10 Email Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

In the marketing industry, email marketing has long been a vital way to communicate with customers. Social media platforms are not thought of many businesses as being a very good or successful tool to engage new customers. Sales are the key indicator of a company’s performance, and with the correct email marketing, it is possible to increase brand investment. Email is quickly becoming one of the best strategies to grow your business due to the rise in users each year.

Mobile-friendly emails

Some emails don’t always open on our mobile devices, and even when they do, the fonts and styles might be confusing, which makes customers less likely to be interested in your brand or even open your message. Mobile is today’s savior in every way, thus businesses must optimize their mail for mobile devices to turn subscribers into potential customers.

Make sure your email will display properly on mobile devices as well as on desktop or laptop screens. Businesses could design emails that fit in only one column to make them mobile-friendly. They can also experiment with using small photos but larger typography, which tend to engage more customers.

Customized emails

One of the best strategies that greatly helps businesses is this one. When compared to standard email, personalized emails are more engaging and have a greater open rate. Personalization is more than just utilizing people’s names in mail, despite what many people believe.

It involves including small details in the message that convey to the recipient that they are important to you and that you want to provide them with the best services possible. You can send people emails based on their birth dates in customized emails to further engage them with your business.

Use other features, such as A/B testing.

We’ve heard of A/B testing for websites, but it also applies to email marketing. Businesses may learn which types of emails are most engaging by regularly implementing A/B testing. They can utilize call to action buttons in their emails, alter the subject line type with each message, and use a different message style.

Each adjustment in an A/B test yields a distinct outcome; for instance, a call-to-action boosts sales, whereas a change in the typeface used for headlines and photos encourages customers to stay on your website longer. Using approachable language in your emails can significantly increase the number of leads. Below are some of the strategies which are provided one of the top digital advertising agencies in Mumbai.

Combine email with social media

The greatest ways to incorporate social media into email marketing to up its game. Social media is widely used today, thus it’s possible that some of your subscribers are also active on these networks. When you link the two things together, your relationship with them becomes stronger.

Before making a purchase, people frequently visit several websites and platforms to research influencers, brand authenticity, and social media reputation. Social media is the ideal venue for this. You may link your email account directly to your social media profile, which will drive more traffic to your website and increase engagement.

Wait for the right time

Timing is crucial for effective email marketing since it raises the open and click-through rates. More consumer conversion results from timing your email approach correctly. Since no single timing works for every marketing organisation, you don’t have to adhere to the set timings and can instead attempt your preferred timings.

Subject line

A subject line in an email serves the only function of getting recipients to open it when they think it relevant. Not only can keeping the subject line brief benefit a brand, but keeping it to the point is also important. Businesses should adopt this tactic and employ short, catchy subject lines to increase their open rates, which are greater for subjects with 5 to 9 characters.

Inactive customers

Companies lose a significant portion of their subscribers each year because customers tend to unsubscribe when you don’t offer them compelling content or a tempting offer. Keep your current clients engaged less it’s expensive than acquiring new subscribers—to maintain your subscription list. You may re-engage your dormant subscribers by using various surveys and engaging material. For them, it acts as a motivational factor.

Divide your subscriber base

Each person has a unique set of interests. You effectively engage with subscribers by segmenting them based on their interests. Email segmentation enables you to maintain a higher level of subscriber engagement and satisfaction. You will get more clicks and conversions when you send them emails about topics they would find interesting.

Call to action button

Companies should include a call to action button in every email they send, since doing so has repeatedly shown to be very significant and effective. The call to action button nudges potential buyers to buy something or do something else important. It may take the form of links, such as click here or right now. More so than any other tactic, it is an efficient technique to increase conversions. Companies must only use one call-to-action button in their emails for it to be effective because when there are multiple call-to-action buttons, customers tend to become confused and lose interest in the email.

Warm welcome mails

Companies should send welcome emails to new subscribers in order to pique their interest in their brand. In these emails, they might introduce themselves, invite them to the website, and express gratitude for subscribing. A new subscriber’s initial email serves as their first impression, therefore it must be favorable to keep them interested going forward. Additionally, you can let them know about upcoming events, sales on your website, and other important information you believe will be of interest to them.


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