Depression Memes

No matter how you slice it, the holidays are hard. They’re especially tough when you’re struggling with a depressive episode. But don’t worry. There are plenty of memes out there that can help you laugh and cope. Whether you’re feeling lonely, hopeless, or just downright sad, these 20 memes will do the trick. So grab a cup of hot cocoa (or some other comforting beverage) and settle in for a good laugh—you deserve it.

Meme 1: I’m So Tired, I Could Sleep For Days

There’s no doubt that winter can be a testing time for anyone, but it can be even harder for people with depression memes. This is because the cold, dark environment can make symptoms of depression feel even more severe. To help you through this season, here are some funky depression memes that will help you survive. 

1) “The holiday season always makes me really tired.”

2) “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this winter without my antidepressants.” 

3) “I really need a nap right now.” 

4) “This cold weather is killing me!” 

5) “Is it really November yet?”

Meme 2: I Can’t Stop Crying, But That’s Okay Because I’m Laughing Too Hard Now

Depression is a common problem during winter. It can be tough to muster up the energy to go out and do things, let alone laugh. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your humor. There are some great depression memes out there that will help you get through this tough time.

Here are a few of our favorites: 

1) “It’s okay to be sad, I’m still laughing.” 

2) “I’m not always happy, but at least I’m not crying.” 

3) “I don’t really know what to do with my life right now, but at least I’m not sleeping.” 

4) “Depression takes many forms, but at least I’m not freezing to death.”

Depression Memes

Meme 3: It’s Officially Fall And Winter Here In The Midwest

Seasonal depression can really hit hard during fall and winter in the Midwest. But hey, finding ways to cope can actually be a bit of a silver lining! There’s this trend I’ve seen floating around—SPWM, or “Seasonal Depression While Meming.” People create these funky memes that hilariously capture the struggle of getting through these darker months. They’re like little bursts of humor that somehow make the gloominess a tad more bearable. Sharing these memes with friends or scrolling through them on a rough day might just lift your spirits a bit. So, SPWM might just become your go-to survival tool for these seasons! 

1. Fall isn’t always about getting sad—it’s about getting cozy and prepared for winter!

2. Fall is a time to reflect on the year past and look forward to the year ahead—whether you’re looking forward to the holiday season or excited for new adventures! 

3. Fall is when nature comes alive with beautiful colors and trees changing their leaf color. Be inspired by these natural beauties and find your inner autumn spirit! 

4. Sometimes, all we need is a good cry—especially during fall when the leaves are falling, and everything feels so nostalgic and bittersweet. Let yourself go into full-blown Depression Mode for a little while and let your tears flow freely (or use them as inspiration for your next meme). 

5. It’s okay to be lonely during fall—after all, we’re all quite busy catching up on our sleep, preparing our meals, cleaning our houses, etc. But remember to take time for yourself sometimes! Spend some time reading or taking walks in nature; it’ll do wonders for your mood 🙂

Meme 4: Why Do We Have To Deal With This Crazy Weather?

There’s no one answer to why we have to deal with this crazy weather, but we can all find comfort in knowing that plenty of people out there are feeling just as weird about it as we are. Here are some funky depression memes to help you survive the season:

1. “It’s not the cold, it’s the lack of sunshine.” This meme is perfect for when you’re feeling down because you’re stuck inside all day long.

2. “The best way to cope with a cold winter is to drink lots of hot chocolate.” This quote is especially relevant during these colder months, when staying warm requires hours of binge-watching Netflix.

3. “Christmas sucks because it’s always so cold.” This meme perfectly sums up how everyone feels during the holiday season – December doesn’t feel like summer at all!

4. “Life is tough, but at least I’m not dealing with this weather.” This meme perfectly sums up how most people feel about the weather – it’s too darn cold and dreary!

Meme 5: It’s Okay, We’re All Just Gonna Get Through This Tough Time Together

Depression is difficult to deal with, but with the help of some funky depression memes, it’s possible to get through this tough time together. Understanding that depression is an illness that affects mental and emotional health can help put things into perspective. Here are some funny memes about depression that will make you smile: 

1) Depression is an illness like any other. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or weak. 

2) Sometimes, it’s just hard to get out of bed in the morning. But don’t worry. You’ll eventually get through this together. 

3) It’s okay to be sad sometimes. Everyone goes through tough times from time to time. 

4) Just because you’re feeling down doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to look forward to. You have plenty of friends and family who care about you. 

5) You’re not alone in this; there’s always somebody out there who understands what you’re going through. Keep fighting!



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