summer flowers- 12 Popular Choices of Flowers For A Summer Wedding Planning

If you are having a summer wedding, you are picking the best time for flowers. There are so many choices to pick from, and whether you are choosing for a pure, new look or planning a summer story with a natural, wildflower vibe, there are  in blossom that will ideally suit your taste.
Liking flowers in flower can give so many options for your bouquet and centerpieces. Standards such as roses and carnations are indeed available, but you can opt for statement pieces such as dahlias or sunflowers through this month as well. And the best part is that picking in-season floral options makes it simpler for your florist to get them, your flowers will be fresher, and you may even store them on your floral budget. Picking regionally in-season flowers is the least costly way to go.


With their effective, sweet scent and big size, gardenias make a precise garland, but they are also a striking option for a standalone bouquet for a beautiful wedding. Gardenias are an especially delicate flower, smiling with Southern beauty, and they only come in white or cream shades. As they begin to die, the leaves turn brown, so be sure to have a storage plan if you choose for these beautiful flowers. You will need a plan to keep your bouquet and centerpieces seeing their best. 


Freesias give the ideal wildflower look, as there are various bell-shaped flowers on each stem. They are sweet and aromatic and pleasant, mixed with greenery or bold white flowers. Pricing varies from $3 to $3.50 per stem, and they come in hues of white, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, and purple, but you can get various color choices as well if you aspire.


Orchids are such a beautiful, classic option with a modern twist. Not only do they come in a vast array of colors, but there are many classes as well mini orchids, huge orchids, and every shape possible. But be aware that every type has its fragrance, varying from colorful florals to sometimes putrid. White orchids are perfect for wedding arrangements, but colors of red and pink are available as well. But be sure to consider pricing with your florist if you are working within a budget. Each site has several availabilities. Some areas are more costly because they have to have everything sent to them.


Irises are chiefly connected with a bright purplish hue. Still, they come in so many other attractive species, including pink, yellow, and White, and some even have dusk or ombré coloring, making every stem unique and wonderful. Some species have little to no scent, while others may give off a fruity fragrance. Adding white flowers to a bouquet adds taste and a little bit of affection related to sweet pea’s impact. At the very time, a standalone bouquet can give beautiful, enchanting looks for a romantic wedding.  


With their complex texture and array of sizes, dahlias are a superb option to add a remark to any bouquet or centerpiece. These are the ideal July and August . They do not have any aroma, but they have an extended color range, from soft pinks and deep dark burgundies to fresh oranges and simple White, and they can be used for more of a rustic vibe stand on their own for an advanced option. Dahlias are always popular flowers, causing their pricing to float around $6.50 to $7 per stem, but their beauty is so worth it.


Cornflowers are a fragile, earthy wildflower that can add a tiny pop of color to your bouquet or centerpiece. Light blue is the most basic color to see for cornflower, but colors of pink, maroon, and White are available. They are a beautiful delicate flower, perfect for a casual wedding with a fun, playful vibe. Plus, they are super affordable additions to bouquets and mental pieces at $2 to $2.50 per stem.


From regular roses to English garden roses, let us face it, roses are perfect. They exude passion and can be worn up or down in a bouquet for any wedding. Paired with rich greenery and other flowers with roses in a bouquet or centerpiece can be the classic touch, and there is no lack of color choices to pick from, with hues varying from red, yellow, pink, and orange to purple and white. Their mild, sweet scent is recognizable and will maybe even bring back a passionate memory as you walk down the path. Pricing for these classic flowers relies on kind and shade. If it’s a specific type of garden rose, that’s in less production. It will be more costly. Do not be scared to change characters to match with what may be available seasonally, as varieties of roses can have cost points within $1.50 to $8 per stem.


Although sometimes seemed down upon because they are so usually used as filler flowers, there are some stunning lisianthus types out there. Some species are so frilly and full they could almost be confused for a rose. And with colors of purple, pink, white, and even green, every bouquet is an option. Lisianthus flowers do not have any smell, so they are ideal for those with delicate noses, and they typically vary in cost from $3.50 to $4.50 per stem.


Tall and stemmy, delphiniums are statement creators, and they regularly run well alone in an arrangement. They come in different colors of blue and bluish-purple, but hues of White and pink can be found. They are the ideal floral choice to use for a bold, natural vibe, with very little fragrance to bother any sensitive customers. Pricing on these bold flowers can vary from $2.50 to $5 per stem.


Hydrangeas are typically viewed in more famous compositions, notably in white and blue hues, but they are available in beautiful pinks, purples, and even green ones. They are the ideal late summer flower for a fresh garden party wedding, giving a sense of beauty with a touch of remorse. Some species have a garden-fresh, fresh scent to provide a pleasant smell to a room. Costs for these beautiful flowers can differ relying on shades and vary anywhere from $3.50 to $9 per stem.


These are just the cutest bulbs. Petite and friendly, Tweedie is the ideal little addition to an all-white or green bouquet. With a sweet, simple fragrance and look, Tweedie is an attractive addition to a beach wedding or sailing rejoicing by a lake house. They are available in pink and white, but light blue is the most traditional, with pricing varying from $3.50 to $4.50 per stem.


These light, fragile blooms add action and softness to a bouquet or centerpiece. Just make sure they do not heat, or else they all begin to sag and look a bit sad. We mainly love chocolate creation, a deep brownish-red and adds a tiny pop of drama, but they also come in colors of pink, purple, white, and orange. Cosmos can be a radiant, fun addition to a summer garden marriage, giving a stylish twist to popular daisies. These bursts of shade will add $2 to $3 per stem to your floral budget.


These are the best summer flowers that will aptly fit your wedding. It will make your wedding look more enhanced. The lovely bouquet in the hand of the bride will glorify her beauty. This rich collection of summer blooming flowers are readily available to us.


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