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Working from home has become increasingly common for a variety of reasons. In a variety of fields, remote job opportunities are available and growing. Working from home has become more popular as an alternative to traditional office jobs in recent years. Remote work increased dramatically after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Remote work could make up the majority of the workforce in the future, according to data gathered by job search site FlexJobs. Since the outbreak, several companies have already switched to long-term remote work.

There are more options than ever to join the work-from-home society, whether you’d like to make a career change to offer your services, knowledge, and experience, or products, earn extra money as a freelancer, or work remotely full-time. Working from home has several advantages. People who work from home have more flexibility in general. They may also be more productive because they won’t have to worry about commuting or in-office distractions. It’s also a win for businesses.

Businesses that hire remote workers to save money on overhead and have a larger pool of candidates from which to choose. Here are 13 of our favorite picks:

1. Blogger

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $16-$18. Blogging is a broad term, and you can find (or start) a blog for almost any hobby, profession, or skill. If you want to contribute to someone else’s blog, there are a plethora of writing and editing job opportunities for remote workers, and bloggers frequently require assistance with their IT skills. Alternatively, you can start your blog to generate a steady stream of passive income. Building a blog is not a quick way to become wealthy, or even to make any money. To make money from your blog, you’ll need to establish an online presence and authority in your field.

This can take some time, so you might not be able to make money from your blog for the first few years. Still, if you persevere, you might be able to make a fortune as a blogger working from home. You can find people who have by doing a quick Google search. Affiliate marketing, advertising campaigns through programs like Google AdSense, and even sales are common ways for bloggers to make money. Selling a service, product, course, or membership on your blog is a great way to supplement your income.

While it may seem intimidating at first, starting a blog is relatively inexpensive and simple. To begin, you’ll need to purchase a domain and begin writing. Learning a little about search engine optimization (SEO) and other online best practices may be beneficial. Fortunately, there are numerous free resources available on the internet. For specific tips on how to set up your blog, build an internet community, and start making money, I suggest checking out Income School on YouTube.

2. Digital Marketer

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly pay is $20-$30. Right now, digital marketing is an excellent field to enter. Thousands of businesses are looking to expand their online presence, and digital marketers specialize in doing just that. According to the United States Department of State, According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median hourly pay for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in 2019 was $65.34, indicating that this profession has a lot of room for growth. In the next nine years, the Bureau predicts a 6% increase in these jobs.

And, thankfully, many companies are hiring for digital marketing jobs that can be done entirely from home. I did a quick online search for digital marketing tips and courses, and there are dozens of free resources available. I found a few free classes on Udemy and Coursera that seemed like a good place to start. Job posting sites, remote staffing agencies, and the websites of companies where you want to work can all help you find remote digital marketing manager positions. Of course, since you already know the field, you can start your brand presence to offer your services and build your clientele. In either case, take the time to create a portfolio of your work and update your resume to stand out when trying to apply for remote digital marketing jobs.

3. Online Coach, Counselor, or Consultant

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $14-$20. There are many different types of coaching, consultation, and consultancy services, so there is a lot of specialization in this field. Life coaching, career coaching, financial consulting, spiritual coaching, and school counseling are all popular options. These are jobs that have existed for a long time, but now many of them can be completed entirely online or over the phone. Certification in your chosen field is extremely beneficial in this line of work, so a good place to start is looking into professional programs for the type of coaching or counseling services you’d like to do.

After you’ve developed some credentials, you can either start your own online business and conduct digital sessions, or apply to work as a distant location coach for a company that already has a client base. On Indeed, I found dozens of recent remote life coaching job openings, as well as several recent postings for other types of coaching and counseling jobs. School and career advisors earn an average wage of $27.42 per hour ($57,040 annually) in 2019, according to the BLS. Counseling is expected to grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029, which means it could be a great remote job to consider.

4. Coder or Programmer

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $29-$35. If you have coding and/or programming skills, you may be able to work from home. There are thousands of free online resources available to teach you how to code or program if you don’t know-how. Coding and programming are in high demand in all parts of the country. From Indeed, you can see a breakdown of computer programmers’ average earnings by state, but there are also many remote opportunities. Furthermore, as with many of the jobs on this ranking, you can either choose to find employment as a freelancer or for a company part-time or full-time remotely.

Computer programmers earned an average of $86,550 per year, or $41.61 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re considering a career in computer systems and development, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a list of similar high-paying jobs. A bachelor’s degree is typically required for this type of work, but there are a plethora of free resources available online to teach you the fundamentals of coding and programming., Codecademy, and The Code Player are good places to start. Finally, medical coding is a great subcategory to pursue if you have a healthcare specialty. On both FlexJobs and Indeed, I discovered several remote medical clerical positions.

5. Writer and Editor

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $25-$30. If you’re a good writer or editor, there are plenty of remote opportunities. Because many businesses and individuals outsource their content creation, freelance writers have plenty of opportunities. You can work for a company as a remote writer or editor part-time or full-time, or you can freelance. You can have your clients, projects, hours, and rates as a self-employed writer/editor. There are even more opportunities if you can write and/or edit in more than one language.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and authors, as well as editors, earned around $62,285 per year or $29.95 per hour in 2019. That means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make a full-time living doing these jobs, and they can all be done from home. If you want to work as a remote writer or editor, the first step is to create a portfolio of your most recent and best work. This is a fantastic way to make yourself stand out to potential clients and employers.

