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Fast food chains must always keep specialized burger boxes on hand. Even if you serve the best burger in town, if no one knows about it, they won’t order it. How will people find out about this mouthwatering creation? Today, effective marketing involves more than just a memorable tagline and logo. The secret is to stand for something genuine, something that sets your brand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Ideal Custom Boxes can help you develop a recognizable brand for your company. These personalized burger boxes are ideal for events, food trucks, and restaurants serving hamburgers. These boxes, also known as hamburger boxes, are crucial for almost all burger establishments. It enables you to keep the food inside until it reaches its destination. You can serve your hamburgers hot and fresh when you place this order.

A custom box like this is ideal for eateries, kitchens, or caterers who want themed burger packaging. These goods are fantastic for promoting your restaurant. Additionally, your customers will appreciate seeing something so lovely carrying their food. Because we know how important they are, burger boxes are so crucial that ICB specializes in producing them.

ICB’s Custom Burger Boxes

We have the boxes you need if you’re looking for boxes for hams, mini hamburgers, wrapping boxes, or catering boxes! If your Burger boxes are poorly made, it can seriously harm your company’s reputation. Similarly, using the incorrect finish on French fry boxes can cost you, clients.

Pick a business that provides packaging with custom printing. Everyone should experience eating a burger. You can keep your zinger burgers as you intended, thanks to ICB’s custom burger boxes. Additionally, food boxes with personalized graphics are the best method for taking your burger outside the eatery. Additionally, our distinctive design makes storing hamburgers, fries, salad, and ketchup packets simple.

We offer a significant advantage to our customers by printing personalized burger cartons on bamboo paperboard that are suitable for food use. The product has an upscale appearance because it uses natural food packaging that is antibacterial and odor-resistant. A burger stays soft and fresh for hours inside the box.

Building and Creating a Burger Box

You have complete creative control over your unique kraft boxes’ shape, color, and texture. The best lamination is either glossy or matte, depending on your desired color. Aqueous solution lamination will shield your packaging from liquids, while silver and gold foiling will elevate your branding. PVC sheets are the third choice.

You can use PVC to shield the box from moisture and other irritants. If you have a special burger or recipe, you can put your logo on the packaging to make it stand out. It offers the benefit of customizing them to fit your brand while printing them with your design or logo.

Burger Boxes with Endless Personalization

Let us create a stunning burger box to match your branding. Anything can be made by us, whether it is round, square, traditional, or exotic. Include your name, image, logo, marketing message, etc., and make the box visible. It will also undoubtedly make an impression. One of the leading custom food box manufacturers, ICB offers a variety of box types and limitless customization possibilities to create distinctive hamburger boxes. We provide:

Handles for Boxes

With our custom food boxes, let your hamburgers shine. They have handy handles that make them simple to carry. They are built to last despite the large crowds.

Box with a window

Using our custom cardboard boxes for fast food, you can showcase your culinary creation and its unusual toppings, such as fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and more. You can prepare burgers expertly using our personalized burger box.

Get Wholesale Prices on Custom Burger Boxes

Boxes for packaging hamburgers come in a variety of materials. We offer custom-printed burger boxes with the quickest turnaround times and the lowest costs. There is no required minimum order amount. Our custom-printed burger boxes are great for lunch and dinner because friends often share burgers. You can accomplish that while drawing attention to your company by using these boxes enhanced with restaurant logos and custom artwork.

Burger Boxes are a great way to enhance the image of your burger restaurant and increase sales. Your customers can take your food anywhere they go and be reminded of your brand. They will even remember your brand more clearly if the packaging is appealing. They will also be more likely to purchase your food if it’s presented in a nice-looking box.

French fry packaging boxes

A French fry paper holder typically has a brightly decorated surface and is either in the shape of a cone, cup, or scoop. Your French fries paper holder’s size, design, and intended use affect the cardboard’s quality. Numerous companies use electronic commerce. Customers thus receive food boxes miles from their residences.

Deliveries of hamburgers should come in boxes with custom printing from a reputable business. Similarly, French fry boxes have been UV-coated and glossy laminated for protection. You must enlist the assistance of a packaging company and accept a custom quote to design your custom-printed boxes.

Packaging That Draws Hungry Customers

To stop oils from soaking into the outer surfaces, French fry paper holders have a PE laminated interior surface. You can tell if the fries and hamburgers are in good condition by looking inside the food boxes.

Before customers leave, be sure to pay attention to this. Most fast food restaurants offer fantastic discounts on burgers, pizza, and combo meals on Tuesdays (French fries, chicken wings, and Coca-Cola). Do you have personalized boxes for Sunday dinner and every Tuesday dinner?

Environment Friendly

Aside from being environmentally friendly, burger boxes also prevent unnecessary waste. The box is about 2.5 times the size of the burger, which is a huge benefit for fast-food chains. Additionally, the boxes can be laminated to prevent stains and moisture. Moreover, these boxes are also a good choice for promotional goods.

Burger Boxes have a quick tab lock closure, which makes them easy to open. This feature is similar to that used in McDonald’s burger containers. The quick tab lock closures ensure that the food stays hot. Besides, they are also more durable and leak-proof than single-use alternatives. Custom Burger Boxes are a great way to showcase your menu and your business. These boxes can be personalized with die-cutting, embossing, or debossing. If you want to create a more elegant look, you can use a PVC sheet for the box.

Burger Box and Packaging Designs that Stand Out

Can you influence a friend with the way your hamburger box is packaged? A unique box gives a product a premium appearance. As a seller, you ought to be aware of this. Consistently using Custom Packaging Wholesale fosters a connection between your products and your customers. Additionally, experts put in a lot of effort to deliver premium customized food boxes to customers.

Why Opt for ICB

For many reasons, ICB is a great choice for Burger Box Packaging. Quick turnaround times, no hidden fees, free shipping, and free design support are all included in our Instant Quote service. Additionally, we work with various cardboard materials, such as rigid boxes, brown corrugated cardboard, white cardboard, and brown Kraft cardboard. We also work with different paper stocks, custom labels, and stickers.


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