Air Conditioner

Air conditioner have become a necessity over the years and have changed and developed over the years with the needs of the users.

They were invented by an engineer called Willis Carrier in 1902 to create an environment to reduce humidity and keep the room cool and to keep moist air in a printing plant wrinkling magazine pages.

Whether in homes, offices or vehicles, its purpose is to provide comfort to people by altering the properties of the air, usually by cooling the air inside. The main function of air conditioner is to change adverse temperatures.  

Nowadays the Air conditioner system is widely used in both domestic and commercial environments. Many people buy these appliances yet are not aware of the ways and methods used to maintain them.    

Here, we present you with 7 simple tricks to maintain your air conditioner.

1) Constant cleaning of Air Conditioner filters:

The air filters in the AC filter the air and prevent dust from entering the fins. After using the AC for a while, the filter can be very dusty and could cause some problems with your air conditioner. Filters are cleaned by water and it’s optional to use soap or contact Ac Repair in Bengaluru for proper guidance.

2) Cleaning the Air Conditioner fins:

The AC fins in the device are required to move the heat away from the compressor. These fins are extremely delicate and would be easily damaged if they are not cleaned or dented which may result in heating the compressors. As they are fragile, it is advised to blow the fins with air and clean them. 

3) Cleaning of condenser cleaning fans:

The condenser unit fan helps to cool down the air conditioner’s refrigerant gas. The AC will not perform the function of cooling the room if there is any damage done to the condenser fan units. This will require you to seek immediate professional help to repair your AC.

4) Get the condensate drain inspected: 

In case it gets clogged, the drainage will stop. While you may be able to use waterproof sealant to fix the leak, it’s probably better to just replace the drain pan. Homeowners can successfully replace the auxiliary pan themselves, but a professional is required to replace the permanent drain pan. We recommend cleaning the drain pan regularly by Window Ac Servicing professionals to prevent clogged drain lines and curb mold and algae growth.

5) Preparing for Winter:

In the winter season, you can cover the air conditioner and the compressor in order to help in protecting the unit from the harsh weather and debris. Using a hose with the spray head set to the highest pressure, cleaning the fan blades and condensing coils of debris and dirt will be useful.

6) Don’t Run Your Air Conditioner Unit Non-Stop:

If you run your air conditioner continuously for a long time, it will wear out soon which can cause it to run into several problems. It is important to give it a break once in a while. If you plan on leaving your home during the day, it’s better that you turn it off before you leave.

Applying these tricks would always come handy during the usage of the air conditioners to help in extending its ability to withstand wear and tear, pressure or damage and thus, increasing its sustainability. 

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