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According to Louise Hay, all our conscious self-talk and pep-talk are different types of affirmations. People will constantly force you to stay positive and calm even during adverse situations. However, if you have once dealt intimately with any kind of uncertainty, social or separation anxiety, and stress, you must know the difficulty level.

Feeling anxious about exams and future scope is one thing. Feeling worried about how you will survive another day on this planet with the burden of negativity in your heart and soul is another thing. Here, we can notice the utmost importance of affirmations for anxiety relief.

Although indeed, you can’t change your life overnight, it is also true that you can change your mindset through calming affirmations for anxiety.

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What is the impact of positive affirmations on anxiety sufferers?

You can experience a whirlwind of unhealthy emotions like stress, fear, and anxiety in day-to-day situations. For example – you can have a social anxiety disorder which will make you an asocial caterpillar. You can also fear exams, so you might get panic or anxiety attacks every time they knock at your door.

Since there is so much to deal with, you need a coping mechanism called affirmations therapy for anxiety.

List down the benefits of affirmations for anxiety –

  • One primary benefit is that your mind will become a stress-free area. How does one positive affirmation a day help you achieve that mindset? You will soon realize that every struggle is temporary, that you can easily diffuse it.
  • You will believe that there is more to life than getting anxious at every other thing.
  • You will stop loathing yourself. There will be a safe space for self-care and self-love.
  • As a result of positive affirmations, you can ease your anxiety level by improving your mood. In return, you will be more motivated to work through the day instead of sleeping all day and feeling too anxious to move an inch.
  • Once you get the drill of affirmations for calming anxiety, you will, indeed, have the time and energy to solve the issues in your life.

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A brief discussion on affirmations for covid-19 anxiety –

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE are medically approved for keeping you physically safe from the minute virus that is creating havoc. Similarly, positive affirmations are scientifically certified for keeping you mentally and emotionally sane during such trying times.

Even the thought of getting attacked by the virus is scary. It fills our insides with extreme worry and fear. We are already living in an isolation period which means that there is more time on our hands to feel anxious.

The more we sit at home, the more we ponder over and over the same thing.

Words have the power to affect us. Words have a supreme power to change how we live daily. So, since we have control over our self-talk, let us restrict them to positive affirmations only.

What do you mean by the implementation of positive affirmations during the global pandemic?

You are aware of the safest PPE types for housekeeping, right? However, are you aware of the different examples of positive affirmations for the safety of your mind? We will provide you with effective and positive lines that will boost your self-esteem in a long-term journey.

1. People need to hear positive words or words of support and encouragement. So, start your day by saying to yourself that you have the strength to get through difficult times.

2. Another affirmation for covid anxiety is that you will stress over the stuff that you have the power to control. Whether you will be down with coronavirus is not in your hands to decide, so don’t think about it.

3. Generally, people struggle with accepting the unwanted negative feelings at the pit of their stomachs. We suggest you accept it and move on, otherwise, it will be a source of self-harm.

4.You can’t envision your future. However, you can control your present life. So, repeat to yourself that you will stay focused on your today, not on your tomorrow.

5.One of the affirmations for getting over anxiety during this epidemic is reminding yourself that even in difficult times, there are things you are grateful for.

6. There are quite a few affirmations for anxiety management. One such is telling yourself that times of global crisis can’t break my faith over life. Only those who get broken by such difficult phases are the cowards. We suggest you convince yourself that you aren’t a coward. Keep the hope in your heart burning.

7. You will not be less strong if you express your grief, pain, and vulnerability in front of others. It is a hard period for everyone. There is nothing to be ashamed of feeling overly anxious about your survival. Make yourself believe that you can overcome hard times.

8. No scientific study has confirmed that sufferers of anxiety can’t get healed. The mindful affirmations for anxiety will help you in the long run. So, repeat that this phase shall pass too. Nothing is constant except change.

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Our message for people suffering from covid anxiety –

There is a difference between toxic positivity and positive affirmations. Toxic positivity dupes people into believing that all negative emotions have to be thrown away from your mind. However, that is not the case. You have to acknowledge and accept every emotion you feel.

Negativity and positivity are the two sides of the same page. You can’t outrun negativity forever. However, you can outrun the toxicity and anxiety in your life for some time by using positive affirmations. The examples are given above.

Three important tips to keep in mind while practicing positive affirmations during anxiety or panic attacks –

  1. Make first-person affirmations, that is, begin your goal with ‘I’ because that makes it more personal. As long as the goal revolves around you or is personal, you will have more dedication towards achieving it.

2. Make affirmations related to your present life. Although a future goal like being able to channelize emotions in a better way eventually in life sounds more comforting, the affirmation should be that you are going to channelize your emotions starting from today.

3. You must extend the same positive affirmation to yourself which you do to help others in their time of need.

For example – let us suppose you want to inculcate the value of kindness and compassion. So, make yourself understand that you can only be truly compassionate if you love yourself in the same way you love your near and dear ones.

What are the tips to use positive affirmations for anxiety in daily life?

  • It might seem more feasible to you that you would reiterate words of positive affirmations during an anxiety attack. However, that is not the case. This self-talk will only help you if you practice it regularly. Maybe you could make a conscious effort to include it in your morning routine.
  • Keep a track of the impact of the positive affirmations in your life. Interestingly, you will notice that once an affirmation works for you, you will get an instant motivation to let new affirmation and goals afloat.
  • The last and most important tip for practicing affirmations for generalized anxiety disorder is that keep the quotes or lines where you can see them any time. You can write them down in sticky notes and stick them on a wall that is easily visible all the time.

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How does using mindful affirmations for healing anxiety can help in reducing stress as well?

  1. Affirmations can assist you in recognizing your negative feelings. Unless you recognize them, you can’t figure out how to cope with them.
  2. It will also help you stay steadfast in reality. You will know what you are going through in reality. You will be more grounded in life. Sometimes, our positive notions aren’t realistic. That can harm your lifestyle.

Top five examples of affirmations that will help you overcome all kinds of anxiety –

  • I have the power to take in confidence and breathe out my fear that wrecks my confidence.
  • I will never apologize for being the person I am.
  • My mind is my home and I am ready to accept the extreme ranges of emotions dangling there in my mindful home.
  • If I have dealt with it before and if I have emerged victorious before, I can do it again.
  • I have a purpose in my life. I will aim for that purpose and I will fulfill it.

Our last message for all of you who read this –

Anxiety disorder can be cured if you pay heed to it at the appropriate time. If you neglect your mental health, it can dare to disrupt your entire life. Once you notice the symptoms, don’t forget to try positive affirmation therapy. If this doesn’t work, please accept professional help. There is nothing to be ashamed of your boiling anxiety.

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