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Me, from a thousand years ago. "So the man in the tower is the real Berego" Lin Jian looked at Thuriman and did not hide the disgust in his eyes Yes because of some small deal with the previous warden I was able to change my face with Berego and it was a terrible feeling to be locked up there He walked into the tower instead of me However the face can be changed but the eye color is hard to change I can wear contact lenses and Berego won't be so cooperative So I had to inject him with a liquid that changed the color of his eyes That liquid will be absorbed by the body in a Paper Chemicals few days so I have to inject him every few days Fortunately this trouble can finally go on "So he would scream in pain every few nights" It turned out that the shrill cries that came from the tower every few nights were not from the grief and indignation of the detainees but from the pain Lin Jian looked at Berego He lowered his eyes and did not look at himself What about Emily What did you do to her Or was the girl who came to Violet because of her father all the time played by this fugitive lady "No there's something about the timing of Elywind catching up this time" "It was Emily herself who was attacked that day" Thuriman continued "but your guess is a little off It wasn't Emily herself who provoked Berego and I was hiding not far away It's easy just destroy Emily's controller in advance and press the controller when she passes by Berego A small amount of electricity will stimulate the frightened guy severely As for Emily I can't let her live to get in the way After all Ellie Wind needs an identity You know the patrols here are pretty tight Almost everyone's role and fate were told by him Lin Jian bit his lower lip and asked "What about me" What is my role in your plan Do you really think you can get out of here Do you have any way to break out of the strong corrosive gas layer Violet Prison relies on ships from outside the planet for every entry and exit They bring in specially coated ships send people in or pick them up and don't stay here after completing their mission You didn't exist in my original plan However your arrival has really given me a surprise and you can make this plan more perfect With a smile on his face Thuriman slowly rose from his chair and said slowly in a soft voice that made people shudder "It's two o'clock in the afternoon In three hours you will be found killing the man struggling in the tower" And before that in order to kill him you killed Emily and took the controller from her I was going to let Elywind do it but then I had to think about what to do with Emily's body and it wasn't so easy for Elywind to get away afterwards Chemicals Suppliers I have to say you threw that man over the shoulder that day I believe you can probably kill him even if you don't use the controller By the way I heard that you were sent here because you killed a nobleman So I think maybe you are a very angry person so even in the face of a prince you can not suppress the irritability of the heart You see all this seems so reasonable "You haven't answered me yet How are you going to get out" Lin Jian felt a chill in her heart but she still didn't want to show a look of panic Escape The smile on Thuriman's face was as if he had heard a funny thing "I will walk out of here in a grand way" But you can only accompany Berego to sleep here So you'll be out of here today with or without me And I was just unlucky enough to show up here when you were planning to escape "Yes!"! But I think you may have offended Elywind at some point She thinks you are very clever Leaving you here may find out what I have done In order to make Prince Thuriman disappear from the world completely I'd better not take the risk If you want to add a little more I think so the Lin family should also pay the price for the original choice "At this point Thuriman stood up and at some point in his right hand there was an extra needle containing liquid" That's all for our conversation We didn't have to go to so much trouble and you didn't have to suffer Just drink that glass of wine and everything will be over But I think maybe you won't be so happy to accept it So I personally serve you "What's in here" Is that your last question If so I can tell you Thuriman pressed the suppressor and watched Lin sit in the corner feebly He grabbed her arm which she couldn't resist and inserted the needle into her vein The liquid was slowly injected "This is the medicine that makes you sleep for three hours" Lin Jian watched feebly as the man injected the cold liquid into his veins She clearly did not pose a threat to him but he still casually put her to death because of a small possibility This is Pesticides a terrible cold-blooded and thoughtful man He could have fled here many years ago but he has been staying here with forbearance There was a pain in the back of his neck and Lin Jian fainted in front of his eyes I don't know how long it took but Lin Jian gradually felt consciousness in the dizziness She opened her eyes slowly and her eyes gradually began to twist and the bright white and dazzling light made her very uncomfortable Her ears seemed to be filled with noisy voices which made her feel more and more headache The scene in front of her appeared in a distorted manner and she felt as if she were on the ground at an angle of forty-five degrees while all the objects in front of her had an angle of more than ninety degrees relative to her She tried to get up from the ground but she couldn't At this time all the guards and staff in the manor looked up at the sky in surprise Through one of the transparent patios they could clearly see a circular hole in the thick lavender gas in the real sky of the Violet Planet And the hole is growing at a rate visible to the naked eye globalchemmall.com

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