Best Styling tips for men

It might be interesting to know –Does a man wear his fashion or does the fashion wear him? Well, to find out it, keep reading this blog to find out the relationship between men and fashion.

Fashion has always been considered as the thing of women. But with changing times, this stereotype has been broken. Men too want to look stylish and attractive by experimenting with different styles.

If you as a man want to dress better, then most of the style revolves around your suiting up styles or what’s trendy in the season. But it’s actually what you are not looking for. All you just want to make a better impression on people whom you meet in your everyday life or you just want to look good in your clothes without looking too flashy. You just need to look like “A better-dressed version of you”!

Are you looking for some styling tips that will make you look sharp outside? 

In this article you will read the best styling tips for men:

Let’s begin!

1: Dress yourself with Authentic Style:

In order to establish a commanding presence try not being over-dressed that you wear on the exterior. Also, it’s not enough for the wardrobe to fit the dimensions. Usually, men’s fashion should fit his heart, soul, and mind. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in it then try not wearing it because the best outfit is the natural extension of a man.

You should need to remember that your wardrobe should match your lifestyle. When you start wearing the right clothes then you should start feeling self-conscious. When you are dressed in the morning you need to worry less about what others are going to think. All you just need to focus on how they fit feel and if you are truly satisfied with it then nothing makes you feel happier than wearing the right outfit.

When you start imitating styles and follow the trends then you will more often run into problems. Thus, you can fill your closet with trendy clothes and remember that they should be distinctly your style. You can fill up your closet with fashion accessories for men like bracelets, cufflinks to name a few.

Fashion accessories are such a thing that can instantly change a dull looking attire to a stylish one.

2: Try not to buy impulse:

If you find that the piece of clothing isn’t just right for you then don’t purchase it. Try to purchase the new things that meet your requirements for what exactly you want.

If you think that wearing new, costly clothes will make you look stylish, then you are wrong.

However, if you have old clothes then it’s pretty obvious that you aren’t passionate about wearing them and thus you donate them. You should be smarter about your money and wait for sales if you must. Stop buying things that are not necessary for you. You can make a style statement by wearing old clothes but you should know how to experiment with old clothes.

3: Make use of ties:

Ties are mostly worn with formal attire. They should grab the attention of the people towards you. You should avoid wearing ties that look over shiny. Try to wear the ties that are suitable with formals. This includes solid stain gray, navy color.

You should make a routine of wearing ties in the morning unless if you are not wearing informal dresses. On the other hand, for the evening you should choose a dark colored tie. When you start shopping for the best ties then you should understand that handmade qualities have always been a victory then stitched by machines.

4: Wear sagging pants:

You should need to remember that sagging pants look great and you should wear them in the right place. By “Right Place” we mean that each pair of pants you buy needs to be worn on your waist or just above your hip. Also, it is very easy to check where to buy the pants. You can either check it online or just go to the marketplace and see which pants fit on your waist correctly.

5: Get your dress tailored:

Well, it is also a good idea to get your shirts, pants, and suits tailored. All you just need to spend some extra money but it should be worth it. Thus, it will serve you two main purposes. Firstly, your dress will start to appear more expensive than it is. Secondly, you will start looking fairly handsome and good-looking.

So, make sure you get your dress tailored. When worn, tailored clothes will not only make you look fit but attractive also.

6: Match your belt with shoes:

This is one of the most important styling tips that every man should know. Also, this is very simple to abide by. You should always match the color of your belt with your shoes and watch. For example, if you are wearing a brown belt then you should only wear brown shoes and a brown watch band. This might be old-fashioned but it is a classic rule and has stood among the trendy fashion. This also helps you to look highly polished. Try to wear leather shoes with formal attire. Wearing sports shoes with a formal wear is a childish thing.

7: Keep it simple:

Quality clothes are synonymous. If you wear repeated clothes again and again then obviously you will become a laughing stock for everyone. Try not to exaggerate anything if you want to look your clothes great at you. However, it’s a great practice to mix only three colors or three accessories at a time. Thus, the bottom line is that you should always wear only essential clothes wherever possible.

8: Wear fitted clothes:

Wear the dresses that fit you impeccably and it is the fundamental and easiest change that you can make to your style. Also, there is no point in wearing large and baggy clothes. But most of the people try to wear over-clothes which are usually not right. Both your body and dress should look like a single entity. Your clothes should hug your body and should have a curve at the sides. Wearing badly fitted clothes will make you look unattractive.

9: Decorate your wrists:

Accessories are another good way to spruce up your dull outfit. So, try to maintain a habit of wearing a wrist accessory. You can either wear a watch, a leather bracelet or both together. It usually doesn’t matter what you wear but try to wear something good as it can give your outfit a bit more personality. You can also wear a leather wrap jacket with bracelets, or you can even wear something as simple as a watch and thus it will go a long way.

10: Improve your posture:

When you have mastered the proper fit then try to invest in elegant suits, shirts, footwear, etc. But one thing that holds you back is your posture. By not having the right posture can impact your fashion sense and thus it becomes quite messy for you. On the other end, good posture goes hand in hand and also boosts your confidence. Also, there is no doubt, that a confident man seems more attractive and good-looking too.

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