5 Best Twitter Tools You Should Try in 2021

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Twitter is one of the best social media platforms when you are looking to find existing customers along with building new followers. There are plenty of Twitter tools available that would help you find likeminded people so you can hang out with them.

If you are not utilizing Twitter for your social media campaign then you are making a big mistake. Over 320 million people around the world are spending their time tweeting, liking and sharing updates on Twitter.

A wise marketer would never miss a chance to find true fans. But there is one problem finding those people is a challenging task. To get the best out of Twitter you will need third-party applications.

There are hundreds of Twitter tools available on the internet but finding the right one is not as easy as it looks. Lucky you, I have done already that job for you.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you the best Twitter tools that every Twitter users must have.

Let’s check them out:

Must Have Twitter Tools in 2021 for Serious Marketers


Circleboom is my favourite Twitter management application when it comes to managing Twitter profile. The tool has some amazing features like find inactive accounts, spam accounts, accounts in another language, delete old tweets, likes and history.

It doesn’t stop yet, you can also get data about the audience to create the best content that they are expecting from you. It will tell you the best time to tweet, therefore, you get the maximum CTR and engagement on the tweet.

Circleboom review profiles and suggest you the best account you should follow. It has some other amazing features that you can explore yourself by using it for free. However, a free account will have limitation but that will give you enough ideas about whether you should upgrade your free account or not.

Revive old post plugin for WordPress

This one is a popular Twitter plugin for WordPress. It will save you time by sharing your blog post on social media automatically to get engagement.

Earlier it only sharing content on social media but due to the increasing demand for this plugin now it supports other social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr and Xing.

The free plugin comes with the basic functionality of auto-tweeting. To use the best feature you will have to upgrade your account where it will tweet your blog with a featured image. You already know that tweet with an image gets more engagement than those which has no image.


You can call it Google alert of Twitter because it does almost the same task but for Twitter. All you have to set up your keywords and you will get email alerts for the same.

Whenever someone mentions you or your brand you will get an email alert in your mail, so you can participate in the interaction and get to know your followers.

It is quite effective when you are working on reputation management for your brand to be ahead of your competitors.


TweetChat is a great social media tool to interact with individual users instead of public mentioning them by using hashtags. It is an awesome way to maintain privacy while engaging with your audience.

When you chat on Twitter with users it feels like they are talking with friends and most likely when you like your tweets, retweets and share your post.


If you want to circulate a private message to a group of people secretly then you will need this tool. GroupTweet allows you to share your message with a group of people on Twitter without doing it publicly.

It let you engage and help the group communicate privately without worrying about chat leak to the outer words.

Over to You!

If you are utilizing Twitter for your social media marketing strategy you are making a big mistake. You don’t need to create your audience from scratch, they are already there all you need to find them, engage them and sell your products or services.

One golden rule of Twitter marketing is unfollowed non-followers, inactive users who are not adding any value to your Twitter profile. Instead, find and follow like-minded users who have the same interest as you have. There are plenty of free Twitter unfollow tools that you can use to remove non-followers on Twitter.

Using the above mentioned Twitter tools you can increase your productivity and results. Let me know which Twitter tool you are going to use first.


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