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He seemed to see Aseline's seductive appearance, which gave him a hot impulse to vent. His hands involuntarily hugged Dairo's waist. The cold touch of the armor woke him up a little. Don't you have someone you like, or don't you like enough? Lunge hugged Darrow and asked her softly. No, my love will never change, I can even die with my love, so. The temptation in Daro's eyes faded, and when her hands climbed up Lunge's neck again, she had a bright dagger in her hand, the sharp tip of which pointed straight at Lunge's throat: "So.". I'll kill you! ………………………… "That crazy woman has gone completely mad!" Isabella sat on Pegasoya's back and looked down at the city of Jerusalem from the high ground. In this huge city, she did not know where the two men would go. She was more worried that Darrow had done something irreparable. "She will kill him. That woman has been completely possessed by the devil." But where is your excellency now? Jerusalem is too big. Where would they go? Tasso's voice was already trembling, and he couldn't imagine what would happen to him if something happened to Lunge. Whether it was the fat post of the self-proclaimed vicomte's steward or the haunting ghost of Ryan Sian, he felt that he and Lunge had been completely bound together. Although it can not be said that one is prosperous and all are prosperous, it must be a loss of all. And when he was nervous, there was an incredible thing that troubled him, that is, although he did not see it,D BHB Factory, he also heard that the widow identity of the princess next to him, who looked extremely anxious, was not created by Lunge? So why was she so anxious to help the man who killed her husband? Unfortunately, Tasso had no time to speculate about these things. He knew that if he couldn't find Lunge again, everything might be irreparable. You know, love someone. But to see what it's like for him to love someone else? Do you know what it's like to see someone you love killed? Do you know what it's like when you can still pretend to be indifferent and comfort the wife of the person you love? The coldness in Dairo's eyes was frightening. Her tears ran down her trembling chin and then dripped onto the armor on her chest. But now it was not pretty at all,Quillaja Saponin, especially after the dagger in her hand trembled and brought a blood stain on Lunge's neck. You You don't love Isabella, you love Humphrey? Lunge looked at the female knight unexpectedly. Yes, I love Humphrey, so I said, 'I don't care if he's a drunk, I don't care if he's ambitious,' so I said, 'God has punished me, I'm a sinner, and I fell in love with someone I can't love'! ". Darrow roared madly, her hair disheveled, Theobromine Powder ,S Adenosyl Methionine, her eyes absent, and she could not see the brave and loyal female knight at all. At this time, she was just a woman tortured by love. "Oh, that's the way it is," Renger finally understood. He leaned against the wall feebly and stopped fighting, because he knew that his time to die was really coming this time. "So you want to avenge Humphrey?" Yes, I'm going to kill you! You know, you're lucky this isn't your territory? Didn't you find this tomb palace? Then I will let you die in your palace. The ghosts of so many dead people here will accompany you. You may even become their king, because you found them and prayed for them. "Beloved of God", "Keeper of the Holy Lance", you will become a saint, and God has arranged such a magnificent tomb for you. Della's voice was soft and a little charming. There was nothing murderous in it, but in this tomb, there was a terrible shudder. She lifted her toes gently and put her lips to Lunge's ear and whispered, "Let me tell you a secret. This prayer hall is also where Humphrey and I met. I let him enjoy all the tenderness he couldn't get from Isabella here." That woman only has eyes for power. He is not happy at all. But he still loves her! He even carved her name on that pillar, so I scraped those words off! "I can't believe it." Lunge looked up at the outside of the tomb and sighed helplessly. Of course, I will be loyal to the Baldwin family, I will not do anything to Isabella, I just want to get a secret love, but you also destroyed everything for me! Darrow's voice began to grow ferocious, her dagger pressed on Lunge's throat, but her eyes were very clear. "Before you die, I have to ask you a question. Are these miracles true," Beloved of God "," Guardian of the Holy Gun "," Lunge of Tripoli "? Tell me before you die. Do you really have these miracles? Tell me the truth. "Of course, I believe in God's miracles." Listening to Lunge's calm answer, Dello smiled and flashed a cold light in her hand! Volume 3 Fire Dynasty Chapter 35 Friendship, Loyalty and Love Volume 3 Fire Dynasty Chapter 35 Friendship, Loyalty and Love Isabella's whirlwind sweep across the city of Jerusalem caused quite a commotion, and after the young princess undisguisedly led her team of delightful and frightening "Amazon women warriors" through the streets and alleys of the city, a series of different but imaginative speculations immediately filled every corner behind her. Especially when someone recognized who the black horse next to her belonged to, the seeds of the rumor were born and blossomed. Isn't that horse? "Yes, that is." "That man didn't kill." Yes, but now. Well, there's something in it! Rumors like wings spread in the streets and alleys of Jerusalem as Isabella's procession passed,L Methylfolate Factory, even faster than the galloping of the horses, so that when they were delayed a little somewhere to ask for the whereabouts of Lunge, they met many people on the road again. He was already looking at the team that had set off the fire of rumors with that kind of speculative and ambiguous eyes. pioneer-biotech.com

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