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In this age of digitalization, we have witnessed a huge change in the way people approach each other. Meeting people face to face and introducing themselves has taken a backseat. Meanwhile, increasing the social circle with the help of social media networks is a new and trending approach. And even businesses are no alien to this technique. Social media networks help businesses increase their reach beyond local boundaries and help them attract a large set of audiences.

Whenever someone mentions the word social media platform, Facebook appears first in mind for a large fraction of people, and that is because it is one of the oldest platforms. Even though Facebook has been in the competition for a long time, it still has relevance and popularity. Marketers consider Facebook as an important part of their marketing strategy. Businesses often use the Facebook feed widget beyond its platform to display feeds on their websites.

WordPress with Facebook

WordPress is currently the leading platform for blogging and website building. Many businesses use WordPress to build their website as it is easy to use and provides various features that help the businesses to grow and attract more audiences. At the same time, Facebook is the most prominent platform in the social media landscape. It provides constant support to its users by offering them various features that enhance their content and helps them get a better reach. In addition, Facebook also provides various aids for the business that helps them to capture a huge audience and increase their brand awareness

WordPress, known for its regular updates to help its users, has come up with a solution that integrates WordPress with Facebook. In this blog, we will be discussing the 7 best Facebook widget plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

Tagembed Facebook Widget

If you think displaying the Facebook feed on the website is a hectic task and requires coding skills, you are wrong. Tagembed’s social media feed plugin is a coding-free tool that showcases your Facebook feeds on your website without hassle. You just have to copy the code and paste it into your website’s backend. And within the blink of an eye, your Facebook feed will be visible on the website. You don’t require any coding skills for this plugin and have to hire any specialist to install or run this tool.

Tagembed is currently the best social media aggregator in the market. It helps you collect, curate, and customize the social media content related to your business and then display them on your website. In addition, it offers the WordPress plugin under the name of Social Media Aggregator, allowing you to embed Facebook feeds on your website. 

It also offers you the moderation filter, that allows you to monitor the feed and filter out all unwanted and spam posts. It keeps your feed related to your business and helps visitors to know more about your products and business. In addition, you can even use a profanity filter that blocks the content consisting of the mentioned words and even hides the content from a selected Facebook to handle or account. These measures help you to maintain the quality of your website and enhance some brand reputation.

You can customize the feed and modify your social wall. It allows you to change your Facebook widget’s layout, themes, and colors and match it according to your website’s style. This beautifies your website and attracts more people to your website, and eventually provides you with the chance to attain more sales. Tagembed also has its Shopify Plugin as well as Social feed Shopify app for e-commerce sites.

Social Post Feed

Social Post Feed by Smashballoon is a completely customizable Facebook plugin that gathers the Facebook posts about your business and displays them as one unified presentation on your website. 

People usually prefer a website that appears vibrant and lively and enhances the browsing experience. The plugin helps you to achieve these feats as it offers you the feature where you can personalize the widget and make it more appealing. 

With the help of this Facebook widget, you can display feeds from your Facebook page and provide a sneak into your Facebook existence to your visitor. In addition, the visitor will also get to know about your Facebook chatter and all the latest updates on your social media. Moreover, you can even display the content from your Facebook groups; it provides all updates about the latest trend, and news related to your industry and business.

Easy Facebook Like Box

Easy Facebook Like Box is another amazing Facebook widget WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate Facebook with your WordPress. It is easy to install and use. The plugin is known for its three main features –  Custom Facebook Feed, Facebook Page Plugin, and Auto-pop-up. 

It offers a responsive layout, which means it is compatible with all devices, so it doesn’t matter if your visitor uses mobile, tablet or PC. The widget will display the feed smoothly and without any hassle. It also saves you from the trouble of making the changes for the feed according to the device. 

10Web Social Feed

10Wen Social Feed allows you to display an unlimited number of feeds on your website. It increases user engagement and makes your WordPress website more interactive. Visitors can scroll through the feed and gather more information related to your brands. It also sparks interest in visitors’ minds. Moreover, it automatically provides all the latest posts on the feeds and saves you from the troublesome work of manually refreshing the feed. You can also choose the feed update option, where you can decide whether new posts remove the old posts or new posts gets a display together with the old ones.

The Fb widget WordPress plugin comes with multiple layout options; you can choose from various options and add charm to your website. In addition, you can customize the feed and choose from various themes. These features make sure that your website doesn’t appear flat or boring to visitors.

Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

The main aim of a feed is to get maximum attention and attract more audience. Facebook Likebox Slider helps you to achieve this feat. It is a flexible widget that allows you to embed other social media feeds as well.

The Facebook widget WP plugin comes with a flexible positioning, which means you can adjust it anywhere on your screen. Most businesses use the slider feed to display products that under-sale or any scheme. In addition, you can smartly use the slider by displaying users’ feedback posted on Facebook; this will help visitors to know about your products and their reviews all on one page. 

WP-Chatbot For Facebook Messenger Customer Chat

WP- Chatbot is one of the most talked-about WordPress Facebook plugins, gaining popularity due to its ease of use and effective results. It is a one-click installation plugin, hence saves your time. Furthermore, the plugin provides the easiest way to add Facebook customer care chat on your WordPress website. After all, any business needs to interact with their customers, as it provides great insight into the market and enhances brand reputation. It is suitable with any WordPress theme.

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget is a lightweight free WordPress plugin that allows you to display posts, timelines, and contents from your Facebook page to your website. The plugin can be installed with ease and has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is fully customizable and helps you to make your website more alluring and pleasing to the eyes.

Why Use Facebook Widget WordPress Plugin?

Before jumping into the topic, let us start with the basics and understand what WordPress Facebook plugins are and how they are beneficial. WordPress Facebook widget plugin or widgets are amazing tools that help you to integrate Facebook with your WordPress website. With the help of these tools, you can display Facebook feeds and make your website more engaging. In addition, these tools create a link between your website and Facebook, therefore providing a sneak into social media presence to your visitors.

These widgets add charm to your website and help you to attract more customers to your business. Facebook feed plugins or widgets provide great benefits for your business website, and these are:

  • Facebook Widget Wp plugins provide Facebook feeds related to your business on your website, which keeps the visitors engaged and helps them know your business and products better.
  • People often use Facebook to provide their reviews and opinions on particular businesses and products. You can showcase your reviews about your business and help your potential customer with their buying decision.
  • Facebook provides a wide range of content as it has many features that allow users to display their creativity and talent through different mediums. Widgets display text, image, and video content on your website, which adds vibrancy to your website.
  • People feel attracted towards engaging and interactive websites, and hence, it increases your website traffic. Increasing website traffic and decreasing bounce rate assists you to better position on search engine ranking.
  • In this social media age, it is important to have a strong social media presence, as it helps you to attain more reach and enhances your brand reputation. As mentioned above, these widgets create a link between your website and Facebook, allowing visitors to have a sneak into your Facebook chatter and follow you there.


Facebook is the most influential social media platform. With a huge user base, it stands tall in popularity. You make complete use of this platform to promote your business and gather a strong customer base. Integrating it with your WordPress website is a smart strategy and provides great results. The plugins mentioned above are currently the best in the market and help your business to grow. You can easily install these plugins and enjoy the benefits they provide. 


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