Nothing is worse than dealing with large, wet, smelly towels when you don’t want them on a picnic. To ensure you have quick-dry towels available at the beach, which will be easy to carry and be able to be packed away again in your bag once they have been used, is a must, regardless of your destination.

Regular towels are larger and do not soak moisture in, so taking them to a picnic only adds to the hassle. To prepare for the beach day, you must be familiar with the different types of quick dry towels.

This article will highlight a few qualities a picnic towel needs to have to be useful. We have also included a list of the best quick dry towels you will want to consider buying for your beach day in addition to these quick dry towels. 

Best Qualities of Quick Dry Beach Towels 

Beach essentials do not require a generic towel. Special towels are tailored to your beach day needs for those who want a quick dry towel. When buying a beach towel, you should look for the following qualities:

  • Highly absorbent

The towel you use on the beach should be able to absorb and contain a lot of moisture. It is the material of the cloth that determines how absorbent it is. There is no doubt that towels made of rayon and premium cotton, such as Pima or Bamboo cotton, can absorb more water than towels made of low-quality, regular cotton, such as those made with polyester.

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Even though regular towel cloth is made from cotton, it may not effectively absorb moisture. Hence, it is advisable to buy quick-dry towels made of premium materials so you can use them at the beach. 

  • Antibacterial properties

There is nothing better than a towel with anti-bacterial properties. Due to the damp surface, molds and bacteria can build up on the towel. When you want to keep the towel clean, you need it to prevent the buildup of molds and bacteria. Silver fibers used in Beyond Bridges USA towels’ weaving process repel bacteria, making them the best choice for standard hygiene requirements.

The importance of this is particularly great for skin health. Your skin is exposed to bacteria and germs when you use regular towels. This can lead to breakouts and irritation. Sensitive people are particularly vulnerable to this type of harm. By using an antibacterial towel, you will be able to protect your skin from bacteria and keep it supple, clean, and safe against contaminants.

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  • Suitable for sensitive skin

It is possible to have a harsh reaction to your skin if you use towels of low quality or cheap. The fabric of regular towels becomes rough after a few washes because the weave is not perfect, so cotton and other fibers often become rough after a few washes. Therefore, you should choose soft fabrics on the skin to help you feel more comfortable.

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  • Dimensionally small

It should only be a minimum load to make it as convenient as possible to take it with you when you go to the beach. Best beach towels that dry quickly are designed to occupy a minimum amount of space in your bag, so they’re manufactured in small sizes.

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A quick-drying fabric


Wet surfaces provide an ideal environment for molds, fungi, and bacteria to flourish. A foul smell eventually develops due to this buildup, and the fabric becomes damaged. Therefore, it would be best if you opted for quick-dry towels like Beyond Bridges USA as they dry three times faster than regular towel cloths, thereby preventing any odors.

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Top Quick Dry Towels For Beach

Following are some of the best quick dry towels for the beach:

  • Beyond Bridges USA Towels

Beyond Bridges USA towels have set a standard for premium quick dry towels. Our towels are made from quality and environmentally friendly cotton. Cotton is one of the best materials for towels. It is soft on the skin and highly durable. So you can stay assured that the towel will last long and the fabric will remain intact even after multiple washes.

A cotton shirt regulates the body’s temperature better than any other material. Therefore, we have created a towel material that adapts to the room’s temperature, adding comfort to our towels. You will be able to feel the luxurious feeling against your skin when you use a quick dry towel made from this soft and sustainable fabric. Due to its antibacterial properties, this material prevents bacteria, germs, and contaminants from entering. Due to its non-bacterial properties, you do not have to worry about breakouts, infections, and rashes when using this fabric.

These towels do not require daily washing because dust cannot easily accumulate on their fabric. This makes it easier for them to manage. The best thing about these towels is that they are also hyper-absorbent, which means they dry faster than regular towels. A quick dry towel like this is available in various sizes to choose the one best suited for your beach trip. Overall, they make for one of the best quick-dry towels available.

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  • Chakir Turkish Linen and Cotton Beach Towels

Whether going to the beach or the pool, Chakir Turkish Linen and Cotton Beach Towels are an excellent choice. Besides being extremely soft and gentle, the fabric is made from Turkish cotton and linen. Moreover, it is important to note that the threads on the fabric have all been double stitched to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting.

As the brand claims, the towel becomes softer and fluffier over time as it is used, according to the brand. Those towels will provide you with all that you need: super-absorbent, eco-friendly, quick-drying, soft, and safe for your skin. Furthermore, you can save some money by buying a set of four towels. You should consider purchasing them before heading to the beach since they are one of the best investments you can make.

Chakir Turkish Linen

  • Bagail Basics Microfiber Beach Towel

The Bagail Basics Microfiber Quick Dry Towel is another eco-friendly product we would like to mention today. It is yet another eco-friendly product we would like to highlight because it is a microfiber towel. It is worth noting that despite being one of the largest towel brands available today, this brand does not add harmful additives to the fabric of its towels to cause allergies.

To keep yourself from getting soaked while at the beach, use a towel cloth that will absorb a lot of moisture. Due to microfiber’s softness and gentleness, you do not have to worry about rashes caused by low-quality towel fabrics that can cause rashes on your skin. Its quick drying power is also a highlight. Four times their weight in water can be absorbed by towels made of Bagail. Last, you can avoid mold odors with a towel cloth that dries ten times faster than a regular towel.

It is possible to select a variety of sizes for this towel, so you can choose the one that is most convenient for your picnic. Because it’s lighter than traditional towels by five times, you won’t have difficulty carrying it around, even if you buy a large size.

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  • Quba Linen Beach Towel

We will move on to the next product on our list: the Quba Linen Quick Dry Towel. Towels are made from linen, eco-friendly natural fiber, and cellulose. This particular material has the additional feature of repelling insects, which makes it stand out from other materials. Doing so will be more reliable and accessible for you to manage, as you will not have to wash it daily and remember to dip it in detergent regularly. 


Due to its ability to prevent pollutants and germs won’t leave rashes or infections on your skin, making it an excellent choice, particularly for sensitive skin types. As a result of the towel being multipurpose, you can use it for a range of activities, whether you are going for a hike, hitting the beach, or taking a bath.

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  • Touchat Beach Towel

The last item on the list of products is the Touchat Beach Towel, which we will discuss in more detail later. This towel is also made from microfibers, so like the previous one, it is woven into a thick towel made from microfibers. In addition to being thick, durable, and machine washable, this towel is also reversible. 

During the summer, sticky sand can be one of the biggest challenges people face when they head to the beach. It can be difficult to remove from clothes because it sticks to them. Unlike regular beach towels, Touchat beach towels prevent any sand from sticking to them and stay clean for days without needing to be washed.

At the seaside, you see a fluttering cold breeze on your face as the thick coats offer the best protection against it. Moreover, the fabric can absorb seven times its weight and quickly dries. This stylish, tropical outfit in vibrant colors will complete a beach picnic.

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Concluding Remarks

To buy a quick dry towel for your beach party, you should look for many essential characteristics. There are also some of the best brands in high-quality towels that you can consider shopping for, like Beyond Bridges USA, the leading supplier and distributor of hospitality and housekeeping products, if you want to find one that fits your needs.

Using a quick dry towel, ensure that your beach towel dries quickly and doesn’t get stinky.

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