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Knowing that the fact is not what they said, knowing that the performance did not allow her to open the skylight, Tian Tian still dare not take Joe. To reason with these mad dogs, the only one who gets hurt is himself. The old, the weak, the sick and the disabled in their family are not enough to be tied up with chopsticks. Tian Tian carefully put away the last life, they are the cynicism of the people of that era, self-righteous humor. Because here, if you show such an expression and manner, that is, your attitude is not good enough to fight you against the sky, buckle you a big hat. I must live up to the expectations of the organization and the cultivation of the leaders. I will use my efforts to repay the expectations of the people! With that, Tian Tian also made a movement of bending his knees and moving forward, with his arms flat, and looking at the beloved chairman of the East. Tian Tian from the primary school etiquette to learn dance, even if it is such a simple action, she did Leng is more elegant than others. The female leader of the Propaganda Committee used to be the backbone of literature and art. She had never seen Tian Tian's performance before, and was worried that others would exaggerate it. It was not until now that she had a little laugh. It can be seen from this that there is no such posture without a few years of experience. Only then did the female leader feel relieved to take out a green military uniform and raise her voice solemnly, saying in cadence like a slogan: "The sacred uniform is given to you, and the revolutionary burden is shouldered!"! Comrade Tian Tian, can you accomplish the task assigned to you by the organization? Make up your mind for everyone! The expression of determination here does not mean that you should make a long speech, just shout out the slogan of "three loyalty and four infinity". Tian Tian holds out his chest and holds his head high, facing the red sun in the palm of his hand,stainless steel needle valve, singing loudly like a poem in praise of the great leader's incomparably wise decision. If change before, who wants to let Tian Tian do so, she will absolutely look at sb's eyes despise you, also absolutely do not think he will do such a thing. But now the environment is like this, especially in the impression of the collective meeting, we are excited to express our determination to shout slogans, just think about it is exciting. This is a chaotic era, but also a passionate era, everyone is using all their enthusiasm to criticize what they think is unfair. Chapter 6 After settling the two elders,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Tian Tian returned to his room with the clothes given by the leaders of the Propaganda Committee, placed the clothes properly on the chest of drawers, and carefully smoothed every fold, which was like unloading a heavy burden, and collapsed on the bed! These two days, no, after the rebirth of these days, she is like a dream movie, twists and turns strange, but there is no sense of reality. She is also like Daguai to do the task, with the attitude of the game, with the mood all the way through. It was not until this day and night that she realized that she was also a person with a neck against a head, that it would hurt to be beaten, and that her thin arms could not twist her thick thighs. The members of the Qing Committee and the Little Red Soldier are really not people who can be provoked. No matter whether you are a cadre or a soldier, the people or a worker, as long as you are caught by them, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel tube fitting, you will lose your skin even if you don't die. Tian Tian admitted that he was a layman, afraid of death and indolent, but this is human nature, no one will disrelish the head on his neck too heavy. It is precisely because of seeing the form clearly that resistance is only hitting a stone with an egg. It is better to be spineless than to die. And she also saw that if the performance didn't go well, the dry toilet they had closed before might be her home for the next few years. She put up with the bad clothes. She was not a fastidious person. It was all right to eat less. Even if she lost weight in advance, as a little neat freak, she really couldn't stand living in the toilet. Besides, Grandpa and Grandma are old, and they are still suffering from such a lot of trouble. They are really locked up. Needless to say, they are criticized for a while every three or five times. If they fight like this again, the two old bones will really fall apart. A few days before the performance, in addition to eating and sleeping, Tian Tian was really practicing dancing without stopping. She used to dance in a dance troupe at most, but she had seen the lofty existence of ballet on TV, so now she had to rely on the instinct of her body. Dancing in military uniform is not fit, but Tian Tian did not dare to do the modification, this age is not without the courage to break through the feudal trend. But none of those who have been labeled as capitalist roaders and have been labeled with high labels really dare to show off in poverty. In the past, a family of landlords in the Sun family were not allowed to look around when they walked on the street. A three-year-old grandson of their family, in the past few months, habitually walked with his head hanging down and his chest in his mouth, so that he could straighten his back. This child could not do it. Tian Tian also felt pitiful before, now they'capitalist roaders' also enjoy the same treatment, where is pitiful two words can be summed up, losing face that is a trivial matter, a little resistance is easy to lose their lives. So, in order to live a better life, even if she was reluctant, she had to make the performance complete. On the day of the performance, Tian Tian put on a green military uniform neatly, with two long braids combed smoothly, and a red wool rope at the end of his hair. This kind of simple and unadorned dress, at this time is to be praised, and Tian Tian long beautiful, even if there is no superfluous decoration, there is no gorgeous dress, still shining like a pearl. Tian Tian they even rehearsed this time probably to go for about three days, before she left the grain at home. Now the whole country is suffering from famine, and every day everyone receives relief grain with the local household registration grain book. Without these two small books, no matter how much money you spend, you can't buy a grain in a public store. The famine has just begun, and the food everyone has received will be enough to make a living. Most people are optimistic about the disaster, thinking that if the country has difficulties, we will tighten our belts to overcome them. The new country has come through great storms, but it will not be able to overcome the small locusts, drought and flood. Tian Tian is psychologically prepared, although she came to a parallel space, but what if the history overlaps. People do not eat enough for a few months, can rely on willpower to overcome physical needs, but a year, two years, or even three years! So she began to consciously store grain, and the experienced two elders agreed that if she saved a handful of grain every day,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, she might be able to save her life later. Anyway, they are old, and it is good for their health to reduce a little. chinaroke.com

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