A Mesmerising Experience Kumara Parvatha Trek




Kumara Parvatha peak is located in the western Ghats is the second highest peak in Coorg and sixth largest in Karnataka. The Kumara Parvatha peak is situated at 1712m said to be the most challenging trek is hugely popular among beginners as well as the seasoned trekkers as the adventure will take you through the dense forest land lies at 5624 feet above sea level is situated in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. 


Kumara Parvatha Trek us is also known as Pushpa Giri due to the trails run through the Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary where you will expose to rich flora and fauna and majestic mountains filled with the green meadows with brooks and surprise you at every nook corner of nature is considered one of the best treks in India. 


At the foothills of the peak lies a temple called kukke Subramanya where people all over south India visit this temple to get their wishes fulfilled by making the offering. This trek is hugely popular among Bangalore and South India. The trekking time takes 8-10 hours covering the 13 kilometers and the trek is a moderate level as you cross the trails you get to see the stunning escapes of landscapes which will fill your whole experience and mesmerizing experience. 


The trails are filled with both easy and moderate challenges ahead with a distance of 22 kilometers as usually, it takes 2 days to cover the whole trek where the whole trekking trails right from the gigantic scenery of blissful waterfalls, endless sightseeing locations, and this trek has a lot to offer. 


Best time for Kumara Parvatha Trek 

The Best time to do this trekking in Kumara Parvatha peak is from October to January and June to September as the summers here are scorching heat and impossible to do this trek. Kumara Parvatha Trek is best to visit in monsoon season as the trek offers a quick pleasant area with fog surrounding the area. 


The Trek starts from the Beedahalli APC as the trek covers the dense forest area which covers around 7kms and the last 1.5kms is less covered with forests which has huge volcanic rock formations and huge boulders along the trail it has less dense in the middle of the forest. The best experience of enjoying this trek is staying at a homestay near the place of a particular trek. 


How to Reach Kumara Parvatha

If you are planning to visit this trekking place from Bangalore take this take a bus or a cab as it takes 3 hours to Coorg and from there one can reach the base of the trekking point at kukke temple. 

One can travel from Bangalore as the trek is around 150 kilometers from the Bangalore Airport. The nearest airport is Kannur Airport which is located 148.6km from the trek base. 

One can even travel by car or public buses to Pushpa Giri from Bangalore as you it takes around 4to5 hours from here to reach trek. 

About Food:


The Trekking to this place offers many food stalls of authentic kannada dishes as there are no cafes or eateries located in the dense forest area. 


About the Trail

The Trail starts from a little distance of the kukke subramanya temple as the trail area is marked by the signboard. But there are moderate levels of challenges at a few kilometres and one stay at a homestay for the overnight and early morning will lead you to the kallu mandapa beside a stream. The hike to the sheesha Parvatha is the toughest part in the trek as the hike covers the dense forest and huge boulders with a rocking stretch that leads to the meadows and then to the summit. Where one can experience the mesmerizing view of the expanded area or Madikeri. The place is surrounded by a lush greenery and mesmerising beauty of mountains and hills which offers a calm and refreshing experience to the soul. And overall Kumara Parvatha Trek makes for an amazing experience to do in your bucket list. And one has to be fit and healthy and moderate enough to do the trekking as this trek is a challenging one. 



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