6. Medical Transcriptionist

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $11-$15. Medical transcription is an excellent way to supplement your income while working from home. In 2019, medical transcriptionists earned a median annual salary of $33,380, or $16.05 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there is a projected 2% job loss from 2019 to 2029, freelance and remote opportunities make it easier than ever to find medical transcription jobs. It’s possible that you won’t need any prior healthcare experience to get started. Instead, all you’ll need is a basic understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, grammar, and word processing, which you can learn for free online!

Consider freelancing on Rev to see if transcribing is a good fit for you. You can sign up as a transcriptionist, captioner, or translator for free and start claiming projects as soon as you’re accepted. Before getting started, read our Rev review. There are a plethora of online job opportunities available in the healthcare field if you’re not interested in transcribing. Soliant Health and Health Information Alliance are two organizations that hire remote health professionals in a variety of fields, including speech therapy and school psychology, as per FlexJobs.

7. Design Consultant

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly pay is $24-$31. Design consulting could be a great remote career option for you if you have a creative eye. You can freelance, build your own business and clientele, or apply to work part-time or full-time at a company, as you can with many of the other jobs on this list. Interior designers earned a median salary of $56,040 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Indeed had 36 design consultant jobs posted at the time of writing, indicating that job posting sites could be a good place to start building experience and earning money as a work from home designer.

8. Virtual Assistant

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $12-27. A virtual assistant is similar to a secretary or administrative assistant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for this type of work in 2019 was $39,850 per year or $19.16 per hour. While traditional assistants and secretaries are expected to see a slight decline in job opportunities from 2019 to 2029, opportunities for remote virtual assistants are growing as more startups turn to outsourcing, freelancing, and work-from-home models.

For virtual assistant jobs, you might be in charge of writing and responding to emails, writing, formatting, and distributing professional documents, developing or scheduling content, or scheduling calls and meetings as a virtual assistant. There were 913 virtual assistant jobs on Indeed at the time of writing, including freelance opportunities, part-time remote positions, and full-time work-from-home jobs. In addition to Indeed, keep an eye out for job openings on FlexJobs. Finally, don’t be afraid to self-promote your services on sites like LinkedIn. This can be an excellent way to make contact with professionals who may require the services of a virtual assistant.

9. Teacher or Tutor

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $10-$25. Consider teaching or tutoring online if you enjoy working with children or adults who are pursuing higher education. The average annual wage for tutors in 2019 was $48,700, according to the BLS, and the number of opportunities to tutor remotely continues to grow. If you have a particular area of expertise, that could be a good place to start.

Companies that are looking to hire tutors for students learning English as a second language are always looking for candidates. Several of my colleagues who worked as teachers supplemented their income with programs like VIPKid. Kaplan, Pearson, K12, Edmentum, Chegg, Independence University, Rasmussen College, Achieve Test Prep, Grand Canyon University, Rosetta Stone, and Walden University are among the companies that frequently hire online teachers and tutors for work from home positions.

10. Customer Service Representative

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $9-$15. One of the most popular fields for people looking for remote work is customer service. It’s less competitive than corporate-level jobs and always in high demand as an entry-level position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for customer service representatives in 2019 was $34,719 per year or $16.69 per hour.

A high school diploma is usually required, but additional paid or unpaid training may be provided on the job. Visit job posting websites like Indeed and FlexJobs or register with an online staffing agency to find a job as a customer support representative. In general, part-time and full-time remote customer service representative positions are available, but some companies also offer freelancing opportunities. Alorica, Liveops, Sykes, and WorkingSolutions are a few companies that hire remote customer service representatives regularly, with agents earning an average of $15 per hour, according to their website.

11. Translator and Interpreter

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $18-$23. You can apply for work-from-home jobs as a translator or interpreter if you speak more than one language. In 2019, interpreters and translators earned a median annual salary of $51,830, or $24.92 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between 2019 and 2029, job growth is expected to be 20%, which is higher than many other industries. A bachelor’s degree may be required depending on the position, but if you plan on freelancing, knowing both languages may be sufficient.

Remote translating and interpreting may entail rewriting documents in a different language, listening to audio in one language and transcribing it into another, or rating language learning materials to improve them. You can also work as a subtitle translator for Rev and earn up to $3 per minute. Lionbridge, LanguageLine Solutions, and Rosetta Stone, according to FlexJobs, are great places to look for remote work as a translator.

12. Social Media Manager

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average base pay is $17-$24. A social media manager, like a digital marketer, assists in the establishment and maintenance of a company’s online presence. A person in this position might be responsible for writing and/or scheduling social media content across multiple platforms, responding to comments and messages, launching promotional campaigns, and analyzing growth. If you have experience with social media marketing, you can look for remote work on job posting websites, company websites, or by contacting businesses directly.

At the time of writing, I ran a quick job search on Indeed and found 574 remote social media management jobs. To be considered for a management position, you must have prior experience. Make sure you have a portfolio of your best recent work or links to social media accounts that you maintain before you start applying for work from home jobs. Incorporating these into your resume can help you stand out.

13. Data Entry Worker

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly base pay is $15-$17. Data entry is a work-from-home opportunity worth considering whether you’re skilled in a specific field or looking for a general entry-level position. In 2019, the average annual wage for data entry keyers was $34,820, or $16.74 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fortunately, many companies allow data entry to be done entirely remotely, so you’ll have plenty of options. You can find success in data entry if you have good computer and typing skills.

You can start your job search in this field by looking for remote data entry job postings on sites like Indeed.

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