Entrepreneurship while still not a cup of tea for many, it has certainly become a bit easier with the plethora of tools that we have at our disposal. And as so many businesses running online, it is only wise to invest some money to procure some of the best tools you can afford so as to get to your customers quickly than your competitors. But with the absolute abundance of these tools, you may find yourself completely confused as to what each of them does but this is exactly why we wanted to help you with this article so as to give a brief overview of what they do and their nifty features.

Keep in mind though that your business requirements are going to be different from someone else’s and that you may not really require all the tools mentioned below. So feel free to sift through them and pick the ones which are the most appropriate for your kind of business. As a digital marketing company, we’ve seen a lot of these tools come in the market and disappear after some time. So we’ve handpicked the best for your perusal!

1) Hubspot:

If you are spending some time on digital marketing blogs and forums, you must have heard about Hubspot. It is a globally renowned company having one of the most popular marketing blogs out there. They have incredible software that helps you get started with a website, blog as well as email marketing. Honestly, there’s so much you can do with it including generating leads for your business as well as manage your social media accounts. There is a free tier plan available that can be used if you’re just starting out and should suffice from a small fledgeling business.

2) KingSumo:

Haven’t we all come across websites offering free giveaways. If that is something you want to replicate for your site, then KingSumo is a great tool that will assist in setting one up for your blog. Giveaways are a fantastic way to increase leads for your business. People love signing up for freebies and they won’t think as much to part away with their email address in hopes of winning something. KingSumo works on people’s psychology by not only asking for their email addresses but also incentivizes them to share the contests with their peers by awarding more points and thereby increasing their chances of winning. The tool does have a free plan and works very well with WordPress websites.

3) Right Message:

If you are very serious about growing your email list and taking lead generation to the next level, you shouldn’t miss out on checking this tool. It is one of the most advanced lead generation tools out there and quite unique in its application. What this tool does is check whether the visitor is a new visitor or not, and then presents the correct offer to them in order to convert. The survey funnel that you can setup using the tool is built keeping the various kinds of visitors you may have on your website. The funnel is created in such a way that it understands what the visitor may be most interested in and directs them to a lead magnet that they are more likely to sign up for. And yes, it does have a free trial as well.

4) Crello:

If you have already heard about Canva, then you may have heard about Crello as well. It is one of the most popular alternatives to Canva and as a web design company in Mumbai, we absolutely love this tool too. For anybody who is interested in designing their own graphics and images and do not want to rely upon the finicky nature of a graphic designer (no offence intended!), Crello is a great tool that does an incredible job at dishing out amazing graphics without knowing how to use complicated software. With Crello, you can easily make your own custom email headers, social media images, banners, business cards and a lot more. And it in incredibly cheap as well starting at just about $10 a month (and it does have a free plan as well). For anybody who does not want to be tied down waiting for graphic designers to submit your project, this tool will make your life easier.

5) VidYou:

Do you know that people love watching videos more than just looking at images and reading walls of text? In fact, it is estimated that videos garner as much as 7.5 times the clicks than plain ads. This is great news for those who have the ability to invest in a good video making software. But don’t sulk already – VidYou is an amazing application that is set out to make small business owners’ lives easier as well. All you need to do is to plug in your store’s URL and the application will automatically pull in images from your website and create a stunning video that is custom-built for your brand. Isn’t that cool already? Although this is more geared towards e-commerce store owners, honestly anyway can take advantage of it. Now making videos doesn’t have to be a difficult process and you’ll have great looking videos built in no time.

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As you can see there is a lot of option available for business owners – especially those with small ones that operate on a shoestring budget. The number of tools that are available to make things work is just mind-boggling and it is just a matter of looking and figuring out which ones to work with. With the list above, you can easily start your social media campaigns, create amazing graphics to share, get your content to be seen by your intended audience, drive them into your sales funnel and a lot more. Once you have a list, you can easily email them later to nurture them into better-paying customers. Though the above tools are not exhaustive in any way, they’re still a great place to start off with and see some digital success.


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