Blade Trinity Jessica Biel

It is an admitted fact that men and women both love to wear jackets. In the beginning, a notion was that these leather jackets are meant for men only. These jackets and coats had rough and rugged looks to go with the personality of men. Since these are the perfect piece of dresses to have a shield against extreme weather conditions, hence these were usually designed for the armed forces in particular. However, with the passage of time, all these notions became obsolete and here we are seeing men and women equally enjoying wearing these leather jackets and coats. In other words, it would be true to say that this not an era of men’s leather jackets only.

Blade Trinity Jessica Biel

Who inspired the love for leather jackets?

Well, there can be several answers to this question but one of the most accepted is that it is mostly the celebrities. In other words, celebrities are the ones who play a huge part when it is to inspire men and women related to the latest trends and fashion statements. You must have spotted several actors and actresses enjoying wearing leather jackets and look attractive and dashing in every manner.

Ever since celebrities began wearing leather jackets and coats in their movies, fans around the world copy their style and try to wear these attires. It is worth stating here that, a few years back, the prices of these leather jackets and coats were too high to be afforded by the common men and women. However, the credit goes to the young fashion designers who amuse the market with high-quality yet exact custom jackets replicas in a reasonable price range. Therefore, if you have been willing to buy a celebrity-inspired leather jacket or a coat, then you can have one for you whenever you want. One such celebrity inspired jacket in real demand these days is Abigail Whistler costume.

Brief Introduction Of Abigail Whistler Costume:

Abigail Whistler costume is a celebrity-inspired leather jacket from the movie named Blade: Trinity. It is an American super hero horror film that was released back in the year 2004. It was directed and produced by David S Goyer. The cast of the film included Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Dominic Purcell, Kris Kristofferson, Triple H, and Parker Posey. This specific Abigail Whistler costume was worn by Jessica Biel playing the role of Abigial in the movie.

Prominent Features Of Abigail Whistler Costume:

Some prominent features of this celebrity inspired jacket are as follows:

  • The jackets are made up of high-quality real leather
  • It has been equipped with inner polyester lining which adds to the warmth and comfort of the wearer
  • It is accessed in glossy red and rich brown color
  • The stitching of the jacket is super fine with supreme cut
  • Front of the jacket has been donned with full zippered closure to provide protection against the extreme weather conditions
  • The motto collar adds to the overall look of the jacket
  • The leather attire has two internal and two external pockets to take care of your valuables
  • The jacket has full sleeves well paired with an open hem cuff style

This leather jacket ensures fitting for the wearer. This is because the Blade Trinity Abigail Whistler has worn it this way in the movie. Since the jacket is exact replica of the attire in the movie hence it will share all the same features with you.

Where can you buy this wonderful piece of Leather jacket?

Living in today’s technologically driven era, most of the things are done online. The Same is true if you are looking forward to buying this wonderful piece of leather attire for youSelf. There are several online platforms selling celebrity inspired replicas of the jackets. However, you need to ensure that you are buying from a reliable source. One such name in this regards Famous Jackets. They are providing the market with high-quality leather jackets in reasonable price ranges. They have a huge range of all the famous jackets that people want to buy.

You may feel free to access their official site i.e. to see their range of leather jackets and coats for you or for your loved ones. You will not regret buying from them in any manner.


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