Logistics And Transportation App Development

Apps have transformed the industries and their way of managing works. The logistics sector has seen a drastic change in the previous few years. Apps have simplified the meager tasks for which people used to stand in a long queue for their turn. Whenever we think about logistics, a picture of a hectic process comes to our mind. But, after the advancement of technologies, the complicated logistic processes have been simplified hugely. Technology has the power to make human work easy, that’s why in today’s world every sector is revolutionizing through the implementation of advanced technologies.
Mobile apps help people in tracking their success and improvement areas. It helps people in keeping all the records of couriers by making the communication process easy between shippers and drivers. It also optimizes the routes, makes the paperwork easy, offers convenience, and increases the efficiency of resources. Today everyone who belongs to this industry is embracing this technology by considering its long-term benefits. By just tapping on the mobile screen, you can avail any services provided in the app. In this blog, we will discuss all logistics app development and how it can benefit your company.

Why Do You Need A Logistic Mobile App

Mobile apps play a major role in business activities. They contain all the business data and real updates of ongoing activities. You can save unnecessary expenses by using mobile apps and it also helps in reducing manual work. There are several benefits of availing logistic app development services in which below mentioned are few of them –

1. Vehicle tracking system gets easy 

In every transportation sector, it is important to track the vehicle at each step. A constant update is required from when it leaves the premises until it reaches the destination. Mobile apps play a vital role in keeping the owners updated about their transporters.

2. Fleet and warehouse management

This is another benefit of having a mobile app to run a business. It helps people efficiently manage the different types of shipments. A mobile app with industry-specific features eliminates the chances of errors and inaccuracy in work. It reduces the manual effort up to a great extent by showing them the information related to individual IDs, storage of goods, the current location of vehicles, etc. It helps managers in keeping a constant eye on day-to-day work and update the current status at the same time.

3. Gives real-time updates

It gives all the updates regarding the ongoing work and the status of goods. The app gives leverage to handle multiple tasks at the same time, which brings efficiency to work. Loading, unloading, employee attendance, leave managing, and other various works can manage easily with mobile apps.

4. Easy booking

Now ordering parcels are just a few taps away. With mobile apps, it gets easy to book parcels and track them whenever you want. Customers can access the details of their courier through the mobiles. The communication process between customers and operators becomes efficient with apps.

5. No paperwork

Hectic paper works now has been simplified with advanced apps. Previously it was so difficult to manage the daily tasks with paper works in the logistic sector. Sometimes people lost important documents by their staff mistakes, but now since the induction of the apps, all the paperwork process has been digitalized, and the record-keeping process has become simple.

6. Fewer chances of errors

Automation ensures accuracy and efficiency in work, and mobile apps ensure automation at each step. Machines keep all the data stored securely, which can be accessed anytime from any place. This is the biggest benefit that one can have in the logistic sector.

Features Of An On-Demand Logistic Mobile App

If you will go for transportation app development services you have to go for basic three modules, which include – Customer panel, Driver Panel, Admin panel.

1. Customer panel – It is very important to enhance the user experience with the app by integrating user-friendly features. The essential features of the customer app are – User authentication, Registration process, Vehicle selection, Booking schedule, Tracking, Driver contact, Canceling the order, Price estimation, Payment option, Push notifications, Rating.

2. Driver Panel – This includes all the mandatory features that a driver needs. Driver’s app comes with – Driver authentication’, Check shipper details, Freight details, Manage requests, GPS tracker, Payment option

3. Admin Panel – It includes the features which admin usually wants to keep eye on their business day to day tasks. It includes – Login, Dashboard, Vehicle management and maintenance, Transaction management, Driver management, Payment and invoice checking, Trip evaluate reports, Feedbacks, and analytics

Technology Stack Of Logistic App Development

The use of advanced technologies makes your application scalable. It can make you ahead of your competitors available in the market. You can simply go for these mentioned technologies to get an attractive logistic app.

  • For the front end – Swift, Kotlin, Java, CSS
  • For Back end – Python, Javascript, Angular
  • Cloud technology – Goggle cloud, AWS, Azure
  • For credentials and authentication login – Nexmo or Twilio
  • For payment gateways – Pay pal, Stripe, GPay,
  • For database requirements – MongoDB, Cassandra, SQLite, MySQL, Firebase, Postgress
  • Real-time analytics – IBM, Hadoop, Spark, Bigdata, Cisco, Flink, Apache
  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io, Firebase
  • For utilities – Amazon SNS, Heap
  • For application and data – Bootstrap, Angular, Amazon RDS,
  • For DevOps – Chef

Above mentioned Technology stacks are the most used ones. By using these stacks you can gain user attention easily.

Overall Cost Estimation Of Logistics App Development

Enormous factors are there that affect the logistic app development cost. It also depends on the customized features that you want in your app. The costs are different for both Android and IOS platforms. You have to look for a Logistics app development company that better fits your requirement list. Also, the charges of each company differ according to their services so keep your budget in mind. The cost of hiring a team of experienced developers may cost you between 10000$ to 30000$ for a single platform.

If you are looking for Logistic app development services, then let us know your requirements. Our team will approach you at the best time.

Wrapping Up

Hope you got an overview of logistic app development features, stack, and cost.
Just having a mobile app for logistic business can help you in taking your business to the next level. In this rapidly growing world, it is very important to reach an audience on a large scale. Your application will increase your accessibility all over the world. Few benefits like less paperwork, fewer human errors, and efficient data handling facilities can get through mobile apps. That’s why creating a logistic app with advanced features can enhance your performance. There are chances that you will get tons of new customers who would like to avail of your services.

If you are stuck anywhere in between in the application development process, contact us anytime. We have a team of expert developers, who better take care of client requirements and ensure the expected results. Get in touch with us, or else send us your requirement list. We will get back to you.



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