5 Best Ways To Improve Your Website Speed In 2021

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Are you looking for a perfect article on the query of how to improve your website speed? Then you are in the right place.

If you are doing Blogging or Affiliate Marketing online through your website then you should be aware of your website speed. Because Google look into various factor before ranking a website on the first page, and website’s speed is one of the important factors.

Do you know 52% of online shoppers states that quick page loading is important for their site loyalty? Thus if you have an eCommerce site then must know your website speed describes your loyalty.

I hope this introduction for this article is enough. So let’s first see why your website should have good loading speed and then what are the ways to improve website speed.

Why you should have a good Website Speed to rank higher on Google?

Faster loading speed is a very essential factor for a higher ranking on SERP. 

According to a research, it is found that a one-second delay in the page loading time results in 11% fewer page views and 16% less satisfaction of customers. Thus from the above data, you can make an idea of how badly a one-second delay can affect your site’s ranking.

Not only that it is also found that about 47% of the visitors expect website loading speed two seconds or even less than two seconds. In fact, 40% of the traffic does not even open your website if it takes three seconds or more loading time. 

I hope you got a clear overview of the importance of faster loading speed to rank on the fast page of Google.

So through this article, I will share with you some fantastic ways to faster the loading speed of your website. Make sure you be with me till the end of this article.

5 Tips to improve the loading speed of Website

Although there are tons of factors that decide the loading speed of your website. But here I am sharing some common and easy tips to improve your website speed.

  1. Invest In a Good Hosting Plan

Hosting is one of the most important factors that decide the speed of the website. Most of the newbie bloggers often hesitate to invest money for a good hosting plan.

What they do is they go for any random cheap web hosting provider company just because they are getting the hosting plan at a cheaper price. They don’t understand that a good hosting provider very essential to get success in Blogging and rank higher on Google.

But, Trust me if you want to dominate the online world your and most important investment should be a good hosting plan. If you have money problem there are lots of good hosting company that provides 60-day free trial web hosting, you can use them in the initial days of you Blogging journey.

Good hosting does not take much time to load your HTML and CSS files and also loads images, videos of your website very quickly.

  1. Optimize Images

Do you know the images you add to your blog posts play an important role in the loading speed of your website?

Suppose you have published two blog posts in one post you have added an image of size 1Mb and in another post, you added an image of size 120Kb. It is obvious that the image of a small size will take less time to load.

Thus always try to compress images before adding them to blog posts.

If you are using a WordPress content management system then there are lots of plugins available like ShortPixel, Smush, etc that helps to minimize the size of images. But I always compress images manually using online tools like compresspng, compressjpg, etc. Manual optimization gives me a better result than using any plugin.

  1. Use a light-weight theme

Most beginners do the common mistake of choosing a heavy fancy theme for their blog, which automatically slows down their website. Choosing a fast loading and the light-weight theme is the primary step of increasing the loading speed of any website.

If you are a WordPress user and facing difficulties in choosing a perfect lightweight theme then I will recommend you to go for either GeneratePress theme or WPAstra theme. These two are the most popular lightweight WordPress theme currently available on the market.

GeneratePress is the most lightweight WordPress theme that focuses on stability, speed, and accessibility. GeneratePress has more than 80,000 happy customers and it is available in both the free version and paid version.

  1. Use CDN

CDN means Content Delivery Network. It is also another important factor that decides the loading speed of your website.

A Content Delivery Network basically caches your website to a global network of servers. So that whenever a user requests information from your site the request is routed to the closest server of the user.

Thus a CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps you to host your website across the world on all the available servers of that CDN.

There are lots of free CDN available, so you do not need to invest a single penny to get this amazing facility. One of the popular CDN is Cloudflare. I am also using Cloudflare in all of my blogs and trust me it really increases the speed of my website. Although Cloudflare is also available in the premium version, but I am using the Free version and I am totally satisfied with it.

If you are earning good amount of money from your website and getting millions of traffic then you can try the paid version. There are also many more CDN available like Stackpath CDN, FastlyCDN, and many more.

According to my opinion, every Blogger and website owner should use a Content Delivery Network for their website.

  1. Use Caching Plugin

Maintaining a good website speed becomes very easy with a Caching plugin. The caching plugin basically caches some of the data of your blog and store it in your visitor’s browsers. So that whenever he revisit your site it will automatically download the previously saved cookie data.

There are lots of both free and paid Caching plugins available for WordPress users. Some of the popular WordPress Caching plugins are WPRocket, W3 Total Cache, Light Speed Cache, etc.

A good Caching plugin optimizes your website’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that results in increasing the speed of your website. Not only that some of the caching plugins also enable browser caching. There are tons of advantages of using a Caching plugin for your WordPress website.

Thus if you want a rocket-like speed for your WordPress website I highly recommend you to install a good WordPress caching plugin on your website.


Making your website speed to how much you want is really a difficult task but once you attain a good loading speed it will definitely help you for better ranking of your website.

I hope this article is helpful to you and now you can improve the speed of your website. If you like the article make sure you share it with your friends. Still, if you have any queries regarding this article about how to increase website speed then make sure you ask me in the comment section. I will definitely try to answer your question.


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