6 Tips that can help organizations lower their employee medical cost

tips to reduce employee medical costs

The healthcare cost around the globe rises steeply which makes the employees and their families spending more than their hard-earned money for the medicine and the treatment. The health of the workers is important to consider as they are the key to the success of the business. Right time screening, on-time treatment and correct follow-up, can reduce further health complications and can make the life of the employees healthier and happier. Good healthcare decisions and bringing wellness as the priority in any organization can help reduce severe health concerns over time. Making the employees, proactive about their health and wellbeing is of utmost important to lead a disease-free life. Here are a few ways that can help corporate organizations to lower the employee’s medical cost.

Tips to lower employee medical cost:

Yes! It’s time to make a change in the workplace atmosphere to put employee’s health in the first place which could mean less absenteeism, more productivity and for a stronger workforce. Here are a few tips that can help organizations lower their employee medical cost. So, keep reading the article and gather more information and help employees to lower their medical and health bill!

1) Provide on-site wellness opportunities:

As of now all the corporate companies have a busy and tight working schedule, hence it’s difficult for the employees to make an appointment for wellness services outside. A few employees may also work in night shifts which makes them difficult to step out during the day time. Organizations can arrange onsite-flu shot or conduct nutrition counselling, health talk, and fitness classes for the employees to boost their wellness. Now there are many corporate wellness programs available to resolve concerns of the employee’s both physical and mental health, thereby helps to boost the productivity in the workplace.

2) Instil activities throughout the day:

The continuous sitting and doing work in the desktop without taking a break increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neck pain, and cancer. Encouraging employees to take short walks or taking frequent breaks in between the working hours may help reduce the risk of various lifestyle diseases and disorders.

3) Replace sugary snacks with a healthy snack option during the break hours:

Yes! Sugary ingredients should be replaced with healthy snacks like a trail mix, nuts, fresh fruits, dark chocolates, sandwiches made with whole wheat to name a few. But, if you still want an unhealthy snack, then opt for a small amount.

4) Promote preventative health check up:

Preventive health check up is a great way to detect and track lifestyle diseases or other existing illness before the disease strikes. There are many customized preventive health check up packages for corporate are available to detect, treat, and diagnose potentially life-threatening diseases and conditions at an early stage. Such programs and health packages help to promote the health of the employees thus organizations can save employee’s health and medical expenses thus narrowing the rate of morbidity and mortality.

5) Educate the employees to use prescription drugs:

Yes! Though the prescription drugs cost little high it can minimize and eradicate many health issues. Going behind the non-prescription drugs and taking without the doctor’s advice can lead to severe other side-effects. Hence, educate the employees to talk to the doctor about the medicines or alternate options if needed as it can save the employees from hefty medical bill and treatment.

6) Educate employees to visit the general practitioner before going to a specialist:

It’s always a good option to meet the physician before consulting the specialist for cost-effective treatment. The physician helps you understand the health concern you have and only if required, then the doctor could drive you to the specialist for further opinion to rule out any major health concern if present.

Keeping up good health is vital to embrace the health of employees, thereby reducing the healthcare cost as much as possible. Above are a few health and wellness initiatives which employers can initiate in their organisation to boost the productivity and health of the employees.


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