Best Ways To Get YouTube Subscribers

You’ve launched your YouTube channel, perhaps placed some advertisements, and developed a strong YouTube marketing plan, but there’s suddenly an issue. Your list of subscribers isn’t expanding. Your mother, cousins, coworkers, and friends subscribed, but they don’t really watch your videos, and you need to obtain 10 times as many views to convince the C-suite of the benefits of YouTube.

On YouTube, it can be difficult to convert views into subscribers. I’ll just begin there. In order to entice viewers to subscribe, you essentially need to build up a dedicated audience and keep generating fascinating, high-quality content for them.

You’ll probably only obtain a few YouTube subscribers from those who are so accustomed to your brand that they subscribe without hesitation (think National Geographic or CNN). When attempting to increase by that 10x amount, though, you cannot rely on this.

Friends, don’t worry! We’re ready to help with these 10 best ways to get YouTube subscribers base and upping engagement: 

The Importance of YouTube Subscribers

When you have more subscribers on YouTube, you regularly reach more viewers, especially if their notifications are enabled. Instead of being infrequent watchers, subscribers are devoted followers who have seen a few of your videos and decided to show their support by clicking the “Subscribe” button.

Keeping close track of which videos gain the most subscribers over time will give you valuable insights into the types of content you should produce more of and which is less likely to increase your subscriber count.

The feed that subscribers to a YouTube channel have access to allows them to easily access all of their subscriptions. In order to stand out, pay attention to your thumbnails and video titles since this view displays all of your most recent uploads, as we’ll explain below.

Stick to a Content Schedule

Adhere to a posting schedule so that your subscribers and viewers will know when new content is available. Additionally, this keeps your crew on track for video shooting and editing!

In the beginning, posting frequently is helpful. Twice weekly is a suggested goal. If you have a lot of content ready before starting your channel, you can get around this rule a little bit. Have a month or two’s worth of videos ready to frontload while you concentrate on developing content for the following few months.

Having a tonne of content prepared can help you include video sharing in your overall social media calendar.

Additionally, when you update frequently, keep in mind that while subscribers enjoy regularity, you also don’t want them to get bored. So take into account producing a variety of series, each centred on a distinct subject. A fashion company could, for instance, produce a whole series on festive outfits from around the world and another on mixing and matching patterns.

Create a Channel Trailer 

An overview of your channel’s content is provided to viewers in a channel trailer. In the case of brands, your trailer ought to convey your core beliefs and some aspect of your offering. Whether your offering is software, clothing, or paintbrushes.

A description is provided for trailers (the content for the description is populated from the trailer video description.) Use that room to provide information about the video, your channel, and what viewers may expect.

When someone visits your channel, the trailer immediately starts playing. Pay close attention to the first 3–10 seconds since music, sound, conversation, and editing all have an impact on how quickly people leave or decide to watch more of your videos.

Don’t be hesitant to update your channel trailer as your channel’s topics or cadence change or develop.

Produce High-Quality YouTube Videos

You don’t have to have Oscar-winning videos. That’s all. However, they must act professionally. Take note of the lighting and audio in particular. The difference between amateur and professional YouTube creators can essentially be boiled down to these two factors.

Of course, the camera quality is the other side. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a video camera right now, but you should surely be one or two steps above using your smartphone or webcam.

Also, avoid having someone who is obviously uncomfortable speak in front of a camera or video a scene. Nobody enjoys watching someone who is jittery, uneasy, or who speaks in a trembling manner unless they are adorable. In your videos, make sure the main subject is at ease and confident.

Advertise Your YouTube Channel.

Through other marketing outlets where you already have an audience, you can gain new subscribers quickly. Think about including video embed codes in blog posts, sending out email links to videos, and publishing videos to your other social media accounts.

Additionally, you might use a consumer insights platform to discover micro-communities associated with your industry and share videos there when appropriate. Starting points include forums, Reddit posts, and Facebook groups.

