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In a world which is pacing at a fast pace, honing your computer skills has become an important part of life.

Nowadays, people simply cannot imagine their lives without computers and similar gadgets. This is because of the ongoing global pandemic. The covid 19 pandemics have restricted everyone within the four walls of their houses.

Therefore it has become extremely significant to improve computer skills. Computers are required everywhere, in every facet of life. Therefore, it has become a basic prerequisite for any and every job offer.

Here are 12 easy ways in which you can improve your computer skills and emerge as a leader in the computing world.

Identify Your Learning Area

Computer skills are not merely restricted to a basic area. It is extremely widespread depending on your level of knowledge. You may be a beginner, who wants to learn from a very basic level. Or you may also be an advanced learner who probably wishes to learn certain extra computer skills.

You can do this to gain certain benefits in the professional arena or are hoping for a new job opening. Everything depends on what you want to improve. If you are someone who has not been initiated in the digital world, then you can start from learning the basics. This includes learning how to use the computer and the different basic software.

However, if you are an advanced learner then you can improve your computer skills by learning coding and so on. Just the way you opt for PassionateRunners for your daily exercises, you need to opt for the best learning option for improving your computer skills. Once you identify your learning area, you can easily find resources for gaining better knowledge.

Know the Basics

If you want to improve your computer skills, you have to know your basics. The basics are inclusive of the different commercial software, the different shortcuts for doing your tasks effectively. It also involves trying out using more software and applications for improved results and so on. It is important to have a strong base so that you can easily learn new things through new platforms.

Knowing the basics will also help you in integrating your old knowledge with the new one. This will result in an overall improvement of your computer skills. Additionally, it is also essential to have a basic knowledge of computers and their operations.

This is because you can think of working on different versions of the operating system in an effortless manner. Knowing the basics will help you to build up the newly gained knowledge on the existing base knowledge.

Computer Literacy

You may be able to handle computers properly. However, computer literacy is also essential in assimilating the newly gained knowledge that you can acquire from different platforms. Therefore, make sure that you have a basic theoretical knowledge, in addition to your practical knowledge, of computers.

If you are unable to gather basic knowledge of the theoretical sections of computers, you will have difficulties in gaining new knowledge. You will also experience problems in assimilating the newly gained knowledge with the existing bit of knowledge.

So, you also need to have a basic idea regarding the languages used for teaching computers. It is important so that you can get accustomed to that kind of technical language. Your acquiring of theoretical knowledge will help you, in a way, to acquire knowledge in technical language.


One thing that you need to do when you are trying to improve your computer skills is practicing your older skills. Practicing old skills will help you to easily understand and learn the new theoretical and practical knowledge disseminated by the learning centre. Your confidence also plays a huge role in acquiring new knowledge.

If you are not confident in implementing your knowledge of computers, you can never learn new things. You will even tend to forget your older skills without the help of proper practice.

Therefore, one of the most effective ways of improving your computer skills is by practicing old ones. It will help you become absolutely confident about yourself and your existing skills. This will encourage a healthy learning process for beginners. It will increase your urge to learn more and that too, at a fast pace.

Search for Answers

You need to have an inquisitive bend of mind to develop any kind of skills. This is pertinent especially when you are trying to improve your computer skills.

If you do not look for answers then you will never find anything that will help you in improving yourself and your skills. You need to have basic knowledge of the internet so that you are capable of searching for your answers on online platforms.

Start typing out different combinations of keywords at the very outset, in order to develop your searching skills on the computer. If you are stumped by a difficult task regarding computer and its aspects, you can simply search online by using different keywords. You can also watch a step-by-step video or by reading a blog and solve your own problem.

Take a Course

If you are highly interested in learning computers, then you better opt for online courses as well as in-person computer training centres. This will help you to gain knowledge from different aspects in a more organized and systematic manner.

In this regard, it will maintain a particular curriculum which will enhance your regular learning of skills within a set span of time. You can opt for YouTube courses which are more informal and can be done on the basis of your free time.

For that, you simply need to subscribe to a channel which teaches you technicalities of computer usage. However, you can also choose more formal courses and training centers. This will ensure that your learning is more formal and bound within a specific schedule.

Take Help

If you are someone who believes in learning by your own self, then you need not opt for any formal online course or a training centre. You can simply take the help from a qualified person, who can help you out in situations of crisis. This is not similar to a formal course; it is absolutely informal.

Here you can simply go to that individual when you are stuck with a certain problem. Taking help and self-learning can prove to be more helpful than learning in an indirect manner as in case of different courses.

Learn Keyboarding

Keyboarding might appear to be easy when you are observing someone else’s type. However, it can be extremely tough for people who are not accustomed to typing. Good keyboarding skills can be extremely helpful in the completion of different tasks.

Therefore, if you want to improve your skills, then you should think of the option of learning keyboarding as one of your first priorities. You can definitely opt for online courses, which are indeed a great way of learning.

You can also practice keyboarding by regularly typing a page or two in order to keep yourself engaged in practice.

Learn Using More Software

Just the way you look for the best fertilizers for the citrus trees, you need to look for the best software and applications which will improve your computer skills.

If you are someone whose knowledge is restricted to writing word documents and opening Paint software, then you need to enhance your skills of computer usage. Try learning new software and applications such as PowerPoint, Spreadsheets and so on.

This will increase your knowledge and skill of computer usage. It will also help you in performing different kinds of tasks in the workplace.

Download Mind Mapping Tools

Mind mapping tools are extremely functional in managing the huge chunk of information that you obtain from different courses. You need to download mind mapping tools and find out in your own way how to use them.

By downloading these tools, it will help you in improving your computer skills. It will also help you in making your work more efficient and easeful.

Reach Out to Leaders

If you are a working professional who is looking for ways to improve your computer skills, then this option is specially made for you. Your urge to learn is not being effectively addressed as you are lacking the resources to upgrade your computer knowledge.

In this regard, you can easily speak to the leadership of your organisation. Your Human Resource Manager will prove to be helpful by providing you important links and connections to different places. It can include workshops, conferences and other essential centres from where you can take help and seek support.

Apply Your Knowledge

To improve the knowledge and skills that you have gained in the arena of computers, you need ]to apply your knowledge. You can only improve your computer skills by applying the knowledge in the practical field.

For instance, there might be a certain job application that requires you to know the way of using project management tools. You have to make sure that you try to incorporate the tools in your current job role or scenario.


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