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Venture capital firms are a core part of the flourishing the startup industry in India. They are responsible for financially supporting entrepreneurs with ideas in various industries such as healthcare, consumer, technology and so on. Here is the list of the 10 best Venture capital firms in India.


Endiya is known as the best venture capital firms in India that actively support and fund startups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and plans in the technology and healthcare industries. 

Venture Capital Firms

The firm has been successfully providing capital funds to various startups since 2015 and has made contributions to startups such as, Ekincare and so on. Endiya primarily offers capital funds during the early and seed-stage ventures.

Helion Venture partners

Another major venture capital firm, established in 2006 in Mauritius, that primarily focuses on funding startups in the technology and healthcare industries in India. They are known as early to mid-stage investors and have funded over half a billion dollars since they have been active as a firm. Some of their notable investments include startups such as Bigbasket, QwikCilver Solutions, Ezetap, Housing and so on.

Lightspeed India

Founded in 2004, Lightspeed India is an early-stage venture capital firm that funds entrepreneur ideas in the healthcare and technology industry. Currently, the firm has two branches, in Delhi and in Bangalore and they have been known to fund overseas startups along with Indian market as well.

Matrix Partners

Another major venture capital firm that primarily provides early-stage capital funds to startups that are trying to bring innovative ideas in the healthcare and technology industries. When it comes to healthcare, Matrix partners have funded ophthalmology startups.

Chiratae Ventures

Previously known as IDG ventures in the market, Chiratae Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that funds entrepreneur ideas in healthcare and tech-related startups. The firm provides capital funds to businesses located in India and overseas as well. Over the years Chiratae Ventures have funded startups such as Zealth, AiSteth, Retail Pulse, Myntra, Yatra and so on.

Blume ventures

Blume Ventures, a pre-series A and late-stage venture capital firm in India that provides capital funds to startups and ideas in healthcare and tech-based startups. In addition to providing capital funds, Blume Ventures also mentors the entrepreneurs to help them become strong leaders in their field. Blume ventures are currently operating from Mumbai, India and have over 200 investments over the years they have been active in the industry.

Nexus Venture Partners

Nexus Venture Partners, a known name in the venture capital industry, is a major VC firm that provides funds to startups in energy, healthcare and other notable industries. The firm primarily invests capital funds during the early and growth stage to startups and is an active investor in India as well as in America.

Sequoia India

A major venture capital firm in the southern part of Asia, Sequoia India funds startups in healthcare-focused startups. Founded in 2000, the firm has funded startups like Truecaller, Zomato, BYJUs and so on. The firm is primarily based in America but actively invests in businesses in India and other regions around it.

Best Venture Capital Firms

SAIF Partners

SAIF Partners, founded in 2001, is an investment firm who offers equity and capital funds to entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. They have been active for 20 years and have made close to four hundred investments during that period. The firm is largely known to invest in funding startups working in the pharma industry.

Accel India

Accel India is an extension of Accel Partners, now known as Accel, is one of the top healthcare focused venture capital firms that offer seed, early and growth-stage funding to startups in healthcare and tech-based ventures. Their notable investments include startups such as Bounce, Clover, QTalk, Airmeet and so on.


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