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Since the two-day flight, Tang San has been accumulating a sense of depression in his heart. Finally, when he saw his parents again, he could no longer hold back the excitement in his heart and rushed down from the sky in a long roar. As if to use this whistle to express all the depression brought about by the death of Daming and Erming. Hearing this long roar, Tang Hao's face suddenly changed, and the details needed for the distant roar like a nine-day dragon singing were really terrible. Even in his heyday, it was just so so. But his ugly face soon changed again, turning into consternation and then into ecstasy. But beside him, the huge blue and silver emperor was already dancing in the wind, floating excitedly. Mistress, it's mistress. The voice of Tang San's mother, Ah Yin, floated out from the central position of the Blue and Silver Emperor. The blue and golden light bloomed from every blade of grass and condensed into a faint shadow in the air. It looked about thirty years old. It was absolutely beautiful. Looking at the figure falling from the sky, her voice was choking, but the energy body could not shed tears. The mistress is really a mistress. Tang Hao had already seen Tang San's appearance, and Tang San naturally saw his father clearly. After nearly five years of absence, Tang San was surprised to see that his father had not become older, but much younger, his scattered gray head had been combed very neatly, and most of them had turned black again, the wrinkles on his face were much less,fenugreek saponins, and his yellow eyes had become bright, although he was excited. But there is still a calm bearing in every move. "Dad, Mom" Tang San fell five meters away from Tang Hao and Ah Yin, flying down from the air. He landed directly on his knees and prostrated himself in front of his parents with tears on his face. When he is with his partners, Tang San is always the wisest one, the one who controls the overall situation, and the most powerful one. However, there is also a fragile side in his heart,jujube seed powder, after all, he is a person ah! The yearning for his parents can only be hidden in his heart. How can he not be excited when he finally sees his parents again? In addition, the death of Daming and Erming had an emotional impact on him, and at this time he was crying like a vent. It's like a wronged child meeting his parents. Don't cry, child, don't cry. The shadowy Ah Yin made an encircling movement, but her illusory body could not leave the central position of the Blue and Silver Emperor, and could only urge the broad grass leaves to surround Tang San's body, tightly wrapping him, bringing warmth to his soul. Tearful eyes hazy raised his head, this is the first time Tang San saw his mother's true face, although it is only a virtual shadow, but he looked so carefully. In the last world, he had fantasized about his mother's appearance many times, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,tannic acid astringent, but in this world, his mother had never seen it before. At this time, he finally saw his mother's appearance. Tang San was so excited that his tears were uncontrollably stained with the grass leaves of the Blue Silver Emperor. Tang Hao is also excited to jump a few steps quickly, came to the front of Tang San, lips buzzing, "good, good boy, come back.". You've been gone for five years. Do you know how much we miss you? "The child is not filial." Tang San's voice was already a little hoarse from crying, and the accumulated depression in his heart was completely released in this crying. A Yin's blade of grass hugged Tang San and let him stand up, but did not dare to touch the trident of Poseidon in his hand. A tiny blade of grass gently wiped away the tears on Tang San's face. "Child, you cry, just cry out.". Back to Mom and Dad, our family is reunited, no matter what has been born, it has passed. As he spoke, Ah Yin loosened the blade of grass, and Tang San immediately opened his arms and gave his father a big hug. Tang Hao patted Tang San on the back with one arm, and he was also in tears. To live a peaceful life with his wife has always been Tang Hao's greatest hope, but when Tang San left, Tang Hao realized that in his heart, there was another person whose status was the same as his wife's, that is, his son Tang San. From childhood to adulthood, he can say that he has not taken care of Tang San, but Tang San, who has been very sensible since childhood, has been taking care of him, calming down and staying with his wife. Tang Hao often thinks of Tang San's childhood appearance, in addition to guilt, there is a strong fatherly love in his heart. Husband and wife are reunited, but father and son are separated. After spending two limbs at his own expense, Tang Hao asked himself what he owed to Hao Tianzong, but he also lost his original strength to dominate the world and could no longer protect his son. A Yin misses Tang San even more than he does. Poor parents in the world, parents'feelings for their children are the most selfless and the greatest. Finally saw a more handsome son than before, whether it is Tang Hao or a Yin, are in the excitement of excitement. A family of three did not say a word for half an hour in such an atmosphere, but their hearts were tightly together. Tang San's mood gradually calmed down. After all, he was not an ordinary person. He put aside the trident of Poseidon in his hand and said to his parents, "Mom and Dad, I still have an important thing to do. When I finish this, I will tell you about the feeling of parting." Tang Hao wiped away the tears on his face and looked at Tang San doubtfully. "What are you going to do?" Tang San hastened to say, "Dad, I won't leave. Just stay here.". I want to revive the little dance. Speaking of the last four words, Tang San's voice was filled with a firm clang. Tang Hao and Ah Yin were shocked. Small three, you. Tang Hao looked at his son in disbelief. Before Tang San went to Poseidon Island, he had already heard Tang San say the conditions for reviving Xiaowu. Although Tang San's roar had told him something before, it was still hard for him to believe. You know,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, he was already the youngest Douro. But at this time, the son is better than At that time, he was more than ten years younger. prius-biotech.com

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