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A-Level math is too complicated. It can be better solved if one has a calculator. DaProfitclub brings you some of the finest calculators that will help you in solving A-Level math.

A-Level Math – An Introduction

There are many students who are interested in A level math. This is because of the role that it plays in the development of their skills to handle projects in their career ahead. A-level math proves as the foundation of math in higher studies. In contrast to math on basic level, it is applied mathematics and engages the students by practice-oriented problems and subjects.

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Though A-Level math is a complicated subject, it is not the complete study of the subjects included. It is just the glimpse of what is included in the syllabus and the developed forms of the given subject are studied at higher level. This syllabus gives the clear idea into the subjects and the student can know what lies ahead for them.

A-Level math gives the student the ability to think clearly about the mathematical concepts. They will be able to know how ideas are developed and what are the requirements for development of specific ideas. This level of math moves the learner from basics to the more specific. Initially they are taught the generalized subjects, later they are shifted to the more complex ones. These are the applications of the concepts that have been taught at the basic level.

The topics that are covered might seem abstract, but this is not the case. These might seem too dull to the learner who will need enough ‘imagination’ to solve these problems.  It is because of the math at this level that developments have been made in the domain of science and technology. IT, economics, finance, business administration, etc. are the fields which are the results of developments made in this level of math.

There are different topics covered in A-Level math which include calculus, trigonometry, geometry, etc. which are integrated with applied subjects like statistics and mechanics. The combination of these two creates an interesting opportunity for the learner to go in details of how pure mathematics is applied to real life.

The Specifics of A-Level Math

A-Level math, as stated earlier, takes the conceptual ideas, and lets the learner know how these are applied to real life. It is through the application of mathematical concepts that we are able to work on different scientific and technological ideas and make them a reality. The foundations of Physics are built on the concept of mechanics which is an important branch of math taught at A-levels. It works on the ideas of motion, changes taking place in it moving objects, and how they can be used by human beings.

In the same manner, statistics is another branch of mathematics. This is used for the study of complex things and variations taking place in them. Based on the information from these systems, one can know with the use of statistics that what changes have taken place in the mentioned field. This will give a complete set of information to the user, elaborating what is important for them in these changes.

If a student wants to develop a more informed background in math, there are optional subjects for them in A-Level math. This will acquaint them with the complexities of modern concepts. Though it is not that difficult, still one needs to be committed and have the imagination to solve the problems. You will be able to work based on the geometrical and algebraic reasons and having clear idea of these two will make the job easier for you.

Calculations in A-Level Math

There are different approaches needed to work on math at this level, as it is not just theory. It is theory accompanied by applied math and needs to be done with determination. You must make sense of real-life problems without being ‘actually’ involved in them. This will teach you how to translate real life problems into math problems and how to come up with their solutions.

Based on this model created, you will have to identify problems and then look for their solutions. There can be used of technology allowed at some places like that of spreadsheets, graphs etc. to ensure that the answers are most precise. If you are good in algebraic skills, then you won’t face any problems at this level math. You can make choices depending on your skills in applied math.

Calculators Required for A-Level Math

Different type of calculators can be used in this type of calculations. The most used are scientific calculators and graphing calculators. Both are useable because of the features that they have.

Some of the Best Calculators Required for A-Level Math

We have worked on finding some of the best calculators that can help you with A-Level math. Here we go!

  • Ryman Calculators

Ryman works on easing the process of calculations. It provides the best suggestions to students regarding the selection of calculators based on their level of study. It provides a range of calculators that can be used from basic level to advanced level. Some of these are:

  • Casio FX-83GTX
  • Casio FX-85GTX
  • Casio FX-991-EX
  • Casio CG-50
  • Casio HL-820VER

Out of these the third and fourth are the ones recommended for A-Level students. These calculators can work on different functions. The complexity of problems won’t be a matter, as they are made specifically to solve these problems.

  • DaProfitClub

DaProfitClub strives to serve every kind of user by providing free online calculators. These include fulfillment of both academic and non-academic needs. One of these calculators is the Exponent’s calculator which can be found in the math calculators section.

This calculator will know the value of a number by calculations using exponents. It is easy and effective calculator for exponential calculations. Using this calculator is easy. In the first section, the user will have to input the number. In the second section, you will have to input the value of ‘N’ and then clicking ‘calculate’ will get you the final answer.

It is a free to use calculator.


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