

Much like the cost savings from renting a place, the savings on travel costs can be significant with online classes. The cost of driving, taking a taxi, or flying (for workshops that are held far from home) can actually add up as a trainer.

Despite the cost of having a decent HD webcam and microphone, etc., we would agree that online training is much cheaper than teaching in-person or in an offline classroom.

4. Suitable for staff training and time saving

Time management is a challenge for many of us, and the life of a corporate trainer or teacher can certainly be time-heavy.

The great thing about online training is that it saves you time compared to traditional classroom or classroom training.

Well, I admit. When you first start teaching online, there is a learning curve and the process itself can be time consuming. Overcoming the learning curve of online education can save you time:

travel to and from training sites
Manually print material (just like online training, digital documentation is much easier to distribute)
Dealing with issues such as locked classrooms or double-booked rooms that may arise from time to time
Overall, online training is perfect for managing your own time as a trainer, so be patient when you first learn how to familiarize yourself with Zoom, Skype, or MS Teams.


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