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What is an EHR Software and why your Small Practice Needs One

The acronym EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and as the name hints; this software very much has to do with patient medical records. However, these days EHR software does a lot more than just maintain patient records for you. These days EHR software is equipped with doing almost anything in relation to managing a medical practice; from helping you optimize your schedule to enabling you to simplify billing processes. 

And the reason that you as a small medical practice should consider this software seriously is because of how this software stand to make things much better for you. Having limited resources as a smaller practice means you need all the help you can get and the convenience a medical EHR software provides is incomparable. Hence in this software, we will tell you about various EHR software that is perfect for small practices. From Kareo EHR to Unicharts EHR. So if you are interested in learning more about this software then keep reading! 

Five EHR for Small Practices

Practice Fusion EHR

The first software we want to tell you about is Practice Fusion. This is a wonderful software which has several great features which can provide you with a lot of ease and convenience. The first feature in this software we would like to mention is the scheduling feature which helps you optimize your daily schedule in a way that you are able to see as many patients in a day as possible which both helps increase efficiency as well as revenue! 

The charting feature in Practice Fusion also helps you to make things a lot easier when you are taking patient information since the templates are very user-friendly and can be customized by you to fit your needs instead of you having to adhere to the software itself! 

Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR is the next software on our list of best EHRs for small practices. This software has a lot of great features but the one we want to highlight first is the billing feature which helps you simplify your billing processes. With this software, you can stop worrying about making small errors in billing since the software takes care of most of it. 

The next feature we want to tell you about in Kareo is the template feature which is very versatile. You can choose from a spate of templates and select the one that suits your needs. You can also further customize this template to fit your needs even better! 

Unicharts EHR

The next software on our list is Unicharts EHR. This software has several amazing features which make it a solid choice. The first feature in this software that we want to talk about is that the software is cloud-based which helps you access the software from anywhere you might be. This feature is helpful because due to this you will not be bound to one physical location for the software to be accessible. You can access it and use it from anywhere you want which is incredibly convenient.

The next feature in Unicharts EHR we want to talk about is the practice management features it provides you with. The features enable you to easily manage your practice; from scheduling appointments to allowing those working at your practice to communicate with each other. All in all, this feature helps you considerably. 

ChartLogic EHR

After Unicharts we have ChartLogic EHR which is a great option as well. This software has a great charting feature that helps you easily chart patient data due to the convenient and easy to fill out templates it provides you with. This further helps you make a quicker diagnosis and better treatment plans for your patients. 

The e-prescription feature in this software also has a wonderful interface and helps you prescribe medication for patients virtually which further reduces the time it takes to enact treatment plans and help your patient on their road to recovery! 

DrChrono EHR

The last software on this list is DrChrono which is a great option for an EHR software not just because it is affordable but because it has some great features. The first feature we want to talk about is the integrated billing feature which helps you integrate your billing software into the EHR so that all your information related to a particular patient can be in the same place; from their health records to their billing. 

The second feature in DrChrono we would like to highlight is the fact that you can make separate accounts for all your staff members who work on your team and they can use these to effectively communicate with one another internally. This helps keep everything synthesized and keeps everyone on the same page. 

Which EHR Should you Invest in

We recommend researching a little more about the software you are considering. And asking the vendor for more information as well. For example, if you are partial towards Unicharts EMR after this, we suggest asking for a Unicharts Demo to see if the software will be right for you after you have seen firsthand how it works!

All in all, whichever EHR software you choose we are sure you will have made the right call for yourself! 

Why You Need an EMR Software

Every hospital or clinic requires administrative assistants to handle the daily operations and make sure the logistics are optimized. A doctor or hospital administrator is always on the lookout for tools that will make their jobs easier. If you are in charge of medical practice then you need a reliable EMR system to help you manage everything.

A top-rated EMR software has all the features and computerizes the processes. There is no paperwork required for ordering lab tests, filling outpatient charts, or posting the bill. You can customize the settings according to the needs of your practice. We have listed some of the best EMR systems according to the current rankings

Top 5 EMR for 2021


AdvancedMD has gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing features. It can revolutionize medical practice by integrating all the functions into one platform. It is a top-rated EMR system especially because of the appointment schedule calendar. The tool can automatically check the doctor and patient availability and make the earliest appointment. It can also assign an exam room and medical apparatus required for the meeting as well. This way both parties do not have to face any inconvenience at the stipulated time.

The other AdvancedMD feature we would like to highlight here is that it allows credit card processing and lets patients settle their bills online or through their bank cards. This is helpful for that payment who do not carry cash or would like to pay for their visit later via the credit option.


Another software that deserves to be on a list for top-rated EMR systems is PrognoCIS. This software provides you with many helpful features to run a practice. When you choose PrognoCIS you will be getting the telemedicine module along with it. It is a video conferencing and communication tool that lets physicians hold virtual appointments for their patients. It is a great option for therapists, psychiatrists, or general physicians for older citizens. This has become especially useful during the current pandemic situation with COVID-19. The patient can limit the risk they are exposed to by staying at home and seeing their doctor online. It can help immunocompromised patients keep themselves safe and also seek the necessary medical attention.

The PrognoCIS telemedicine tool lets patients schedule their appointments online and view their prescriptions too. It is now frequently used by all practices and saves a lot of resources too.


Another software that the healthcare community considers a top-rated EMR software is Kareo. It is majorly used by small and large practices because of the ease of use. The system features a reliable billing module that allows clinics to manage their finances in a more structured way. Many doctors get confused when it comes to billing but with Kareo they can easily automate it and do not need to worry about the technical details because the computer takes care of it.

Kareo also has a very useful and easy-to-navigate dashboard. It has an intuitive design with proper placement of the icons to ensure you can access what you need with just a click. There are no lags in the software and it simply switches to the screen you need. You can also personalize it and change how it looks to make it better for yourself.


Epic has established itself as one of the top-rated EMR systems in the years it has been around. The software is interoperable and allows you to create tailored treatment plans and diagnosis reports. You have access to medical information and patient history at your fingertips. The software also lets you connect with other doctors on the network to get a second opinion or even refer someone to a specialist.

Epic is medically legitimate and HIPAA compliant so there is no risk of facing any issues with the paperwork or billing. All documentation prepared through the software is board approved and the necessary certifications are available to help you make a smart decision.

Practice Fusion

When you are talking about Top-rated EMR software you cannot leave out Practice Fusion. This software has easy-to-use patient charts which make the medical professional’s job less stressful. You can quickly take down the vitals and fill out the suggested fields to reach a diagnosis. It is easy to read so they can catch up on the information before the next appointment.

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Practice Fusion also has an e-prescription portal that helps you provide patients with virtual prescriptions. They are forwarded to a pharmacy through the system so the patient can pick them up when they are ready. This saves time and also ensures that the patient gets the right drugs.

Which is the Best EHR for you

We do not have one recommendation because each top-rated EMR system has its own pros and cons. We recommend that you ask your vendor for a demonstration of the EHR that checks all your boxes before you buy it.


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