bad food for erectile dysfunctionbad food for erectile dysfunction

Foods play an important role in overall health and life. The capacity of the body to perform all functions necessary for daily life depends on the kind of food we eat. Our strength, energy, capacity to participate in intense physical exercises, and stamina, etc depend on food.

It has been observed by nutritionists that other things being equal food also determines longevity. The intimate life of the male and female is also linked with food, as food ensures that adequate libido, testosterone or estrogen, production, and drive for intimacy. A balanced diet with an active lifestyle enhances intimate life and extends the erection process even into the 60s and 70s. On the other hand, neglect of diet or increasing the intake of certain foods, which are not considered friendly to intimate life are the worst food for our health including sexual life. Some of these foods are explained here.

White bread

Simple white bread leads to weight gain as it is nothing but carbs.  Increase in weight lowers testosterone levels, thus directly hitting the libido. Low libido in turn is the base for difficulties in erection.  A study has found that 40 % of males who were obese had below normal testosterone levels. With low testosterones, erection is difficult to achieve, as doctors prescribing generic Viagra 150 mg suggest stimulation for an erection to happen.

Processed meat

All processed and canned meat items have higher content of saturated fat and cholesterol, not to mention the sodium, preservatives, and other artificial taste enhancers. Without artificial ingredients, the processed items including meat cannot remain for sale on shelves for long. The saturated and cholesterol clog the blood arteries and block the movement of blood towards the pelvic area. The blockage of blood leads to erection issues, as sufficient blood flow cannot move in the male organ. For a mid-aged male cholesterol deposits in arteries is one of the major erectile dysfunction reasons.


Pizza comes at second place when it comes to the worst foods behind saturated fat in the United States. The refined carbs and cheese combination destroys the erection process.  Tran’s fats, higher sodium levels, and sugar create lifestyle diseases that are behind the erectile weakness. When obesity levels increase in men and women, it leads to low testosterone levels, and imbalance in hormones affecting the erectile process. The imbalance in hormones is due to low nutrients in such foods.


Fat and cholesterol in red meat block arteries of the heart. Not only has it led to heart diseases and at the same time cut the free blood flow towards the male organ. The less spaces in arteries that supply blood to the pelvic area lead to erectile dysfunction. Since the blood nerves are narrow in male organ, the impact of blockage of blood in arteries is first visible in the form of erection difficulties. Higher meat intake leads to rise in cholesterol, which in turn boosts the chances of erection problems.


It has been observed by nutritionists that too much tofu can lower the drive for an intimate session. Soy has phytoestrogens, which adversely affect estrogen products in females. Estrogen production determines the level of desire in females. In males, higher intake of tofus is also behind lower sperm count.

High fat cheese

High fat cheese damages the arteries in the same way red meat clogs the arteries with saturated fat. Most types of cheese have high saturated fats. The worst thing is to take a diet with a rich portion of meat, cheese, and fatty and oily food. A higher fat content of milk is also not at all favorable for a smooth erection.

Fried food items

Most fried items, chips, crackers and cookies have Tran’s fats. Tran’s fat is the enemy for healthy and flexible blood vessels. The problem comes when we fry items in oil that have been added hydrogen in the industrial process to change it into solid form at room temperature.  Trans fat increases bad cholesterol and reduces good cholesterol, thus creating the risk of stroke as in the worst case scenario, leave alone erectile dysfunction.

Some males believe that with the medicines they can overcome erectile dysfunction. But medicines give only small relief from the erection issues. The permanent solution comes from change in diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Levitra 40mg with the longer impact period of 36 hours step sides the problem of cholesterol or any basic cause behind erection issue, but the permanent problem remains as it is. Consult a medical expert for comprehensive assessment of the problem behind erection issues. In the majority of cases, a poor diet, hectic lifestyle and junk food combine to lower the joy of intimacy in life.


It is easy to get tempted by such food items as they are high in taste and appealing to look at. But remember, if you cannot stop eating them complete, gradually reduce their intake and keep the principle of moderation in mind.


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