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When it comes to the point of marketing and strategies to promote the business, the first thing upon which your concentration is required is the logo of your business. Bigger than a static and symbolic appearance, it is the only component to make the audience remember about your business, services, and products.

With the help of it, a business is able to carry the significance of the brand’s visual identity. If the business fails right while designing a strong logo, it would become so difficult to succeed in today’s competitive market.


Let me give you an example.

You all must have visited McDonald’s, right? One of the biggest fast-food merchandise around the whole globe! Have you identified that specific component with which they are able to create such an excellent impression over the audience about their brand?

Well, no need to mention it, but it is their big and bright yellow-colored “M” known as the Golden Arches. This is the only thing about the global fast-food restaurant chain that brings it huge recognition from all over the world.

Do not forget the other powerful logo of Nike, Adidas, KFC, HBO, Twitter, Apple, and Starbucks coffee.

With these worthy examples, you must have concluded that it is the only component in the initial stage of the business that brings massive success to it while making it all recognizable among the audience.


When you are looking at the logo design of others, it feels too easy to create and we also become critical to judge it. However, when it comes to design a logo for your business, it becomes a hard nut to crack.

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To leave a striking and everlasting impression over the consumer, showing up with an exceptional kind of logo is very crucial. With the help of it, your business stands with a brand identity along with other competitors.

Also, your business is able to grab the attention of the audience and they consider you authentic and trustworthy!

Social media platforms are also playing a vital plank in helping businesses to come up with their powerful logo and enhance their visibility.

Before you jump into this process, here I have broken down 7 things that every designer, business owner, and the client must consider for a strong and impressive logo. Let’s have a look.

Research the needs and objectives of the business:

Before designing it, you must get into the process of research and analysis about your business. Make sure to get to know the targeted audience and required products then carry out extensive research based on the objectives of the business.

Take the example of Starbucks coffee here, the logo speaks for itself that it is about a brand that delivers excellent coffee. This is what you have to recognize before start this process.

Never ever go with the trends:

The skilled designers from the service of best brochure designer in UAE recommended everyone never to go with the trends. This will turn out a complete mess for your business and would turn old along with the trend.

Make something that could be timeless. It must be unique and should have a perfect concoction of color and ideas. This will make it appear something out of the box which will stay even after the trend is no more.

Create the first logo with black and white- complete aesthetic:

The white and black one is simply the classiest option you could ever go with. Look at Adidas and Nike; they are playing the black and white logo cards rightly!

Before getting into the process of colors, make sure to go with just black and white as this will enhance your creativity timely. You can then gradually add colors to it, however; going with the colors during the very first step could become overwhelming.

Pay keen attention to scalability and minimalism:

Keep a keen eye on the scalability of it. While designing it, you must pay keen attention to the size. Here apple logo has been a game-changer as it goes all perfect over everything with its flawless size.

Also, keep it purely minimal. It shouldn’t be way too big or bulky. The messy and undefined also look unprofessional and you must avoid bigger size logos.

Test the logo on different mediums:

Testing it over other mediums is also an excellent way to check if it looks fine or not. Get stationery items and other brochure stuff for your business and check it over website, desktop, mobile, printed packaging, and other marketing collateral.

It must be catchy, striking, and impressive enough over the digital and printed formats. Icon and app logo must be checked the same way.

The logo must be conceptual and clear:

Last but not the least, it must be cleared with the concept and should look clear. If it is messy and is not able to represent the message of your business, then it will surely not work for the audience.

The transparency of the logo matters a lot. If it resembles another known brand then change it right away and come up with a new concept.

Go creative and innovative:

Going innovative and creative with the logo is the key to successful logo design. Breaking the rules and boundaries of logo creation can also bring your logo to the spotlight.

As far as your business is progressing, make sure to keep on making minimal changes to your logo. Take the ideas from the logo of apple. Its first attempt and today’s logo have a major difference.


Great branding needs to be done gradually. It is not a hard and fast process to get a successful brand overnight- this is simply impossible. Staying consistent and innovative is the key to bring your brand to the light. By implementing these 7 steps rightly, you would be able to craft an excellent logo.


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