Arthritis is legal for medical marijuana in michigan


Arthritis is a medical condition with a breakdown of cartilage or the fatty tissue that lines the joints. The study causes inflammation and pain. Scientific research suggests that the consumption of marijuana reduces chronic joint inflammation and pain. Physicians in Michigan are legally allowed to recommend marijuana for patients who have arthritis medical marijuana in michigan.

 One patient of mine is a 56-year-old woman diagnosed with atherosclerosis at the age of 46 and had intermittent bouts of inflammation in her joints. Her condition has gotten progressively worse over the years despite taking multiple medications to manage her symptoms. Continue reading for more information to visit our website where you can obtain effective techniques and ways to get a marijuana card.

Any pain related to the musculoskeletal system (bones/joints) can be alleviated with medical marijuana. Hip/back pains and some joint pains have been proven to be helped by cannabis use. Arthritis is no exception. Studies done on rats even show that ingesting cannabis can help cure rheumatoid arthritis! Arthritis is one of the most common conditions in older people, and it’s never been shown to cause any brain damage, unlike prescription drugs. It hurts me to see so many people suffer needlessly when there’s an all-natural substance that can make them feel better.

 Arthritis is the most common condition in older people

The Arthritis Foundation says that over 50 million Americans have arthritis and the CDC found about 1 in 3 adults have some arthritis. It’s common sense that medical marijuana would be beneficial here.

 Medical marijuana is non-toxic, unlike pharmaceuticals

No one has ever overdosed on cannabis, and there’s no way to die from it. The DEA has found that cannabis is less toxic than most medicines! According to Medscape, unlike dangerous prescription drugs, which kill over 100,000 people a year, cannabis kills zero people every year.

Joint pain and other musculoskeletal conditions can helps with medical marijuana

Joint pain is a common ailment of the body, mainly in older people. It can cause by injury or overuse. Because of this, joint pain prove to helps cannabis use. A study from the University of Michigan that analyzed 4657 patients found the following: “Medical cannabis use was associated with a 64% decrease in opioid use among participants with chronic pain, decreased number and side effects of medications, and an improved quality of life.” so it makes sense that cannabis would help treat arthritis.

 Cannabis works very well for pain relief

Further evidence find Hopkins University when they release a study on medical marijuana patients where they state, “42% of those with chronic pain. Therefore, 33% with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and 51% of those with mood disorders responded that cannabis was extremely or very effective at relieving their symptoms.” That’s a significant amount!

Many other ailments helps to medical marijuana as well

Joint pain is also commonly treat by medical marijuana, but it works for many more conditions than just arthritis. It uses to treat neuropathic pain (nerve damage), so marijuana find  to help people with Multiple Sclerosis.

 Medical marijuana use leads to safer drug use; addiction and overdoses are less likely to occur

If you’re someone who’s addict to opioid drugs such as vicodin or even heroin, cannabis can be a lifesaver. In many polls on subjects who used both opioids and cannabis, they said that stopping opioid use was easy when medical marijuana was available. It is much safer to ingest than prescription pills in any case, as overdose deaths from pharmaceuticals now outnumber deaths by car accidents. Cannabis drug overdose has never happened. Cannabis can even treat opioid addiction, which is a real problem in the US today. Even if you don’t use opioids, using cannabis can help your body heal from an opioid overdose more effectively.

CBD prove to be effective at stopping convulsions and seizures

This is one of the most exciting facets of cannabis’ medicinal uses. It prove to help with epilepsy and other afflictions from attacks and disorders involving the brain, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It could be a solution for mental illness, too! There is even research that supports using CBD oil to cure cancer.

Cannabis use reduces alcohol consumption by patients

Alcoholism is a massive problem in the US. The CDC reports that 79,000 deaths each year from alcohol-related causes, and another 430,000 people admit to the emergency room for it. That’s not even taking into account drug addiction or other mental health issues alcoholics commonly have as well. A study conducted at Columbia University found that medical marijuana users were more than 50% less likely to abuse their alcohol intake after using cannabis.

Cannabis helps people deal with pain and treat many ailments of the body

There are so many stories in America about how medical marijuana has helped someone sick, whether it be cancer or arthritis, or multiple sclerosis (MS). Even HIV patients and people suffering from glaucoma can benefit. It does help! If you face any difficulty to get a marijuana card. Just check our website which provides you different and effective techniques to make a marijuana card.

 Cannabis use is reducing the number of prescription drugs used by patients

There are many downsides to pharmaceuticals, starting with addiction and overdoses and ending with how ineffective they are at treating sicknesses like arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Not to mention the long list of side effects that come with prescription drug use. A plant can treat so many things!

 Cannabis is a topic of debate in American politics, thanks to rampant misinformation spread by the government and law enforcement agencies. The United States has a significant problem with addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other drugs. However, banning cannabis is not the solution. These are some reasons why marijuana should be legal in all fifty states…

Advertising of pharmaceuticals ban, but marijuana advertise everywhere

While prescription drugs out “free” by insurance companies in most cases, they constantly push you to buy more. Big Pharma has gone so far as to bribe doctors into prescribing a particular drug over another. With marijuana, nothing got make on the consumer – it’s all about informed consent. This is a massive advantage for cannabis legalization.

  1. There is a significant legal contradiction when it comes to medical marijuana use, and not allowing its use is unethical

Marijuana prove to be effective at stopping seizures in children with epilepsy

There are countless stories of people whose lives save by the miraculous effects of marijuana on seizure disorders. It prove to work better than any pharmaceutical treatment for this issue. Medical marijuana in the financial news lately because of the number of companies that have seen their stock surge after announcing new and exciting cannabis-based treatments. This indicate that medical marijuana legalization sure bet for the future. Look at these companies and their stock prices after revealing new therapies.

How to relieve from pain

It’s been scientifically prove that medical marijuana can relieve pain, fight nausea in cancer patients and help people who suffer from seizures due to epilepsy or other conditions. But despite this, the federal government still classifies these substances as Schedule 1 illegal drugs – with no medical value whatsoever. That’s why it’s essential to stand up for patients who need cannabis and join in on a rally or protest if you can.


We know what happens when you get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol impairs your judgment and motor skills and can even cause unconsciousness at a high enough level of dysfunction consumption. It also affects your vision to such an extent that you could miss seeing another car or person right in front of you – this is why drunk driving accidents are so common. It is never OK to drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substance (this includes prescription drugs). But you might assume that as long as there’s no alcohol involved, it’s OK to get behind the wheel. This is not true. The use of certain non-alcoholic substances could make you a lot less alert than you think. Here are some of these drugs and their effects.

 2. Prescription drugs kill more people than all illegal drugs combined

The deadliest drug is Vioxx, a prescription NSAID. It kill over 60,000 people before taking  off the market. That’s more than all illegal drug overdoses combined (40,000+).

3. Prescription drugs make arthritis worse and kill brain cells

 It is known that NSAIDs like Naproxen cause muscle and joint pain by killing brain cells in certain parts of the brain.

 4. Prescription drugs can cause permanent nerve damage and are highly addictive


According to a study done by the Arthritis Foundation, NSAIDs might only help about 20% of arthritis patients; the other 80% don’t get any relief from them! These drugs also have serious side effects like heart attacks, strokes, and seizures and are also highly addictive.

Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, and it’s a great alternative to prescription drugs for arthritis. Click here to find a dispensary in Michigan (and get your free marijuana card). Therefore, consider arthritis medical marijuana in michigan to help you achieve more results.


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