Aluminum Blister Foil
Aluminum Blister Foil

Everyone has aluminum foil in their kitchen because it has multiple uses related to food storage. As a handy pie shield or a makeshift broiler pan, aluminum foil is the knight in shining armor of homemakers. It’s surprising how inventive we can be in the kitchen when the need arises. You may not have considered some of these surprising uses for Aluminum Blister Foil.


Grill Cleaner

We all enjoy throwing a backyard BBQ on a sunny weekend with friends and family. When the grill brushes catch on the firmament, it can contaminate the food. We can use aluminum foil to scrape and clean the grill to eliminate any bits of grill brush that might be lurking around its corners, thus preventing such health hazards.

Create a makeshift broiler pan

Aluminum foil can be used as a makeshift broiler pan to cook bacon to perfection. This involves trimming a sheet of heavy-duty foil to make it the same length as a baking sheet. The foil is place on the bottom of the pan and the rest is history. Different things roast or grilled on this makeshift broiler, but bacon is the best.

Protect Pie Crust

Cooking is an art, and sometimes different ingredients are required for different recipes. Not everyone has all the necessary kitchen accessories, such as a pie shield, on hand. Aluminum foil comes to the rescue again this time, acting as a pie shift. Inexperienced people can do this method wrong, but it is safe to cut the foil into three sections, which creates a shield to protect the pie from damage.

Customize the size of your pan

If you don’t have the right size or shape pan, you can adjust the recipe using foil. If you want the right size or shape, you can shred the foil and build a wall in the pan

Aluminum Blister Foil
Aluminum Blister Foil

The Roasting rack

The foil twist into a rack and the choice meat can be placed on it to roast without the need for a roasting rack.

Slow Cooking Sling

There are some foods that require slow cooking in the oven, so it is necessary to have a sling to remove them. Aluminum foil can twist into a sling in order to accomplish this. Two strips need to cross over each other.

Cooking in foil packages

Smoky flavors are added to food by open-fire cooking, making it extremely delicious. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a campfire. When meats are mixe and cooked this way, the juices in the food are retain. It’s also extremely easy to clean up afterward.

Scrunch up foil to make a double boiler

The foil will definitely come to your rescue when food needs a water bath. The process involves shredding five pieces of foil and crumbling them into balls.  The balls are place in the corners and center of the pan before adding water.  Once the water has been adding, the baking dish place on top.

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