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This black imperial city is indeed as the name, the magnificent scale does not make it make the word of the emperor pale, stretching to the end of the black wall, suffused with a cold smell, the sun poured down, and even made the black wall like a mirror, reflecting a faint light. Chapter 798 into the city. Chapter 798 into the city. A discerning person is able to find that the surface of the wall, unexpectedly is covered with a layer of rather rare black mirror stone, with this material cast wall, has the effect of rebounding some attacks, used to cast the wall, is also a very good choice, but this thing is also quite rare, and the black emperor can use it to cover a wall, so rich inside information, Not only is Xiao Yan, even the side of the little doctor, but also slightly surprised. Sure enough, it's a big deal.. With a sigh in his mouth, Xiao Yan immediately turned his eyes to those who kept shuttling from the side, and the crowd full of fierce gas, couldn't help but be curious, he came all the way, also met a lot of people with good strength, and look at their route, obviously also directed at the black imperial city, and so many strength is not bad,stainless steel tile trim, and the hot-tempered people gathered in such a city. I'm afraid the city will not be calm in the coming days. Chaos, this is the most unique atmosphere of the black corner domain, no matter how overbearing the forces are, it is absolutely difficult to completely stop this chaos, the people of the black corner domain, simply ignore any rules and regulations, big fists, is the most important truth! Heart flashed these thoughts, Xiao Yan is Hei Hei a smile, for chaos,stainless steel tile edge trim, he does not reject, because he knows that as long as there is enough power in this black corner, then you are a superior person. With a light shout in his mouth, Xiao Yan grabbed Ziyan, who was looking around, to his side and whispered, "Go into the city and settle me down. There are a lot of treasures here, but if you do it at random like before, you will surely cause endless trouble. Do you know?" Looking at Xiao Yan's earnest look, Ziyan had to give a sullen hum. Let's go With a wave of his hand, Xiao Yan pulled Ziyan, smiled at the little doctor on one side, and immediately took the lead in going to the gate of the city. Hearing this, the little doctor also nodded slightly, and his gray-purple eyes inadvertently swept around the passers-by who kept casting their eyes on him. A sudden flash of cold color in his eyes made those people feel a sense of danger in their hearts, and they quickly took back their unbridled eyes. Feel those quickly withdraw the eyes, the little doctor fairy this just cold voice a hum, Qianqian jade hand just slowly withdraw in the sleeve, as long as her five fingers move before, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile edging, on this road, in addition to some strength slightly strong, I am afraid will immediately become lifeless. Take back the jade hand, the little doctor fairy this just light move lotus step, keep up with Xiao Yan, although this period of time with Xiao Yan side, she is no longer as cold and heartless as before, but this is only the treatment of Xiao Yan and his friends under the premise, if ordinary passers-by, in the heart of the little doctor fairy, life is like dirt, take also took, human life this matter, kill more, oneself naturally also numb, Over the years, there are at least thousands of dead souls in the hands of the little doctor. It is not easy for her to suppress the indifference in her heart in front of Xiao Yan.. As the little doctor turned to leave, the chill on the road just quietly dispersed a lot, a line of eyes looking at the graceful shadow in the distance ahead, immediately wiped the cold sweat, did not expect that this woman is not an ordinary person, fortunately did not dare to come forward before, otherwise.. Thinking of the chill in my heart when I was stared at by the merciless eyes, some people on the road had the feeling of being stared at by poisonous snakes. This woman, can not be provoked. Down the slope, walked some distance, the huge gate is appeared in the eyes of Xiao Yan, outside the gate, at the moment is a long line of people, noisy noise spread from here, make people ears. Looking at the countless bare-chested, scarred men crowded together, the little doctor's eyebrows were slightly clustered, and she was a little bit of a neat freak, and she didn't like this kind of occasion. Seemed to know the little doctor's concerns, Xiao Yanwei squinted at the gate of the city. Hey, this bitch is really cool. I haven't seen such a wonderful thing for a long time. "Quack, that little girl is nice, too. That little face is really cute.." "Haizi, you have such a body, but you just like little girls. Damn, last time that little girl was killed directly by you. It's really bad luck." When Xiao Yan's eyes scanned the situation at the gate, a burst of obscene laughter came suddenly and harshly. Slowly withdrew his eyes from the city gate, Xiao Yan looked calmly along the voice, only to see a dozen burly big fellow is surrounded by one place, the obscene eyes, constantly sweeping in the small medical fairy and purple research body, and heard them laugh so lewdly, around the crowd in line, also can not help but burst out a burst of deep meaning of laughter, in the dull waiting. It was quite a pastime to see such a delightful beauty being molested. The little doctor's cheeks did not change color because of this. He held the angry purple with a slender hand and looked at Xiao Yan. Let's go Xiao Yan raised a strange smile at the corners of his mouth, but he did not rush up to fight with those big men for three hundred rounds as expected by the people around him. Instead, he slanted his head and smiled at the little doctor. He pulled Ziyan and went to the gate. Shh.. Xiao Yan's such a move, immediately caused a disdainful hiss around, the black corner domain advocates the strong, like this kind of woman is insulted by others as nothing, the most shameless. Ha-ha That more than a dozen big fellow, see Xiao Yan such a move, first stunned, immediately also guffaw,tile trim manufacturers, but in their laughter just fell, more than a dozen people's body suddenly strange solidification, immediately.. "Bang!"! Boom! 。 jecatrims.com

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