3 Tips and Warnings Before Buying Shoes Online


So you have found a desired pair of shoes online that too at an amazing price. That is too good to be true. They are only left with one size and one color in stock and it is your size and your favorite blue.

You enter to track the number every hour online like a crazy buyer because you can’t wait to tear open the acrylic shoe box. They arrive and you throw the wrapper aside and wait for the chorus to sound as you slip them on. Oh, wait! You can’t get them. Oh no! They are too small!!

I am sure that anyone who has experienced buying shoes online has encountered this problem. The fact is different shoes fit differently. Not all Marc Jacobs brand shoes fit you in the same way; let alone all ballet flats from multiple brands.

However, buying shoes online is not a 50/50 chance game anymore. With shoes in colorful shoe boxes made by quality acrylic shoe box suppliers have eased the issue of shoe number. Here are some useful tips to scale in your favor:

Avoid Same Shoes with the Same Brand

When you browse a pair of shoes online you love, the first you need to do is to check your closet and see if you already have any shoes by the same brand. Size may vary but, likely, it won’t. So, it’s a good idea to take the size’s note of the brand.

If you never have bought a shoe from the brand before, you might need to stop at a store to try one or two styles to have an idea about how the shoes work on your feet.

Ladies shoe

Check Product Reviews

Many online websites allow customers to give reviews online on shoes they have bought from them. There are some websites, which are entirely devoted to reviews. Even you have 20 pairs of shoes of a particular brand and all in the same size, you might still need to check reviews if that one style fits a big or small just as a fluke by the brand.

If you don’t know how to discover a review, search on a search engine like Yahoo or Google for the brand and style name and “survey” or “audits”. It should appear something like this: “Steve Madden Michell review”.

Check Shoe Sizes

You might also need to try searching the shoe brand you are interested in to see how they show their sizes on the shoes. See whether they are in USA sizes (like 8, 8.5) or EURO sizes (like 39, 40) or other sizes like Japanese or German.

Usually, a shoe brand does not change its sizing styles. This will aid you when you are buying European shoes as a few online stores will show you only the converted US size (if you are shopping from the US) that can be incorrect. Always ask the size is printed on the shoes and base your fit off that size.

Warning Alert

Number 1

Look at the sizes available of a pair of shoes listed in (EURO, UK, US, AUS, etc.). If the pairs are shipping to a country other than the original sizing country, odds are the shoe website will give you a size conversion chart. Also, you can find these charts online.


However, it is not recommended to use any conversion chart other than the one given by the specific brand you are buying from. For example, use a UGG size conversion chart if you have to buy UGG boots. Have a quick comparison of online size charts and that will tell you why there are too many differences. Since sizes vary brand by brand, even a good size chart could be wrong for some brands.

If you are unable to find an online size conversion chart for a specific brand, try contacting their stores or send an email to the brand’s website to ask about the conversion chart.

Number 2

Generally, it is a myth that people must buy a size larger than usual for boots or shoes with pointed toes. Most brands realize that ladies’ feet are not triangle-shaped and accommodate the sizing on the basis of a normal foot that would end in the toe-box.

So, you may need to keep these aspects in mind:

  • Most people buy and wear boots in the winter. If you are unsure about what size to buy, it is better to opt for the larger size as you get the option of thicker socks if the shoes are too big. There is nothing you can do if the boot is too small.
  • The taller a high heel is, the more your foot will need to crush forward for the day. If you are seeing open-toe shoes, your feet are bound to have the option to slide forward enough to make the heel or heel lash of a shoe flop off (there’s no toe box to stop them). So if you fit a half size smaller or bigger, you might need to select the more small size in those 4-inch open-toe heels.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s a shoe or tissue; knowing the brand is important. Even if you need to buy an acrylic tissue box, you have to satisfy yourself with the rapport of shortlisted acrylic tissue box suppliers.

Hope the above-mentioned tips would help you in online shoe shopping. Remember that even with a satisfied preparation, a pair of shoes, sometimes, won’t feel comfortable as most feet are unique. Therefore, always look for the return policy of the website you’re purchasing from before confirming your order.


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