Buy Linkedin Accounts
Buy Linkedin Accounts

Linkedin is one of the business social platforms where people can find and communicate with like minded people. It is a professional platform and helpful for people looking for jobs and for businesses to reach more people.

People can follow or unfollow you on Linkedin. It’s all up to them. Below are a few reasons why people would start unfollowing you on Linkedin. 

Inappropriate Sharing

If you begin to share pictures for amusement or asking inappropriate questions, they may unfollow you. There is no room for sharing inappropriate content on professional platforms like linkedin. You should always post relevant content only. What if you post irrelevant and inappropriate things? Your followers will start unfollowing you. It’s very simple. 

Invaluable Offer

LinkedIn is all about engagement but don’t always require recommendations from others while you don’t do the same thing for them.

Unknown Contacts

Having generic contacts of people who cannot introduce you to their business partners with confidence or speak highly of your skills and expertise but can easily unfollow you at their own choice.


Spamming is when you post a lot of unwanted and useless content. Your act of posting large volumes of unwanted and unneeded accomplishments and announcements is capable of making you lose your followers. Nobody would be interested to follow a linkedin account that spam contents on a regular basis. 

Treating Linkedin like Instagram and Facebook

First of all, Linkedin is a professional platform for people to find jobs, communicate with like minded people and to expand your business. It is not a social media platform where you share your photos and videos and write about your daily life. Keep everything professional on Linkedin and stop treating it like Facebook, Instagram or like any other social media platforms. 

Lack of Engagement

Your inability to retain their attention in whatever you posted on your platform can make them lose interest from following you. It’s very important to make sure that your posts are capable of generating a reasonable amount of engagement among your audience. 

Absence of Profile Picture

Lack of profile picture in your LinkedIn account may lead to their act of unfollowing you. People are only interested in following a valid account which has a valid profile photo. Using a Profile pic Creates a sense of trust among your audience. 

Inconsistency in posting content

You should be consistent when it comes to posting contents on professional platforms like linkedin. Or else you would start losing followers. Make sure to post a couple of posts in a week. But try not to post a lot. 

Overusing hashtags

Everyone knows that hashtags are important to get noticed on any social media platforms. But what would be the result if you’re just overusing it? Your audience is not interested in seeing a lot of irrelevant hashtags on your posts. There are chances that they may unfollow your account because of overusing of hashtags

Lack of communicating with audience

Communication is very important for almost everything. What if you don’t reply to your customers’ queries on Linkedin? They may even find you rude and end up unfollowing you on Linkedin 


To successfully grow your LinkedIn network, you have to think deeply and act wisely and rightly. If you don’t act wisely you’ll end up losing all your followers and you won’t be able to gain any new followers too.

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