Utilizing your social media platforms to tease upcoming content is another concept. Create an Instagram Live where you answer questions and provide behind-the-scenes photos, reveal a page from the script on your Facebook page, or ask followers to predict the subject of your next video in a Twitter poll.


Work With Influencers

Working with influencers is a terrific approach to reach out to potential channel subscribers. Prior to choosing a partner, conduct thorough audience analysis to better match partners where you have a greater possibility of attracting interested and engaged followers.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that YouTube influencers’ primary responsibility is to their current audience while working with them. The collaborations between a brand and an influencer that are most successful, long-lasting, and advantageous to both sides are those in which the brand has faith in the creative process and permits the influencer to make a sponsored video in their own distinctive manner.

Although you will have some influence because most brands need to see the final cut of the video before uploading it, refrain from attempting to control the video’s whole content.

Due to the content creator’s failure to adhere to their own style and rhythm, their followers may get dissatisfied and perhaps unsubscribe as a result. You suffer as a brand because fewer customers imply fewer sales. In this situation, nobody returns home content. Furthermore, you won’t be as likely to cross-promote with that influencer in the future, missing the chance to reach a new audience.

Plan Subscriber-Only Gifts and Incentives

Offer gifts and benefits to subscribers alone to thank them for their support. These could be anything from an additional discount on a sponsored product to a custom piece of corporate swag to a free trial of your software.

Including Easter eggs in your videos and rewarding the first five subscribers to figure it out is an intriguing concept. Words, phrases, and various objects can all be used as Easter eggs.

Pay Attention to SEO

SEO is essential for success on YouTube, despite not being immediately visible. Like you would an article, optimise your videos for YouTube search. Be mindful of your title and description in the metadata. Analyze keywords in the same manner you would for an article, and be sure to look at what your rivals are doing.

According to Google, “how to” videos also rank highly. To address your particular query, Google has begun displaying video results with suggested timestamps.

Update Your Thumbnails

Optimizing your thumbnails is essential for increasing video clickthrough. Use your thumbnail wisely by thinking about how it ties to your video’s title.

Consider the title of your video, “the most stunning Oscar wins from the 1990s,” as an example. The thumbnail image on your page may then feature a scene from a movie that people might not typically connect with the Oscars, piqueing their interest and encouraging them to click through.

Many businesses and content producers use text or pictures to spice up their thumbnails on YouTube. Ensure that any text you use is readable and large enough to be seen.

Incorporate Regular Features

Maintain viewer attention by ending each video with predictable elements that they can anticipate. Bloopers and reading your favourite comments from the previous video are two suggestions for entertaining content.

Have an adorable pet that interferes with your takes? For many people who have grown weary of the highly polished presentation style on YouTube and other social media, that is catnip (pun intended). Add the damaged takes to the video’s conclusion; you could even create a playlist for viewers to watch!

For those who frequently watch your videos, these routines foster a sense of belonging, expectation, and anticipation. Additionally, they boost the highly sought-after “view time” metric that YouTube adores and significantly prioritises in their suggested videos algorithm.

Another excellent choice is to focus on YouTube Shorts, which are quickly gaining popularity and have become a key area of attention for producers as they compete with Instagram Reels and TikTok. If you can maintain a consistent style, shorts are a great method to introduce new viewers to your channel.

Clean Up Your Channel

If your channel is chaotic and disjointed, none of the aforementioned advice will be very useful. There are several strategies on YouTube to develop a strong and interesting channel. Use playlists to organise your videos into categories for simple scanning. As a result, it is simpler for visitors to decide what they want to watch and whether your channel produces the kinds of videos they will find interesting for long enough to warrant subscribing. 

Your videos’ quality will probably rise with time. While it makes sense to have certain earlier videos accessible for viewing in order to maintain continuity, don’t be afraid to remove or mark particular videos as private if they no longer adhere to the standards of your more recent content.


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