Currently, in any online marketing strategy, content is king, and they include the formats generated with online video editors. These tools are compatible be used with any browser. These are web applications in which you can create and upload different videos and photos. Thanks to them, you can create a composition and make a great video that helps increase your conversion. Several tools exist for you to edit clips. Some of them are paid. But they also offer you free versions for a limited time. Here you will know a little about 10 of the most functional editors that you can use so that, thus, your digital marketing strategy is totally effective.

5 facts to convince you of the importance of video

Before you get to know the best online video editors, you need to have an idea of why video is so important to your strategies. Here are five facts to give you an idea of how important online videos are:

  • 82% of people who use the internet watch videos constantly.
  • A quarter of the traffic on the internet is due to videos.
  • 47% of people enter YouTube while they are browsing the web.
  • By 2021, mobile data will increase, as video consumption is quite high.
  • More than half of the video reproductions are made through mobile devices.

Top 10 online video editors for a good content marketing strategy

The main advantage that online video editors offer you is that you can work with your clips through the cloud, so you won’t have to install any software on your computer. Here you can learn a little about some of the best editors so you can create great animation video:

1. Online Video Cutter

If you are looking for a tool in which you only need to rotate and crop any video, this is the one to do it. You won’t have to make complex edits, and best of all, they can be under 500MB. Online  Video Cutter is quite an interesting solution. You can upload the clips from your computer to Google Drive, the cloud, or any online address. They can also be downloaded once they are cut as well as used in multiple formats.

2. Kizoa

Kizoa is a website that will allow you to put aside the seriousness a bit since it is based on creating videos that are fun for you to share on your social networks. You can use different photos and clips to make a slide show. And the great advantage is that it is extremely easy to use since you will only have to drag those photos or clips to a timeline. This is an application that has payment plans. However, it gives you a maximum space of 1 GB in free mode, but the videos will be watermarked. Even so, you can add different texts, effects, GIFs, transitions and music, so that the videos can be more optimized. Besides, your creations can be shared on your social networks, email for email marketing or through a link that you send to another application.

3. Loopster

It is one of the best online video editors. The factor that makes it stand out the most is that it is free. With this editor, you can create your clips in just three steps:

  1. Upload a video file that you want to edit along with the audios you will insert.
  2. Edit it with the drag and drop tools while adjusting the sound and images you want to place.
  3. You can export it and share it on Facebook or YouTube.

Thanks to simple video editing with an Animoto style, it is ideal for all those looking for editors that are not so difficult to use.

4. FlexClip

FlexClip is a free tool with which you can upload your videos and edit them in different ways. You can also adjust the brightness, colors and saturation while adding different wallpapers and texts. In addition to editing clips, you can also add images and music to a storyboard to compose as you like. The free version only offers 480p resolution export. Despite this, it has an application to create videos with different predefined video templates, many free tools like slideshow maker and screen recorder.

5. Powtoon

This is one of the funniest online video editors as it is based on clip animation. With it, you can create presentations that are really interesting, entertaining and that engage your users. It is an online software whose main function is creating animated presentations, in which you can interpret what you want to be on your interface. They are reproduced in the form of a caricature, in which a person appears speaking who is showing you the different texts you have written. It is usually used by those who want to communicate an idea to a specific audience.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo looks a lot like Windows Movie Maker was. Its operation is also quite similar since it allows you to upload videos, images and music. You just have to drag this to the three timelines to create and mount the clip to your liking. The content you are going to post can be uploaded from your computer or directly from the cloud. However, it is a paid service and its free version is very limited.

7.  Kapwing

It is an editor specially designed to cut your videos and adapt them to your different social networks. You can also upload your clips and adapt them to different platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram stories, IGTV, Facebook and YouTube feeds. It already comes with preconfigured sizes, so you only have to choose the social network you want it to be on, upload the video and, finally, share the results with your users.

8.  Magisto

Magisto is promoted as one of the best online video editor platforms. The tool shows you an invitation on its interface to upload a long-term raw video. You don’t need to upload the file completely, but you can upload it in different parts so that Magisto is in charge of merging it into one. Likewise, you can place the title before creating it and the sound downloaded from your files or those provided by the web application.

9. Wideo

Wideo is another one of the best online video editors. It offers you an extremely simple solution, in which you can add photos, recordings, music and, best of all, you can even create animations with a sequence. It has a series of files in its library, which you can use without problems and without limits to place more elements, such as text or drawings. It is very easy to use: you will only have to drag and drop. It will be a very fun and simple way for you to make your videos online.

10. Movie Maker online

But if what you are looking for is an editor that is free, easy to use and online, this is the best alternative you can get. To use it for free, you will have to observe ads and banners that could distract you. But if this is not a problem for you, with this web application, you can edit your videos, music, photos and, at the same time, combine them. It offers you many tools to use, such as text overlays, filters, and transitions. In addition, it provides you with a selection of royalty-free images for you to use as you like. The only limitation they have is that the videos can only be saved in MP4 format.

Final words about 10 online video editors

Thanks to these tools, you can obtain quality and very professional videos without investing a lot of time in the editing process. You will be able to generate valuable content that you can include in your video marketing campaign.



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