If you are finding some ways to make money online in 2021, then you are in the right place. In this, I’ll tell you the 10 best ways to earn online while sitting at your home.

Did you know that today, making money online has become easier than it was used to before? Today, more and more people know the potential of the internet, it has become very easy to start an online business.

On the other side, the world of the internet is also becoming very competitive since many people enter the market.

There is also a possible way to compete with other people in the digital world. You need to be very strategic means that you have to choose a specific segment called “niche“.

And also, I know some people who are making around $10,000 per month by online businesses.

So, let’s learn these amazing 8 ways to make money and choose your specific niche.

Become a Blogger

Blogging can be an amazing career if you are interested in writing. If you love writing, you can easily make money online.

There are different areas in which you can do blogging like travel, food, business, etc.

I suggest you choose only those niches in which you are interested.

Sell on Amazon

It is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. It stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon” to sell your products on Amazon.

Today, anyone can sell their products on Amazon and start his/her business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products purchased or wholesale products, you can sell whatever you want.

This process is like when you send any product to Amazon, which they store in their warehouse.

And whenever someone buys any product they handle everything by themselves, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Today, over 2 million people are already doing these things and making a lot of money from them.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing services in this digital world.

There are a lot of Instagram and Facebook marketers who are making and earning money from it, you can also start freelancing by being a social media manager.

You can easily learn social media marketing for free from the internet like YouTube or do some paid online courses.

There are a lot of excellent online courses that are available on Udemy, SkillShare, from where you can learn social media marketing.

You just have to go and check the rating and reviews and purchase anyone course, whichever suits you the best.

Once you gain a basic level of confidence, you can approach people around your locality and surroundings.

Start a YouTube Channel

Who doesn’t want to become famous on YouTube? YouTube would be the perfect place where you can make this dream come true by working harder.

If you like to make videos, you can start your YouTube channel and can make money online.

Some very popular YouTubers like PewdiePie, SuperWoman are making close to around $3-4 million dollars per month.

If you are thinking to start a YouTube channel just for the sake of money. Then please don’t do.

YouTube requires so much hard work and patience. So, You can’t expect 1000 subscribers in a day.

Always remember, to choose a niche in which you have an interest otherwise, you become fed-up with the content that doesn’t make sense to you.

Become a Facebook Ads Expert

There are about 1.6 billion people who are connected to small businesses on Facebook pages, companies are constantly looking for professionals who can handle their Facebook.

There is a huge opportunity in Facebook Ads and the plus point here also is that you can learn this skill from YouTube or paid online courses.

How to get started?

Once you gained some skills in Facebook Ads, you can approach people.

The best way to make your profile on different social media platforms, and set-up a portfolio.

For example, you can make a Facebook page where you can mention all the details like your goals, achievements, certificates, testimonials, etc.

Whenever somebody visits your page, they can see all the things you have mentioned on your page.

In this way, you can start providing your services.

Start an E-commerce Store

This business-model is widely becoming popular as lots and lots of people like to buy products online.

I have seen that many of the small niche online stores on Shopify are becoming very profitable.

People are already making over $5000-$10,000 per month by selling products online.

How to get started?

Build a basic website either on WordPress or Shopify.

You can sell anything including clothes, electronics, stationery, phone covers, etc. Make sure to sell only those products that are in high demand otherwise it would be challenging to sell them.

So, start with some niche products only if you want growth.

Sell Online Classes

Did you know that now you can sell your expertise online? If you are interested in teaching, you can make your own courses and sell them online.

If you are assuming about the potential of ed-tech businesses, I would like to tell you that recent studies have shown that the ed-tech industry is would become $1.6 trillion by 2021.

Now, you can see and imagine the future of online courses.

There are two ways to sell your online courses either you sell it on your own platform or sell on marketplaces like Udemy, SkillShare, etc.

Both of them would be good ways to make money online.

Become a Video Editor

As the number of YouTubers increasing day-by-day, the demand for video editors also growing.

You can easily sell your video editing services to YouTubers and make money online. There are huge demand for video editors because today, every social media platform has video content and people are also making videos everywhere.

Video content is the only one thing that has been projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2023.

And videos are consuming very rapidly as compared to text forms of content.


At last but not least, you can choose any of the above fields and can make money online.it is not important what you are doing, it is important how you are doing things correctly.

Once you enter into business world, you’ll soon realize that you can learn so many things. And when you start learning different things you’ll become more skillful.

So, never wait for anything, just go and start making money right now.





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