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When people are working together, they communicate with each other on a daily basis. Moreover, they may talk about their tasks and strategies to achieve their goals more efficiently.

If co-workers don’t talk to each other about the progress of a project, they won’t have any ideas on how to improve the next ones. That’s why there must be team-building activities included in your corporate events. It’ll help improve their communication skills and trust with each other.

Furthermore, employees will get to know each other outside work and will develop new skills through the help of others. In addition, they will know other ways to strategize and decide as a team.


Unfortunately, social distancing is encouraged nowadays so these games won’t require the participants to have close contacts. So if you want to know some of the most exciting team-building activities, you should check the list below!

1. Reverse charades

Are you a fan of charades? Then, you’ll probably enjoy this game! Reverse charades will test your team’s creativity and unity. It’s perfect as an ice breaker for your corporate events, just before everyone gets back to their serious mode.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Number of teams: At least 2

Things to prepare: Set of words to guess, and a timer

Normally, charades consist of a team wherein only one member picks the word. In order for other members to guess the word, it should be acted out before the time runs out. The team who guessed more words wins.

In the case of reverse charades, only one member of the team will guess the word. The rest will have to act the word out until the member guessed it. The actors should find a way to synchronised their movements so that it won’t be confusing.

2. Heads up!

Heads up will help the participants to think outside the box, and will also test their brains while under pressure.

Estimated Time: 20 to 50 minutes

Number of teams: Depends on the number of participants but it should be by pair.

Things to prepare: Set of words to guess or a smartphone with an app of “Heads Up”, and a timer

Since this is a game played by pairs, one member (who shouldn’t see the word) will have to put the word on their forehead while the other will have to say some clues. The clues should be vague and time should be deducted if they say specific descriptions. The pair who answers the word in the shortest time wins.

team games

3. In order

Fall in line or fail the game. In order is a game that will test leadership and trust among team members.

Estimated Time: 20 minutes

Number of teams: At least 2 (with a minimum of 5 members per team)

Things to prepare: timer, blindfolds (optional)

Ask each team to line up depending on the categories ( ex. shoe size, height, and birthday). They can line up in ascending or descending order depending on your instructions. The goal is to make them line up in order. After the given time, judges will assess if the members are lined up correctly.

To make the game a bit more challenging, you can ask them to put on a blindfold.

4. Draw this and that

Don’t worry, this game doesn’t require artistic minds. You’ll just have to focus on the descriptions given by your partner, and you’re good to go. It’ll test your skills in following instructions, and 9of course) on how to give instructions.

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Number of teams: At least 2

Things to prepare: pictures, marker, bond papers or whiteboard, and a timer

The game requires two members of each team to play at a time. One player will pick a picture and describe it, while the other will have to draw it based on the descriptions. The one who’s drawing shouldn’t see the picture being described.

The team who drew the closest image to the picture being described wins.

team drawing

5. 2 truths, 1 lie

Want to know more about your co-workers? Then you should add this game to your next team-building or any other corporate events that will require an ice-breaker.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Number of teams: none (played individually)

Things to prepare: pens and papers, or whiteboards and markers

The participants will be given at least 5 minutes to think of 3 statements. Two of these statements should be facts, while one of these should be false. The participants will have to write these statements on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. Make sure that the writings are big enough so that everyone can see them.

After that, each participant (one at a time) will have to show their statements to the others, and they will guess which statement is false. The one who guessed the false statement gets a point. At the end of the game, the participant who gets the highest points wins.

6. Trivia game

Everyone must have known what a trivia game is, but not everyone knows the answers. So if you what to have a challenging game, then you should try this in your corporate events. It’s a great ice-breaker that will set everyone in the mood.

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Number of teams: none (played individually)

Things to prepare: trivia questions

Sample trivia question: How many cards are there in a standard deck?

Answer: 52

A trivia game is when a host asks trivia questions (that can be easily found online), and people who know the answer will raise their hands. The host will call their name, and shouts the answer. One correct answer means you get a point. The participant with the highest score wins.


So, are you excited to play? These games will make your teams get closer together especially in the workplace. Don’t forget to enjoy, and let us know what is your favourite game by leaving a comment below!


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