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However, we found a pair of broken dry bones in the wardrobe of his room. After forensic examination, it was found that the deceased had been attacked very brutally before his death. There were more than 140 knife wounds all over his body, 129 of which were fatal. More importantly, after DNA identification, it was found that the owner of the dry bones was the real legal owner of the rented house, 47-year-old Li Jianfa, who had been dead for more than five years. The survey also found that Li Jianfa, who has no family, has bought the building for 11 years. Several residents of the older generation pointed out that Li Jianfa had rented rooms to several students and office workers before. So, who is this murderer who calls himself "the landlord"? Why did he pretend to be the owner of the house? And for at least five years? Was he ever one of the tenants in that building? If not, how could he have chosen the landlord of the building to replace him? If so, what terrible thing happened in that building? All the answers are in the mind of that hateful impostor,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, or maybe there is no so-called answer at all. The impostor deliberately destroyed the fingerprints that could confirm his identity, but kept claiming that he was called Lin Zeyou. However, in the computer database of the household registration office, there are only two Lin Zeyou in Taiwan. One of them immigrated to the United States as early as 1987. He is about 67 years old. The other is a 25-year-old young man who is now serving in the military. "***!" I sneer. This guy must be very proud, as if we must be forced to believe whatever he says. Nai Qiang sighed,aluminium coated steel tube, and the heavy breath made me frown. "Is that necessary?" I don't think so. At most, I will rush into the special interrogation room and kick him into a woman who can tell the truth. Chiang Ping, we've handled a lot of big cases in the past. We've killed the most people for their feelings, the second most people for money and sex, and a lot of people who accidentally hung up on others. But this man was obviously a madman, and all the victims had no reason to kill each other from the beginning, but they all died under a series of coincidences. It is really the act of a madman, but the law is most tolerant of such people. It is a strong feeling. You don't really believe that, do you? I bet he killed all of them. I don't think so. The part of the murder that he is suspected of is serious, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but it is a fact that there are several pinhole cameras and radios in every room. Jiang Ping, you must try to accept this fact. Naiqiang stared at the Oolong tea in his hand, shaking the jar. This is outrageous. How can you believe that one person can control an entire building with a pinhole camera? At the end of the day, he's just a pervert who watches women in the shower. I finished the oolong tea in one gulp. ".." Nai Qiang still looked at the floating brown of the oolong tea, and his voice was gentle: "Jiang Ping, aren't you afraid?" Afraid? Afraid of three little ones? I laughed. How do you know if someone is watching you in the other room? How do you know if the builder of the house secretly left a copy of the key? Did the building manager downstairs make a private key to your room? Did the previous occupants secretly back up their room keys? Is the next-door neighbor a good lock picker? Has your babysitter ever had the heart to make a duplicate key to the front door? When you go home, is there anyone hiding in.. "Naiqiang said more and more outrageous, his eyes were dull and terrible, as if his soul had been sucked into another space.". I can't believe it. Where is the momentum you used to have when you were working on a case? You should look in the mirror and see how stupid you are now. I sniff. I don't know, maybe I'm getting old. Now I'm really glad that I'll be able to retire in two months and go home to eat myself.. "Naiqiang gazed at Oolong Tea's eyes as if he was running away from something and said," In the face of this case, I just want to vomit, I just want to run away, and I want to lock the file in the archives. I will never forget the contorted expression on Hsiao-feng's face the day before yesterday when she was found committing suicide in the toilet and everyone tried to hold her up. Nai Qiang raised his head and sipped the oolong tea. "Jiang Ping, that's not a human expression.". I just want to close the case. It doesn't matter how it ends. I don't want to touch it again. I listened quietly. Naiqiang is really old and weak. "I see." I patted Naiqiang on the shoulder and walked into the special interrogation room where the prisoners were detained. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In the dark little room, the dim light hit the "landlord" in the face. He looked as if he had just had a good night's sleep and was in high spirits. Ermaowu, who was on duty, said that when the landlord was sleeping, he could not help but send out a strange melody in his nasal cavity, which kept repeating for three hours, making him unable to finish reading a comic book. I asked 25 cents to go out, and the only people left in the special interrogation room were me, the landlord, the slowly rolling tape, and the lawyer and prosecutor behind the one-way mirror glass. I finished the oolong tea and wrung the tin pot with one hand. "Officer Hsia Chiang-ping, you're not going to ask the same old questions again, are you?" The landlord looks innocent. "That's because you only answer the same questions." I looked at the landlord coldly, and I hated his irrelevant expression. Four or five times the same conversation had been repeated between him and me, and this time I had planned an ending that would break his guilty joy. I deliberately held the light close to him, and the strong light made him unable to open his eyes. The landlord didn't complain or frown. He just looked at me as if the bright light didn't exist. Button button button. The one-way mirror glass was being beaten, and I knew that his lawyer was warning me that my behavior had crossed the line. I don't care. Keep the glare on his ugly face. "Does the pharmacist still refuse to admit that he sold me the medicine?" The landlord took the initiative to speak. "There are five pharmacies in the vicinity of Tunghai Villa,impact beam tubes, but none of them has a surname of Chin, and there is no pharmacy owner with a surname of Chin in all of Taichung County. If you want the tiger to rot, you can find someone else. I'm not interested in where your medicine comes from." My reaction was very cold. cbiesautomotive.com

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