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Basic Cool Drawing Errors

Cool drawing for a graphics tablet like a model quite unique and originally complex. Newbies may choose, for example, not the size of the canvas or use an inappropriate brush. In request not to execute basic mistakes. It is deserving observing the following segments of the article.

Invalid canvas size

There may be two problems here:

  1. Too small sheet. The novice artist typically uses the sheet size below its screen resolution. I’m afraid that’s not right. It is impossible to know what the display looks like to other user’s created image. Therefore, it is unnecessary to “save” the resolution than it is higher – the more pixels in the picture, the better the final solution will be.
  2. Very large leaves. You will need a powerful PC for maximum resolution, which is a less powerful program for processing images. It should also note that a good solution is most suitable for detailed paintings. Not always cool drawing ideas on graphics tablets (for example, for) are required by such.

Is there a solution to these problems? Before saving an image, you need to resize it. The ideal permission parameters suitable for absolutely everyone do not exist. But there is one general rule: the more detailed the result – the less chance it will be blurry and fuzzy at maximum resolution. But if the idea of the picture is a small sketch, then it is better to use a small solution.

Avoid strong contrast

It happens that the perception of colours is damaged due to the quality of the display itself. So how to make the desired contrast, which will look equal on all screens? In “Photoshop,” a special tool shows how much of each tone is used in the photo. You can improve the levels by pushing the slider.

The degree of contrast depends, of course, on the picture itself, but if there is no dark and bright zone in the picture – the image will not look like it.

Before drawing, it is necessary to plan lighting in the area:

  • Draw a circle and shack it to a dark tint (not black);
  • Add a middle tone, then the brightest (not white);
  • Adding 1-2 halftones;
  • Add a little quantity of black and white;
  • Then join everyone and smooth the transitions

You can apply this workpiece to darkness other things. But, first, act on the other pictures you need: the darker tone, halftone, the brightest, halftone, white and black tones.

Too many complex brushes and large strokes

For professional artists, most of the work is performed by simple strokes, only occasionally using complex. During cool drawing with the digitizer, it seems that the choice of brushes is greatly simplified: There are tassels, for example, to create a feather or brush. No need to practice cool drawing ideas. There is a ready solution.

Brushes for different cool drawings are convenient. The problem occurs if you use them as basic skills. That is, not to find ways to beautifully and accurately draw feathers, but do the desired brush and draw. If this displays a manner, the user will end learning at all. So, to begin with, it is necessary to use simple tassels, hone cool drawing skills – and then go to the complex.

Another problem associated with tassels is the use of massive smears. When the picture is almost complete, a desire appears as soon as possible to get ready -made result. And here, the user resorts to heavy cuffs. But not right. Large strokes only need to be used first to sketch the shape, add colours, etc. Then, draw parts and finish the sketch. Next, you need a small brush. It will help create very realistic and accurate photos.

Many colours

Beginner artists can draw, choosing colours that are not combined, for example, mixing blue and green. Hence, the variety of colours in the progs installed on the graphic tablet (for example) – a huge field for creativity. The problem is that users must understand where all the tones come from.

If you need to make a shade brighter, increasing the percentage of brightness or decreasing the same tone rate is necessary. Because the red colour becomes hot or cold, depending on the shade located next to it.

Beginners artist who does not know this will fill the picture with a random set of tones without thinking about their combination. Be sure to deal with shading, lighting and mixing tones. Only this is a good cool drawing idea.

2D textures for 3D forms.

If the work is three-dimensional, it may not be beautiful, and high-quality covers with 2D textures. So, you need to change its form following the object to which it will apply.

In “Photoshop,” there are three tools for:

  • Free transformation in deformation mode;
  • Filter – plastic;
  • Editing is a puppet deformation

Texture – surface roughness: if the surface is uneven, the light falling on it creates many shadows. It is the texture. It is necessary to reduce or even completely remove the texture in the dark zone of the object. To impose a little surface – you need to process it in the image properly.

If you want to learn how to draw on a computer or are a professional in this matter, you can use a graphics tablet (digitizer). Of course, there is a lot of paint on a computer with a mouse, but using a graphic tablet to draw is more convenient and interesting. It’s like pulling on a paper while the image appears immediately on your computer monitor.

What is a graphic tablet?

It is a device consisting of a tablet and pen. The tablet is a twitching exterior on which you draw. A cell is a tool that you draw (like a brush or pencil). On the computer, the graphics tablet connects, usually via the standard USB Port. (Similar to practical mobile phones). The graphic pen is reminiscent of the form of a pencil (although he has a stalemate, which is slowly becoming a replacement). The cell may or may not have a battery, depending on the graphics tablet model. As a rule, the model in which the feather without a battery is more expensive.

So how to draw with a digitizer?

Draw on the graphics table is very simple, especially if you draw well on paper. To get started, you need to install any graphic editor, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, but it is possible to remove with standard paint. In general, graphic tablets support many programs, such as special programs for creating animation. The pen is a graphics tablet, in a bundle with the tablet, replacing the computer mouse. The cool drawing ideas process itself is as follows. You connect the graphics tablet to the computer, turn on the graphic editor and bring in the pen. After that, drive a cell to the tablet, drawing what you need. Your cool drawing idea is displayed on the computer monitor. Since the feather is a mouse, you can easily select the colour you need or the size of the brush in Photoshop, simply visiting the mouse cursor (controlled by the movement of the feather on the tablet) and clicking on colour (click – pressing the pen on the tablet). Also, all modern tablets support the pen touch level. Those. The harder you press the pen on the tablet, the richer the smear.

For a modern artist, it is very important to know how to endure the results of their talent on paper and the computer screen. It should bear in mind that cool drawing idea on the graphics tablet is not the same as transferring mental images to paper. Therefore, be patient. In addition, getting an important product must be configured and only then – to start mastering the program to work with graphic images.

This article will tell how to choose, make the tablet graphics setting and learning here to draw.

Where to start. Choice of G. Rafic Tablet.

Apple Pie starts with picking apples in the local market. Those thirsting for stunning success working on a graphic tablet need to choose it properly.

Graphic tablets differ not only in terms of cost but also purposes. Decide for yourself what a tablet needs: draw, process photos, talk? We list well-known models.

The fiscal option today is a Bamboo model. Suitable for office and homework. Everything you draw on the tablet will display on the computer screen.

Connect to the bamboo. Suitable for drawing and talking. Similar model – Bamboo. Splash.

Getting bamboo. – The most popular models. Good at editing photos and cool drawings easy.

Make bamboo. – The most expensive bamboo line model.

Graphics Tablet. Wacom. Intuos. Dedicated to the professional user.

The most expensive and prestigious is the graphic tablet Wacom Cintiq. It allows you to see the cool drawing idea on the tablet itself and not on the PC screen.

Equipment and setup

After purchase, the graphics tablet will expand – it will be configurable. It requires either downloading drivers on your tablet model or uses the installation disk.

The pen, always coming in a set on the tablet, can be used as a mouse – leading them above the surface at the height of two centimetres. If you want to draw – you must drive directly to the surface. Convenient!

Moreover, the front button replaces the Mice right button. And in the ring on the tablet can change the screen size.

Accelerate the mouthpiece for the pen, become adapted to them. Then, to make the process faster, sit at a graphics tablet on a computer when you’re not working on photos.

By fixing up a practical instrument, you can continue straight to training.


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