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"Then I won't be your 4th wife, okay?" Chen Meng smiled and narrowed her eyes, looking dull and cute. Shen Jian: ".." He silently pulled the noodles in the bowl without a trace of emotion in his eyes. But Chen Meng could see that he was unhappy again. Chen Meng is very sad to find that Shen is always unhappy recently, and not very easy to talk to, is she too annoying. She decided not to chatter, or not to speak, so she lowered her head and silently pulled the noodles in the bowl, teasing the little white cat from time to time. Since the little white cat came home, Shen was out of favor, Chen Meng at least spent most of his energy dealing with the little white cat, and did not like to stick to him as before. Chen Laotaini came over to take a look, saw the little brother and sister are sitting together to eat, it seems that the younger sister is also very happy to eat, Chunni approached a smell, the smell is really good. The noodles made by Shen Jian are also very delicious. Chen Meng finished the bowl of noodles. Usually my mother is reluctant to throw so much lard into cooking. Shen Jian is not light or heavy, so he made a lot of lard, so today's noodles are particularly delicious. After eating the thick noodles with lard, Chen Meng touched his stomach and felt a little greasy,custom cosmetic packaging, looking at Shen with his eyes. Just now Shen Jian said to mix tomatoes for her.. But he didn't look very happy, so she didn't dare to talk to Shen. Instead, she bowed her head and negotiated with Xiaobai: "Xiaobai, I want to eat mixed tomatoes. Someone just said to give me cold tomatoes. Was he angry or forgot?" She seems to be a chatterbox, or her mouth must be moving all the time, either eating or talking, in short,empty cosmetic tubes, with her, it will be very lively. Shen Jian: ".." This is not just finished eating noodles, soup is finished, he is afraid that children eat too much food accumulation. Finally she pointed to the garden and said, "Mom said there would be snakes in the garden at night. Let's go to pick tomatoes early." When I think of the tomatoes mixed with white granulated sugar, my mouth is watering. Shen could not resist the little girl, sighed to pick tomatoes, cold tomatoes for her to eat. He dutifully did the work of the kindergarten aunt, he did not do light or heavy, when the white sugar is a thick layer, this cold tomato is much sweeter than usual, but children love sweet, plastic laminated tube ,pump tube, Chen Meng eat full of praise. After eating the cold tomatoes, Chen Meng felt his round belly, and this time he really couldn't eat anything. For the child, no matter how good the elder brother is, he can't replace his parents, especially the little baby of Chen Meng's age. When he was most clingy to his parents, he was in high spirits pestering Shen Jian to tell her stories, but at night he was in tears again. Then he kept pestering Shen Jian to ask for his mother. Shen did not know that it was such a difficult thing to take care of a child. It was really a human tragedy. Fortunately, he had never given birth to a child in his previous life. What should I do when I go to bed? I dare not sleep alone. His brain is about to explode when he thinks about it. To sleep at night, Chen Meng is really more noisy, originally just tears, now really holding Shen's clothes do not let people go. This is not to blame her delicate, children are so a little clinging to their mother, not to mention Xiao Min left very suddenly today, Chen Xiaojun is in a hurry to escape, the child was scared is normal. It was not easy for Shen Jian to find Chunni and let Chunni give Chen Meng a bath. When the little girl saw Chunni's sister, her restless mood was much less. When he was drawing outside, he heard her singing inside: "Only mother is good in the world. Children with mother are like grass.." Chunni laughed inside: "You sing wrong." "This is how my mother taught me," said the sweet voice from inside. "A child with a mother is like a treasure, and a child without a mother is like a grass." "No wonder they call me darling. I'm a child with a mother, but I'm going to turn into grass soon. Mom and Dad won't come back." This logic is really invincible, Shen secretly thought did not think of his appearance changed a lot of things, perhaps not his appearance, Huang Dandan can get the greatest benefit with Xiao Min, live in peace. But with Xiao Min's character, she knows that there is such a thing in the area under her jurisdiction, she can't ignore it, and Huang Dandan needs a fuse to detonate, but this person is not very smart, selling eggs and rice is actually nothing, now is the "planned economy" and "market economy" parallel era. Huang Dandan wants to change an era with his own strength. Some people talk about dreams. When this happens, it will be Huang Dandan's party that will suffer losses. He could imagine the hardships of Chen Xiaojun's generation of industrialists in starting their own businesses. He also lamented that if Chen Xiaojun had not caught up with such a good era, he would not have been able to dig in any mountain corner. Shen gave a wry smile, and now he understood Chen Xiaojun's good intentions to persuade him at the beginning. He was really a little impetuous and pompous. Maybe fate sent him here on purpose. Chunni gave the baby a bath, did not bring shoes to go in, simply hold her out, the baby came out to hear the sound outside, round little arm pointing to the window outside. She heard a sound just now. Shen Jian, Shen Jian. There was a child's cry outside the window. What are you doing here? As soon as Shen looked up, he saw several children coming in with their clothes in their arms. We'll keep you company. Mao Dan sat down on the chair in the hall and said, "Shanny and Aini will come later. Let's spread a big bed on the ground and sleep on the ground to tell stories." Shen Jian: ".." will be a little noisy,pump tube, but after this period of time together, he is almost extraordinary patience for this group of children of the Chen family. Even he himself felt strange that when he saw these children, he actually showed an old fatherly smile of relief. What about the character setting of Shen Jian's rebellious young overbearing president?! Where did you go?. emptycosmetictubes.com

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