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6 Mobile Ads Strategies For A Better Conversion Rate

The recent change in SERPs is another example of search engine optimization’s need to adapt and change over time. According to Google, the search engine now focuses more on a site’s mobile version than the desktop version. This is known as a “mobile-first index” as smartphones are fast becoming essential tools that people use for their work and daily life.

Thus, it became crucial for Google AdWords agency Singapore to develop content and advertisement suitable for the mobile website. Furthermore, the online marketing strategy should focus more on mobile advertisements due to the increasingly using mobile devices.

Here are 6 mobile ads strategies for a better conversion rate. 

  • Use Mobile Bid Adjustments

CPC is a crucial factor that needs to be understood through the best PPC agency in Singapore. The conversion rate of mobile advertisements is growing day by day. It means that you need to have a more focused mobile ad strategy. One of the best things that you can do is adopt mobile bid adjustment. It means that you can control the frequency of your ad and choose the location and time of the advertisement.

  • Mobile-Preferred Ads

With people using their mobile phones for all of their tasks, businesses must focus on mobile-friendly ads. These ads are only displayed on mobile devices, and customers should easily navigate through the site from their mobile device. Therefore, you also have to create a website that is easily navigable from a mobile device.

  • Invest in In-App Ads

You should hire a PPC agency in Singapore to research the applications that your target market is using. The data shows that people use the applications as soon as they start their phone. This means that your chance of targeting them is much more using applications than browser advertisements.

  • Go Beyond Banners

Banner ads have become obsolete with the advancement of social media. Unfortunately, people tend towards being ignorant towards banner advertisements. It means that you need to explore options that are better and much more effective than banner ads. The best thing you can do is to allow Google AdWords agency Singapore to explore other options for your business. The best mobile ads generators have stopped using banner ads and have started focusing more on their content.

  • E-commerce mobile ads

Mobile advertising is a blessing for businesses operating in the e-commerce segment. If you have an online platform as your selling mechanism, you need to focus heavily on mobile advertisements. Google Analytics data shows that people want a seamless experience in their mobile purchase thus can easily be targeted and converted using these ads.

  • Use ad extensions

Click through rate is a criterion that has been set to understand the effectiveness of the advertisement. This metric is also used to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign as a whole. The data shows that if you add extensions to your mobile advertisements, then the CTR of that ad increases a lot. You can use the services of Google AdWords agency Singapore to understand this.

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