10 Websites That Will Pay You To Play Games For Free


Gaming has emerged as a legit profession these days. Professional Gamers earn money via streaming on YouTube, Twitch, and other such platforms. While a YouTube or Twitch channel won’t cost you much, but you only receive earning once your channel reaches a stipulated amount of subscribers. If you love gaming and want to earn money while doing so, here are some sites that’ll pay you to play games for free.

Although this may sound surprising, few websites pay real cash to play games for free. You might wonder if this sounds legit? These are some genuine sites that pay you to test their games for any glitches or bugs before officially launching them in the market. They want your opinion and suggestions before releasing the product online. You get paid for your efforts by the market research company. Does that sound interesting to you? Go ahead and join any of these ten sites and earn money while staying at home while you are doing your work from home jobs.

1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars allows you to play games and earn money side-by-side. You earn your earnings via scratch-off cards. The more you scratch-off cards and the progress you earn decides your earrings. Additionally, InboxDollars provides cashback on the purchases you make via GSN Casino. This feature doesn’t earn you any cash but asks for payments in case you want to participate in contests or tournaments.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites to play games for free. Once you register to the site, you can click on the Swagbucks play link and watch the tutorial to understand the site better. Once you start playing games for free, you earn gift cards for shopping in stores or on Amazon.

Some games will require in-app purchases but don’t worry you’ll receive cash back for every dollar you pay. You can cash out your money via PayPal and every 100 points redeem for $1. The minimum age limit to register on Swagbucks is 13 years.

3. Cashcrate

Launched in 2006, Cashcrate has over 2 million users. Apart from offering surveys, it also has games that you can play and get cash rewards. Businesses offer cash rewards for signing and testing their games for any glitches or service issues. Some games require to be purchased, but other than that you receive many games to play for free.

4. Mistplay

One of the most wholesome and incentive platforms, Mistplay offers developers and users to test their games and give feedback respectively. Each 2-10 minutes can earn you as much as $0.66, longer hours pay you up to $5. Once, you’ve reached the stipulated amount you receive an email within 48 hours with your gift card.

You can use the gift card to shop on Amazon.  Mistplay is considered one of the most user-friendly sites for users as well as developers

5. Long game

The long game is one of the best gaming savings accounts. Founded by a California-based Millennial, the site doesn’t charge you money to play as long as you use the direct deposit, else monthly charges of $3 are waived after the free trial period is over. Compatible for both Android and iPhone users, this site allows you to choose between automatic and manual deposits.

6. Gamesville

As the name suggests, Gamesville offers various gaming options across its platform. You can play games for free and even cash on the side. Claimed as one of the highest paying when it comes to playing games for free, Gamesville pays to depend on the amount of time you spend playing. The longer you play, the more you earn. Enjoy playing a variety of games from across the platform.

7. Bingo Zone

Do you love playing bingo? Are you an unbeatable Bingo Master, then Bingo Zone is just for you? Operated by Gamesville, this website is specially designed for gamers who love playing bingo. You can win cash prizes in various categories, just like in real-life games. Bingo Zone pays at least $1 and you can earn more by participating in bingo derbies and contests.

8. Point Club

Point Club is just like other survey sites that offer you cash in return to surveys you take. You can play games and earn gift cards. The minimum required age group is 13 years and you receive $5 as soon as you sign up to the site, hurry up and get gaming.

9. Pogo

In case you like games that stimulate the brain while are also fun, Pogo is just for you. You receive cash awards and other rewards. Reward plans also come in a lot of categories and you can choose one which suits your pocket and demands. You also receive extra points for buying games of Pogo, so hurry up and start gaming.

10. Second life

Second life is one of the most complex ways of earning money. Considered one of the largest online gaming websites out of there, Second Life is the clone of real life. Gamers can create avatars and earn money in Linden Dollars which has no monetary dollars. People have created virtual avatars and real estates and earn cash in Linden Dollars.


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