Whether your business is selling makeup or eyeshadow, custom eyelash boxes are a great way to reach out to your consumers. These boxes are easy to tear open and can be customized with your company’s logo or brand name. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors, and they can be printed to reflect your corporate image. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top features of these boxes.

Custom eyelash boxes are used to store and protect eyeshadows

These boxes can be made with transparent plastic or with a drawstring closure, which makes it easy to see the products inside. If you are making a high-end eyelash product such as a mixed eyelash kit, you can use a paper box with EVA foam. The EVA foam in the box will help protect the product from any damage. You can choose from two ways to add your company’s logo and brand name to your boxes.

Choosing Eyelash boxes is an ideal way to promote your brand. You can print your brand logo or slogan on these boxes and use them to store and protect your eyelashes. Eyelashes often come in dramatic, colorful boxes that capture the attention of ladies. Depending on your product’s style and brand, eyelash boxes are always displayed to attract attention. Whether you’re selling eyeshadows or just want to promote your business, eyelash boxes are a must-have for your customers.

They are easy to tear open

To keep lashes safe, make sure your boxes are tear-resistant and have a sealed end. You can use colorful and unique designs but avoid bulky or non-stackable boxes. Moreover, choose a box shape that matches your brand, false lash color, or nail polish. These custom eyelash boxes are not only attractive, but they are also easy to tear open. They can be placed on store shelves, or put on a customer’s dressing table.

The most common shape for custom eyelash boxes is the cube, which is the easiest to create. The cube shape can also be embellished with a ribbon. Ribbon adds a whimsical touch to eyelash packaging, though most packaging professionals avoid using it. To create a cube-shaped box, cut a piece of paper and fold it along the score lines. Fold the outermost tab toward the score line. Once the pieces have been folded, glue them together and then press until they dry. Alternatively, you can choose to have a patterned box that looks like a cube.

They are available in a variety of materials

Custom eyelash boxes are made of sturdy materials like corrugated cardboard. They also come in white or pink colors. You can add foiling or a die-cut window to enhance the look of your packaging. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to make your packaging stand out. Whatever material you choose, it should be biodegradable. You can also use recycled plastic for your eyelash packaging.

Paper is another material that is commonly used for custom eyelash boxes. Cardstock and cardboard are the most common types of paper used for cosmetic packaging. They offer protection and can be printed on. Specialty papers, such as UV paper, work well for eyelash packaging. The choice of material you choose will depend on how delicate you’d like your packaging to look. For an elegant look, consider cardstock or specialty paper.

There are many reasons to get your logo and brand printed on custom eyelash boxes. Consumers are influenced by social media influencers, which means the beauty standard is rising. There is a growing demand for cosmetics, and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon. These eyelash boxes are the perfect way to spread your brand’s name and logo to your target market. Printed with your logo and brand colors, they are a great marketing tool for your business.

You can choose from different materials and thicknesses. Cardboard and cardstock are popular choices for Custom boxes with logo. If you’re environmentally conscious, you may want to consider using Kraft paper or cardboard eyelash boxes. Both are environmentally friendly, which will also help your sales. You can even choose a box that’s designed to promote your brand’s green practices. Once you’ve figured out what your brand’s color and style preferences are, you can choose a design that perfectly matches your existing eyelash packaging.


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