10 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is good for Business

social media

Social Media Marketing is the reality of today’s not only social world but also the marketing world. The reason that social media is good for your business is that it will be one of the best ways to connect with your customers in 2021.

It is very effective to market any business, literally any business because you can showcase anything online. There are so many small businesses who are already doing this, they are getting so much traffic on their website, getting sales, increasing brand awareness, and so on.

Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest (the list is very long) are helping people to build their own businesses online and offline both.

Human beings are social animals that are the reason behind the success of these platforms also. These platforms have the potential to reach your customers anywhere in the world.

And this is also a reason that most of savvy marketers prefer this type of marketing over any other digital channel.

There are so many reasons why you should use social media marketing for your business but here we will focus on the main 10 points-

1. Cost-Effective

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on traditional marketing just to spread their name in front of their customers. But is there any cost-effective way to do this? Yes, that is of course “social media marketing”.

If you understand what is social media marketing, you will definitely do it perfectly. “Social Media Marketing” means “to be social”. But most of the time people just forget this and start promoting by doing anything and ultimately wasting their hard-earned money.

social media

You have to follow some strategy before starting any social media campaign otherwise you could lose your money. Before starting any social media campaign for your business, you have to understand what is a good way to do it.

Big companies follow some tactics before starting anything on social media and by following a proper strategy you can actually get amazing results.

You won’t believe that some of the eCommerce companies have built their own brand by just doing social media marketing. Even the biggest brands are also relying just on social media marketing. Not because it is cost-effective but also because it does give results.

 Pro Tip:

You can run some Facebook Retargeting ads if you are a small business owner, it will give maximum results with minimum cost. For this, you need to install Facebook Pixel on your WordPress website so that you will be able to track your audience behaviour.

You can also both Facebook and Instagram Templates on marketplaces to run your ad campaign.

Try to run multiple ad sets at a time, you can run as many as 2-3 ad sets in order to figure out which one is performing well.

Your Facebook Ads must be differentiated in different demographics of your targeted audience. 

2. Increases your Brand Recognition

Social Media Marketing can actually increase your brand recognition. You might be thinking but how? So, the answer is creating awareness among people who are hanging out on social media on a daily basis.

Getting attention from people is one of the most important goals for any business.  Therefore, lots of small and big brands are leveraging the advantages of social media platforms.

Instagram is becoming one of the popular platforms among youngsters between the ages group 18-25. Big companies are knowing these databases, that’s why most of the popular eCommerce brands are using social media as their primary source of marketing.

 Pro Tip: 

You can promote your brand by putting your product photographs on Instagram/Facebook, but remember that you have to be social on social media means that you also have to connect with your audiences as well.

Follow some top brands and their profiles, learn from them what exactly they are doing.

3. Easy to reach your Targeted Audience

Do you know that you can actually track and monitor your audience’s activity on social media? And yes, this is the most amazing thing about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing give you an advantage over traditional marketing to reach your targeted audience. In Traditional Marketing, you cannot track your audience demography, interests, behaviors, but in social media marketing, you can track everything.

make money online

This is one of the best reasons for doing social media marketing.

Pro Tip:

You can search your targeted audience on Google Analytics or you can also learn this fantastic introductory guide by HubSpot.

Try to make a community on your Instagram and Facebook.

4. Help in gathering data

If you are planning to start email marketing then social media is the best choice because social media helps you to create your campaigns to collect leads.

There are two way to collect data on social media-

1. Organic-

The one way is creating posts on your page like providing free ebooks in exchange for their emails.

2. Inorganic-

Another way is to run ads for Facebook for collecting leads.

Both ways work really well if you follow a proper strategy. Gathering data from people helps you in understanding the demographics and behavior of your audience. In this way, it becomes easier for you to do social media marketing. You can use some free tools like Mailchimp to start your first email marketing campaign.

A lot of big companies in the eCommerce industry also focusing on collecting data via organic and inorganic marketing to deliver the best results.

Pro Tip:

You can gather data by making a lead magnet , through which you can create your funnel and then you can collect data.

Use GetResponse or ClickFunnels.

