10+ Lehenga Colors For Dusky Brides


Before any of you get offended or get hurt, please take out some seconds before reading this whole article and read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: We don’t promote or advocate the existing stereotypes that prevailed against the dusky color in society. We don’t intend to put down any complexion. As we believe every color is beautiful in its own way.

This article would not tell you which color you should wear and which color you shouldn’t on your D-day. And no one should tell you the way you should dress up. But we all agree that some colors and shades do look more flattering than other colors on us. You have noticed that when you wear certain shades, you receive more compliments than on regular days. And when it comes to weddings, every girl wants to look ravishing and drop-dead gorgeous on her big day.

The first step is to choose an outfit that goes with your vibe and if you are planning to wear a lehenga on your wedding day, which is in vogue right now, then you should start planning the look you want to achieve. So, let’s take the first step towards achieving a look that is no less than stunning and have a look at a plethora of options that make you feel like a goddess.

We are here to spoil you with the choices of some flattering modern lehenga designs and colors. Go and adore the collection we have arranged especially for dusky brides-to-be and yeah! Don’t forget to take screenshots of the color or shade you can’t take your eyes off. Let’s start!

1.Sunshine yellow for the sunshine bride

    Source: sabyasachi official

Sunshine yellow has the capability to bring out that warm glow that we Indian dusky tones have. It is perfect for contemporary brides who want to keep it traditional yet want to take the offbeat way. Plus yellow is considered as a color of prosperity and good luck too. Be the sunshine of the town wearing this yellow-tinted lehenga.

2. Lotus pink shade for the cutesy feels

Source: sabyasachi official

Let’s admit how cute this lehenga is looking that is drenched in lotus pink shade. We are crushing over this color. It is emitting all the cute and fun vibes that we crave for. This adorable lotus pink lehenga would scream your great choice of color on your D-day.

3. Emerald green lehenga to add the freshness factor

Source: desiroyale.com

Picking an emerald green lehenga would be a smart choice for dusky skinned beauties as this emerald green lehenga with a dash of gold is nothing but pure gorgeousness.

4. Dull gold monochromatic lehenga to shine on your D-day

Source: Tarun Vishwa

Isha Ambani chose to wear this dull gold monochromatic lehenga with some pretty golden work on it at her reception. And she literally looks like a complete diva. The dull gold color is bringing out the shine of her personality very well.

 5.Tempting Tangerine hued lehenga

Source: ganeshtoasty | Instagram

Any piece of clothing in tangerine looks best on dusky skinned beauties. So there should not be any doubts while picking a tangerine hued lehenga for your big day.  

6. Sage green for the sophisticated look

Source: Jodi clickerss

Sage green color would be the best pick for someone who wants to achieve a sophisticated yet edgy look. This lehenga dipped in the shades of sage green is emitting sober and sophisticated vibes all over the town. This color is something that you haven’t seen very often and that makes it unique and a complete head-turner.

7. Maroon tinted lehenga

Source: Etsy.com

Anyone who says dusky skinned beauties doesn’t look good in dark colors must be a maniac. Just have a look at how ravishing this Sabyasachi bride is looking in maroon lehenga. Opt this lehenga and shut the mouth of those maniacs by slaying the wedding outfit game.

8. Lovely lilac pigmented lehenga

Source: Desi Aqua Studio

Lilac is in a rage for quite some time now and is considered as a color of the season by so many sites and magazines. You can add this pretty color to your outfit too in fact you can pour your outfit in this color. This is perfect for a cool and millennial bride who wants to try out an offbeat color for her wedding.

9. Regal Royal blue colored lehenga

Source: Dream Catchers photography

If you want to achieve that regal and royal look at your wedding then I suggest you choose a royal color. And talking about royal color, the first color that pops in our minds is the color royal blue. It has even the word royal in it. Pick this color for your lehenga to look like a raani on your wedding day.

10. Turkish pink-hued lehenga for a graceful vibe

Source: Shraddha Luthra

This shade of pink has our hearts. This is a perfect blend of classy, cute, and sober. This graceful Turkish- pink-hued lehenga is nothing but an epitome of gorgeousness. You would look every bit of diva in this colored lehenga.

11. Teal Blue pigmented lehenga for the win

Source: ks creative photography| sabyasachi

Teal blue color has the power to turn everyone’s head if it opts as a color for your wedding lehenga. Let’s take a moment and appreciate this beautiful all teal blue lehenga. If you are still contemplating then stop and pick this color for your lehenga and I am sure you would look drop-dead gorgeous slipping into teal blue lehenga.

12. When purple meets lavender and golden

Source: Into candid photography | sabyasachi

Don’t get surprised. Yes! It is purple on the list. And you need not get intimidated or shy away from this beautiful color. The perfect mix of lavender, purple, and gold is adding the oomph factor to the entire outfit. We haven’t seen such a gorgeous piece in a perfect mix of colors in a very long time that too in a very offbeat color. Make everyone astonished with your choice on your wedding day.

No matter what color you pick for your wedding lehenga, don’t forget to carry your bright smile and confidence. And as Coco Chanel had already started “ the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”. Fearlessly pick any color you want and nail the #wedding_outfit_game.





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