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In this pandemic world, people prefer quick solutions at their fingertips. They expect a mobile-first approach and cross-platform communication. And the best technology that supports the above demands is Angular.

Angular is the most popular open-source TypeScript framework used in Web and Mobile App Development. Besides, this cross-platform framework includes all the capabilities to operate several web development activities. 


The Angular library offers various features for front-end developers that transform complex tasks into quick to implement tasks. Moreover, Angular is preferred by many offshore development companies for its potential to develop large applications quickly.

Importance of Angular

Although there are various robust technologies, Angular is now ruling the web and mobile app development market for its flexibility and user-friendliness. In addition, the Angular framework fits all kinds of business because it offers scalability and quick testing

Below are a few benefits of Angular;

  • Interactive templates
  • Hassle-free dependency injection
  • Robust web & mobile product development
  • End-to-end tooling
  • Supported by all mobile browsers
  • Easy to create and maintain large Apps

If you are not aware, the updated Angular is more efficient than the older versions. 

How to Hire Angular Developers in 2021

Finding the perfect talent for your app development is not easy. Here are a few steps that will help you find the best match for your project.

  1. Prepare project description
  2. Decide the hiring model
  3. Find the need for developer staffing
  4. Sort the list of requirements
  5. Determine the hiring approach
  6. Compile the list of candidates
  7. Conduct job interviews
  8. Hire the right Angular developers

Importance of Angular Developers

Anybody can claim to be the best Angular developer. But, it takes some skills to turn out to be the best in the market. Here are a few reasons that prove the importance of Angular developers in today’s Web and Mobile Application development industry.

  • Rapid App Development

    – Angular speeds up the app prototyping process. When you want rapid app development, Angular developers are the right choice. Moreover, the features and functionalities also propose the faster deployment of prototypes.

  • Reduced Development Cost

    – The quality of Angular developers determines the cost of development. Thus, if you have expert and highly experienced Angular developers, you are most likely to reduce your app development cost.

  • High-quality Applications

    – Angular offers declarative templates. However, your designs and quality depend solely on the expertise of your developers. Therefore, leverage the Angular developers that can develop apps with rich features and functionalities.

10 Important Tips to Hire Angular Developers – 550

It is a challenge to hire Angular developers to handle your Angular development. To hire the perfect Angular developer, you ought to check for the right set of skills. However, now you know all the basics and importance of Angular, now let’s go through the 10 most essential tips to follow to hire Angular Developers.

1. Check knowledge of core JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

An angular developer must have exceptional ability to write JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring for React, Vue.js, or Angular, but the candidate must be excellent in JavaScript and its core.

Moreover, if the Angular developer has knowledge of JavaScript-based tools like Gulp, Grunt, and Bower, it would be a valuable addition to your project. In addition, UX is the most crucial component in Apps. Thus, the developer must be strong in UX concepts, element interaction, and positioning.

2. Extraordinary Skills on Angular Framework

It will be ironic if Angular developers do not possess strong skills in the Angular framework. Besides, it is a must for the developers to learn and update their knowledge and skills with the release of new versions of the framework.

As frameworks decide the structure of an App, Angular developers must be proficient and skillful in the respective framework.

3. Experience with RESTful API interaction

Understanding RESTful API is as important as building an application. RESTful API building involves HTTP requests to POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE data. Angular developers need to exhibit greater experience in RESTful API. 

Subsequently, you should hire developers who have experience in reading API documentation and applying it efficiently. 

4. Extensive knowledge of Webpack and Node

Webpack and Node make the development process effective and effortless. These adjacent technologies primarily benefit your app development.

Webpack is powerful. Learning about Webpack is one of the significant hurdles to getting up and running with JS frameworks like React and Angular. Thus, if you find Angular developers with extensive knowledge of Webpack and Node, allow them to work closely for your project to be successful.

5. Front-end development

It is the responsibility of the Angular developer to create interactive front-end development. Besides, they need to be well equipped to build feature-rich interfaces for web and mobile apps with the latest front-end technologies.

The Angular developers are competent only if they can deliver a fully complete and functioning front-end application. 

6. Experience in unit testing

Software testing is a necessity in the app development process. Likewise, every developer has to be aware of the most fundamental software testing method – unit testing. Clearly, it is the responsibility of the Angular developers to write extensive unit tests in Angular, the rest of web services, and Java technologies for the app development center.

7. External data sources and APIs

Extracting data is one of the most common procedures in app development. Although it is tedious, it is one of the essential processes. An Angular developer must have good knowledge and experience in external data sources and APIs to extract the data from third-party services. 

8. Bug fixing

Developers should be skilled to find and fix any bugs in the application. As Angular developers work on both web and mobile apps, they should be proactive in finding errors and fixing them permanently. 

Fixing bugs is easy. But, finding the buys is tiresome. Besides, hands-on experience and consistent app development can result in efficient troubleshooting and permanent bug fixing.

9. Communication skills

Communication is the bridge that fills the gap between you and your developers. A project will collapse if there is a lack of communication. Besides, communication does not simply mean language. It means staying in close touch with the client, understanding the requirements, and communicating the challenges in the project.

The Angular developers have several concepts to implement that do not match the clients’ business needs. However, with the right amount of communication, many problems can be avoided. 

10. Attentiveness to detail

It is common to find developers that have great attentiveness to detail during the app development process. When you hire Angular developers in 2021, this must be one of the most prioritized checkpoints. Because Angular developers must be highly observant of details in the application. 

Moreover, by being extremely observant, Angular developers can write quality codes and identify mistakes instantly. 

Wrapping Up

Angular promises the development of instinctive and proficient web & mobile applications. However, it is upon the creative developers to leverage the features and bring all the ideas to reality. 

Hiring Angular developers can be made easy if you understand your exact needs and your expectations. But, missing out on any one of the factors will land you in trouble. Also, one crucial tip you should follow is to look out for developers with a wide knowledge of frameworks because this knowledge will take your application to the next level.

If you plan to hire Angular developers in 2021, you have to be aware of the hiring process, which includes the developer’s skills, roles, and responsibilities. Companies like Soft Suave offer high-quality Angular developers with exceptional qualities at a competitive cost.


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