Features In A Virtual Event Platform

As the popularity of virtual events is rising day by day, there are plenty of virtual event platforms that want to seek attention. Not every platform offers all the necessary features and meets the expectations of the event organizers.
We know it is a daunting task to choose a perfect virtual event platform. Thus, we are sharing the 15 Must-Have Key Features In A Virtual Event Platform for hosting a successful virtual event.

Live Streaming and Broadcasting recorded Content

Live streaming is an essential part of hosting a virtual event. There might be a few sessions in your event that need to be broadcasted live. Some exhibitors use Youtube and Instagram for live streaming, but when you are hosting the virtual event on a larger scale then you need a reliable live streaming software by virtual event platform that can withstand the larger network and enable all the attendees to get online without connectivity issues at the same time.

Not every session needs to be broadcast live, thus your virtual event platform must have an option to broadcast the pre-recorded content too. There could be different reasons for choosing this option like attendees with different time zones or speakers unable to live stream due to time constraints.

The great virtual event platform should be able to Livestream, broadcast pre-recorded content, and share this content on-demand of attendees.

Personalized Branding

Personalized branding enables the audience to differentiate your virtual event graphics from the rest of the virtual events. It is believed that the more your audience sees your brand, the more they will be familiar with it. Branding of digital assets, use of logos and colors attract the audience more. The idea behind the branding is to make the audience recall and recognize your brand whenever they visit your page or view your content.
Fast and Secured online registration
Look for a fast and secured online registration system that can manage the vast number of registrations at the same time. Because the slow connection will leave a bad impression in the audience’s mind. Thus, choose a virtual event platform that can offer a safe and optimized online registration system.

User-friendly Virtual Event Platform with Browser-based solutions

Not everyone is tech-savvy; thus your virtual event platform should be user-friendly. Hosting the event, registration process, and handling different features like live chat, live polls, etc.; should be easier to use. All the important technical features should be integrated into a single platform. This ensures all the attendees and exhibitors perform all the functions hassle-free.

Having a browser-based virtual event platform saves your time and storage space by skipping the downloading and installation of an application. Anybody can join the event online just by logging in to the event page on the browser.

Virtual event platform offers a virtual briefcase to the audience where they can store and save all the required files and documents. This helps the attendees to gather all the important data in a single place.

AI-Powered Matchmaking Tool

Artificial intelligence software is a tool that brings out the best matches possible based on available data. We incorporate AI in our everyday lives like Netflix recommendations, youtube recommendations, Siri, Google Assistant, and so on.

But how do you use this powerful tool in your virtual events?

Every attendee joins the event to meet its goals. The AI matchmaking tool aims to understand these goals and process all data entered by the attendees during the registration. The benefit of the AI matchmaking tool is that it does all its tasks in a few seconds and thus helps the attendees in meeting their relevant matches at the fastest speed.

Virtual Networking Table Feature for online communication

The virtual networking table feature enables you to connect with the other attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors through live chat and audio/video calls over the table. The networking could be one-to-one or in a group of a maximum of 15 persons. Several tables are created as per the requirements of the event organizer. The attendee can switch from one table to another based on their interests.

Live Chat and Interactive Q & A Sessions

Live chat enables speakers and attendees to have one-to-one communication without any barrier as some people feel shy in posting questions in public. The Live chat can be also done with the information desk or tech desk in order to resolve their issues instantly. The traditional method of email support is time-taking. Thus, live chat is a super fast and effective method of communication.

Allocate a few minutes for an interactive Questions & Answers session at the end or during the event where attendees get an opportunity to clear their doubts with the industry experts. Also, attendees do not feel left out while sitting alone on a desktop.

Mobile compatibility

In todays’ busy lives, all the attendees do not have sufficient time to sit in front of a desktop and watch the entire event. Thus, your virtual event platform should be compatible with both, the mobile and desktop. Also, the audio-visual quality should be HD on both, mobile and desktop to keep the audience engaged throughout the event.

Dynamic Banner Functionality

Every exhibitor sets a goal to get more and more sponsors to host their event. With the Dynamic Banner Functionality, virtual events can showcase all their sponsors at the same time as in-person events do. The attendee can visit any sponsor booth and get more information about it during the event. You can also choose to play soothing music in the background.

Gamification feature to engage the audience

Attending virtual events is a new thing for us so staying engaged for a longer time is difficult sometimes. Introduce games in a virtual event platform and make your event interesting and unique. Not every platform offers this feature so choose it wisely. Display the scores on the leaderboard to encourage the audience. Give virtual prizes or goodies to the winners. Playing games online on the virtual event platform enhances the network opportunities with the other participants, sponsors, and exhibitors. The audience would spend more time on your platform, leading to better data analytics.

Engagement through emoticons

Some virtual events like college fest and music concerts need to create a buzz in an enthusiastic audience to make the event successful. The audience can react to the event through emojis such as heart, thumbs up, and clap & hoot. This feature enables the organizers to determine how much of the audience is engaged.

B2B Meeting Scheduler

B2B Meeting Scheduler is a great tool to line up a meeting including the features of audio/video calls and screen share to gain real-time experience. The B2B scheduler integrated with all the tools will not let the attendee miss anything important even from home. A meeting can be scheduled between the attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors post-event or during the event.

Customer Support

The success of a virtual event relies on how satisfied your audience is with the event. Thus, throughout the event, your audience should be engaged and if they face any kind of issue in the middle of the session, it should be resolved at the earliest by customer support. It is significant to determine the quality of customer support your platform is providing. The attendees may face trouble in Signing in or using any other feature of the platform. Hence, your customer relationship manager should be ready to deal with the queries during the event and post-event.

Secured Social media integration

The virtual event platform coupled with social media is a valuable and safe addition to the platform.
The benefits of integrating social media with your virtual event platform are:
The virtual event platform ensures safe and secure login to the platform
using the social media login credentials
Easy content sharing over social media handles like Linked In, Instagram, and Facebook. Attendees can share their AR photos and selfies clicked in the virtual event.
Engaging more attendees to the platform
The audience can share their personal experiences on social media with a single click

Obtain Detailed Analytics and Take a Follow-up

You did everything to make your virtual event successful and hopefully, everyone was delighted with the event. Now it is time to stay engaged with the audience by sharing the post-event summaries to recap everything covered under the event. Feel free to take feedback from the audience to make any further improvements in the future if required. Motivate your attendees to join your mailing list to get further future updates. In short, the role of your event platform is not over post-event. Your platform should provide you required data about how attendees were engaged throughout the event. This will help you in understanding your audience more effectively.

In this blog, we have included 15 Key Features that Virtual Event Platform must have to host a successful virtual event.

To be honest, virtual events will be in trend forever. So, choosing the perfect virtual event platform for all of your future virtual events is crucial.

If you are looking for a reliable and secured Virtual Event Platform then get in touch with Dreamcast that will meet all your requirements with excellent planning and strategies.


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