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Travel agents as a business have been on the receiving end of stiff competition from online competitors gradually since the turn of the last few years. However, their relevance has never dissipated from the tourism industry. Travel agencies and travel agents are still popular among travelers looking for an opportunity to discuss and plan trips face to face. This personal interaction, perks of on-the-table negotiation, and many other such facilities are what keep travelers coming back to travel agencies to plan their next trip. The best travel agencies in Kolkata offer some of the best travel planning services, covering every single detail of the trip. However, the challenge lies in the effort to find the best travel agencies, who will offer a refreshing experience on the trip.

Certified Travel Agencies:

There is nothing that can beat the certification from a government body. In India, most states have taken their tourism revenue seriously and have instituted various efforts to improve the experience even further. Most state governments offer certification to travel agencies and agents who have a history of providing reputable services to tourists. These agencies are the first ones that should be contacted. They have a lofty reputation to maintain and hardly disappoint with their services. Government-certified agencies more often than not have access to the best accommodations and are one of the surest ways to guarantee a trip during peak tourist season.

Preferring Local Agencies:

Local travel agencies have an upper hand over agents who arrange travels from a different location. This is because local travel agencies have profound knowledge of the local amenities, advantages, and disadvantages. They can cater to a wider range of budget categories since they have access to more options. Local travel agencies have their branches in the nearest metro cities as well, making the process of accessing them, easier.

Interviewing The Travel Agent Or Agency:

Since travel agencies are providing the service to you as a customer, you have the complete freedom to interview them about everything you want. Discussions with travel agencies do not have to be confined only to your trip. Try to know as much as possible about their background and history of service. Learn about the extent of their services, which tourist spots they can arrange tour programs for, and so on. This may not assist you in your particular trip, but the knowledge will lead to gaining knowledge for planning future trips. A mistake that should be avoided is finalizing the deal with the first travel agent who is contacted. This narrows down the options and puts you at a disadvantage.

Consider Your Budget:

When not handled properly, the budget for the trip has the potential to get out of hand in the blink of an eye. Going a little over the limit is alright if there really is a good value for that extra overhead. However, it makes zero sense if there are not many benefits unless the budget is extended by a big margin. When travel agents keep pushing for things that you feel are not necessary, you should be seeing red flags all around. Consult with different agents to get various quotes and pick the ones that are more conducive to your pocket pinch. Negotiations are a big advantage in personal interactions. Try to make the most of it by having a frank dealing with the agency.

Read Reviews Of Fellow Travelers:

If there is one thing that can be taken as a failsafe scale to measure the quality of a travel agent or travel agency, then it is the reviews from customers. Customer reviews are actual depictions of experiences of actual travelers who have had interactions with the agency or agent. There are various search engines and query platforms where comprehensive reviews can be found. Researching from these reviews is what gives one the clearest and the most complete picture of what to expect from the professional.

Finding Travel Agencies On The Right Platform:

Most travelers resort to online searching when looking for travel agencies. Unfortunately, most platforms do not offer the freedom of direct interaction with the agencies but act as an intermediary between the professional and the customer. Such platforms are not very useful when compared to others that offer direct interactions. A select few reputed platforms, like Orko’s Appointment, take this to the next level by offering the facility to connect over video appointments directly over their platform itself. From the point of view of a customer, there can be no better way than to have a face-to-face conversation and get to know the details from the agent or agency itself.


Finding the best travel agency is all about putting a few important things together and deciphering the best solution with the variables involved. Get to know the secret to find the best travel agency with minimum effort right here!

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