Places to Visit in Moscow
Places to Visit in Moscow

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the most alluring holiday attraction in Europe, representing the rich historical and cultural heritage dating back to ancient times. Its colorful streets, vibrant atmosphere, elegant architecture, beautiful buildings, fascinating monuments, and iconic tourist attractions surround the city from all over. The glimpses you see here tell a lot about Russia’s culture, history, and cosmopolitan lives on a deeper level. 

Moreover, Moscow is one of the most populated cities in the world, with a population of over 11 million people. While you are in the city, you can begin your trip by strolling around the cobblestone streets of Red Square or going for a walk in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise view. 

Besides, there are unique shopping stores, fancy restaurants, remarkable churches, and other popular sites to discover. The royal beauty of the entire state is so pleasant and mind-blowing that it can’t be compared with any other place on the planet. Spending a whole week means living the best days of your life in heaven. 

Top 10 Places to Visit in Moscow

To help you find the key places to visit in Moscow, here is an elaborated travel guide that will help you decide the best things for your future trip. 


The Kremlin is among the most remarkable and prominent structures in Moscow, and it was the first building built in the 15th century. Today, it is a fully-fledged apartment of Russia’s President. The complex covers around 275,000 square meters of land and comprises magnificent palaces, about 20 towers, and cathedrals, all fortified by the Kremlin Wall. There are approximately 700 rooms, and once it was home to the Tsar family, now the site is open for public visits almost daily.

The beautiful complex is top-rated among tourists for many reasons. One such is its iconic grandeur and massive architectural appearance. Among numerous towers, the Troizkaya is the tallest one, rising to 73 meters in height. Besides, the Cathedral Square is the major highlight of the complex, featuring the finest example of incredible architecture. 

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin’s Mausoleum is among the interesting places to visit in Moscow and also the final resting place belonging to the Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin. His body had been kept in the Mausoleum since his death in 1924. However, the initial plan was to bury the body of the leader after his public mourning display, but then the people decided to keep the body somewhere safe within the site. 

When around 100,000 visitors visited the tomb within six weeks, it was again decided to enlarge the permanent display space to preserve the leader’s body for a more extended period. Therefore, Lenin’s Mausoleum was constructed. Thus, when you visit the site, you will see Lenin’s body well-preserved in bulletproof glass, giving an impression of him sleeping peacefully. It is an ideal place for sightseeing and learning about the legacy of Lenin that changed the picture of an entire nation. 

Red Square

The Red Square is one of the most well-known city plazas to explore in Moscow and home to some of the beautiful tourist attractions, including St.Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, GUM Shopping mall, the Kazan Cathedral, and State Historical Museum. You might have noticed the appearance of the Red Square in many Hollywood movies, and if you haven’t, come here and witness the real beauty and irresistible charm with your naked eyes. 

The site is also recognized in the UNESCO World Heritage sites for its incredible architecture and elegant outlook. It is also considered a central hub, featuring plenty of streets originating in Moscow. St. Basil’s Cathedral, built in the 16th century as a church, is now a popular museum attraction on the square. If you visit the site on weekends, you can find stalls selling unique and traditional items, like Russian nesting dolls, at the main entrance of the Red Square. 

Moscow Metro

Going on a Moscow metro is one of the exciting and fun things to do. We can conclude in the best places to visit in Moscow. There are around 223 stations and 12 metro lines passing through Moscow, which can be tricky at first. However, you can also go to the underground to walk through different metro stations, and it is something you shouldn’t miss when you are in the city. One of the popular stations, Arbatskaya station, was designed by an incredible architect, who has also built impressive chandeliers. Another one is Park Kultury station, next to Gorky Park, featuring an open space for sports enthusiasts. 

The opening time of Moscow Metro is from 5:30 am to 1:00 am. The site is very crowded in the morning and after 4:00 pm, so you can avoid traveling between these hours. During the metro ride, you can witness and admire the classic architecture of the sky-scraping buildings. 

Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve

A cultural open air-museum complex, Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve, features four different astonishing historical sites. The most prominent one among all is the Kolomenskoye Estate, which once was the summer apartment of Tsars dating back to the 14th century. The complex covers around 300 hectares of land, and it is home to plenty of beautiful palaces inspired by fairy-tales, a tent-roof church built in the 1500s, fort towers, a water tower, and marvelous structures, and the Museum of Wooden Architecture of 24 rooms along with certified dining options. 

Moreover, there is a comprehensive collection of artifacts and structures, manicured lush green gardens, and plenty of picnic areas near the riverside. You can also avail guided tours in the English language and explore some of the city’s best scenes by making Delta Airlines booking from the official sources. 

Bolshoi Theater 

The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the world’s ancient and most extensive ballet and well-known opera companies. The theater has been renovated many times since it was initially built. In 2011 it experienced some latest amendments in its overall detailing of the architecture. Today, the site serves as the classic Neoclassical grandeur and magnificence. In 1824, it was first opened for public visits, and since then, many tourists have visited the site to see some fantastic live acts and performances. 

Inside the theater, you will see an elegant chandelier of red velvet in three layers and glittered moldings giving an impression of exquisite beauty and charm. While you are here, you can watch a show from the opera troupes and resident ballet, which is bliss for true artists. Also, see the beautiful and remarkable classical performances, including Tchaikovsky’s Mazeppa and Rachmaninoff’s Francesca da Rimini, etc. 


GUM is the oldest and prominent shopping center in Moscow, well-appreciated for its impressive architectural marvel. It was constructed in the 1800s in the neo-Russian style, featuring an unusual combination of the steel skeleton and around 20,000 panels of glass forming the roof. Marble and granite are used to carve all three levels of the building in a unique way. 

Today, it may no longer be a shopping center but a beautiful tourist attraction to explore in Moscow. The center is home to some of the best and high-end brands like Manolo Blahnik, Gucci, etc., and you can also buy some of the budget-friendly and unique items. Apart from shopping venues, you can also find plenty of fantastic dining options. One such is a Soviet-style canteen, serving traditional Russian food, and don’t forget to try the delicious ice cream flavors.  

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Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery is home to the most extensive and remarkable collection of Russian Art in the form of around 180,000 paintings, religious art, sculptures, and some unique items, dating back to a millennia ago. Beautiful red and white-colored marbles were used in the construction of the art gallery. Its design was inspired by classical Russian architecture and built in the initial 20th century. 

Some of the prominent art pieces to see in the Tretyakov Gallery are Vladimir Mother of God, an icon of the Virgin and child from the years of 1100s, Andrei Rublev’s, another icon dating back to the 15th century, and some of the famous works of Ilya Repin, a well-known and talented painter in Russia. 

Arbat Street

Arbat Street is Moscow’s vibrant street constructed in the 15th century. It was initially considered a trade route on the city’s periphery, now home to some of the incredible and posh buildings. Here, you will find a lot of options to shop and eat while exploring the street. The road looks even more beautiful at night when the place is lit up with street lamps and two important statues, one belonging to Princess Turandot and the other to a remarkable poet of Soviet-era, Bulat Okudzhava. 

While you are here, you can sit at one of the outdoor cafes on Arbat Street, which also offers you a chance to pay a visit to the home of a famous poet, Alexander Pushkin and the cafes visited by Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy.

Gorky Park

Gorky Park is named after the well-known Russian writer Maxim Gorky, a nominee for the Nobel Prize in the field of Literature five times, but unfortunately, he never won any. The park sits just across the Moskva River and covers around 120 hectares of charming ponds and green spaces. While you are here, you can take a free yoga class and let your kids play on the children’s playgrounds. Also, rent paddle boats or bicycles to explore Gorky Park and other sites while enjoying the pleasant weather.

There is also an open-air movie theater featuring renowned artists, musicians, and street performers. So make a United Airlines booking and get ready for an epic vacation getaway with your family or friends. 

Above are the best places to visit in Moscow, so if you have any query then ask in the comment section.


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