5. Helps in Building Trust

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to build trust with your audience. Why? Because the content you’re providing on your social media creates an impact among your audience and this generates curiosity to know more.

And in this way, you’ll be able to generate trust in your audience.

Remember, the quality of your content tells how much your audience is going to trust you.

The best way to build trust is to give people what they want which means you have to provide the solution to their problems that they are looking for.

And you might be thinking that what can I do to solve people’s problems, but this is very simple because everyone has some kind of knowledge in different fields, so you just have to share that knowledge with others. That’s all!

Pro Tip:

You can use tools like Canva and Crello, to make beautiful graphics to attract your audience and gain their trust.

Use more videos or behind the scenes.

6. It’s almost FREE

Social media marketing is also good for any business because it gives you a chance of increasing your sales for free. Some of the biggest brands like Bewakoof.com has done viral meme marketing with almost zero money. Their strong viral marketing techniques influenced people in a very strong way.

According to socialsamosa, Bewakoof.com, in collaboration with Social Beat, leveraged YouTube Trueview Ads to drive sales for the brand through full-funnel marketing.

And there are over hundreds of examples showing this kind of results. Social media is free for everyone and that’s why people hang out more and more over these platforms.

7. Building Awareness

Whether you’re running a small size business or running a multilevel marketing business,  social media will help you in spreading awareness about your brand.

Around 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing according to Social Media Examiner.  By using visuals, we can actually promote any brand on social media effectively.

One of the major reasons why people couldn’t be successful is that they are not consistent enough. For doing any kind of branding on social media, it is very important to be consistent for good results in business.

Examples of  some Social Media Campaigns:

1. Purple

This is one of the great examples of creating any social media campaign. Purple has a clear tone of marketing and its visuals are grabbing attention at the first sight.

You can learn from this example and try to add more value to your ad campaigns.

2. Nintendo Switch

You have heard of this brand, but here we are looking at this ad campaign how this campaign is appealing to its brand.

The main concept here is to relate people’s thinking and their mindsets. The more you grab their attention, the more you’ll be able to convert your customers.


8. Enables Engagement

If you are trying to increase your engagement for an offline business for example, if you have a restaurant and want to promote it on social media then by doing this you can also increase your customers’ engagement in your restaurant too.

You can make some videos of your restaurant or just click amazing photographs that reflect your ambiance and your delicious dishes. This would generate excitement in people’s mind to come to your place at least once.

Here’s an example of Patty and Bun. They are showing an excellent example of a bright attractive image in their ad campaign.

9. Drives Traffic to your Website

Do you know that social media marketing can actually bring traffic to your website? I have already seen some traffic when I put a link of my website on my Instagram. As I have almost 12k followers on Instagram that’s why this audience gave the good traffic on my website also.

You can also participate in weekly chats like #HootChat on Twitter to drive some traffic to your website.

One of the best way to get traffic from social media is to build a like-minded audience as your followers then ask them to read your blog or visit your website. You can research content ideas from BuzzSumo,

BuzzSumo provides you specific content ideas for a particular topic. You can easily search any kind of content on their website.

10. Increase Sales

Apart from just increasing brand awareness, it is actually good in increasing your sales also (in any business). But there is a proper way to increase it.

Instagram Marketing Templates really help in increasing sales.

You cannot expect in just one day that today you posted a video/photo, and from tomorrow onwards you’ll start making your sales. This is not possible, in fact in this world, it takes time to

generate some kinds of results.

You have to make a funnel for your audience to convert them.

(If you don’t know actually what is a funnel and how to make one, then you read this full article on sales funnel to know more).

By making a good funnel, you are making your audience to enter into your conversion funnel. A conversion funnel is nothing but criteria or a process to increase your sales.

Sales Funnel consists of 4 parts – Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action. So, whenever a prospect lands on your landing page you can give him/her a Call to Action for further action (like buying product/services).


In this digital era, social media is not just important to make sales but also important to increase your brand awareness. So, follow the above tips to create your own brand on social media.

Hope you like this blog, if you have any doubt then you can drop a comment below, I’ll try to respond to you.



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